ENC 1102 Summer 2012 Portfolio Rubric

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Final portfolio guidelines


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    Portfolio guidelines, Martinez ENC 1102! 1

    Final PortfolioFollow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! --James Levin

    The last day to turn in your portfolio is during our final class on Thursday, June 21st. I do not accept late portfolios. Period. The portfolio must be bound at a copy store like Kinkos or at the UCF printing service (The Spot). Ask them for a spiral binding with a plastic comb and a cover. They know what this means. It will cost about $5. This makes the portfolio easier to grade and also provides you with a publication you can keep. You will lose one letter grade if you turn in the portfolio without a binding. The portfolio is worth 15% of your final grade.

    Basic Requirements and Due Dates

    What to include in your portfolio:

    Please include items in this order:1)Front cover (include name, date, course number, and section)2)Reflection letter (see guidelines for reflection)3)Table of contents4)Divider5)Preliminary Genre Analysis. Label the latest draft FINAL, and place any previous drafts behind it6)Divider7)Annotated Bibliography. Label the latest draft FINAL, and place any previous drafts behind it.8) Divider9) Line of Inquiry Paper. Label the latest draft FINAL, and place any previous drafts behind it. 10)Divider11) Final Project. Label the latest draft FINAL, and place any previous drafts behind it

    NOTE: One of the primary purposes of your portfolio is to show the process that you have gone through when writing your papers and projects. You should show as many parts (drafts) of this process as you can. Please make sure that all of your final drafts are labeled as such.

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    2! Portfolio guidelines, Martinez ENC 1102

    Reflection Letter

    In addition to your papers and projects, you should include an informal letter addressed to me. I will use this reflection to help me understand and evaluate the work in your portfolio, so you should use this as an opportunity to demonstrate that you understand the major goals for this class, to analyze your work in order to demonstrate ways you have grown as a writer, and to point to specific aspects of your work that show how you have accomplished the goals of the class.

    The length and the format of the letter are not important to me, but be sure to include the following elements:

    1) Discuss your general learning in the course. This could address questions such as:! -What did you learn about genres? How could learning about genres help you as you write in future situations? How have you met the course objectives?! -How has this course prepared you for the research you may have to do in the future?2) Discuss the changes that youve made to your papers throughout this semester. This is your opportunity to

    tell me how youve worked on your research, what you learned through each project, and what knowledge and progress you think is reflected in your work.

    3) Finally, given the above, argue for the grade you feel you deserve for the portfolio and in the course. Remember that the portfolio grade is based on your final written products, which demonstrate how well you researched, how well you wrote, and how effectively you delivered your research. Provide careful evidence for the grade you deserve. Remember that I cannot evaluate your effort, but that I will be grading your work based on the evidence that you give in reference to our course objectives.

    Total points possible for reflection letter: 10


    Remember that your portfolio must be bound, must include a cover, must include dividers between each of your sections, and must have all final copies labeled.

    In addition to these basic requirements, this is your chance to be creative by making this portfolio personal to you. Use images and/or color to represent your growth, attitude, and/or evolution as a researcher. Use this as an opportunity to illustrate who you are as a researcher after this course, and take the chance to make this semester memorable. A few points of extra credit may be awarded at my discretion for the effort that you make in compiling your portfolio clearly and thoughtfully.