ENC 1102 Portfolio Guidelines

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Portfolio Guidelines


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    Final PortfolioFollow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! -! ! ! ! -James Levin

    The last day to turn in your portfolio is during our final class on Thursday, November 29th. I do not accept late portfolios. Period. Your final portfolio can be a paper portfolio bound at a print store (such as Kinkos or The Spot). However, Id like you to consider compiling a digital portfolio that allows you to display the progress that youve made this semester. Your portfolio will be assessed for its content and delivery, which means that I will take into account both the writing that you include and the way that you put your information together. The portfolio is worth 15% of your final grade.

    Basic Requirements and Due Dates:

    Your portfolio is a reflection of all the work that you have completed this semester. As such, it should primarily reflect your improvement as a researcher and writer. In order to demonstrate this improvement, you have the opportunity to select the work to include in your digital portfolio. You are to select what to include in the portfolio, and this selection will allow you the opportunity to present yourself and your work. You can adjust the design and layout as you please. In addition, you are to reflect on the work that you have completed this semester. Explain how you have met the course objectives, and how your work reflects your progress throughout the course. This reflection can be in an introduction section, or it can be implemented throughout the portfolio. The design of this project is completely up to you.

    Things that you could include in your portfolio: Drafts, peer-reviews, and reflections on your work Descriptions of how you have revised your work throughout the semester Descriptions of how you have met the course objectives Descriptions of how this course and the knowledge that you have gained will help you in your future In-class writing or journal entries that display how you progressed throughout the semester Evidence (quotes) from your papers to show how you have met the course objectives throughout the semester Videos, links, and images that show how you are reflecting on the work that youve completed this semester. Descriptions of the concepts and skills that you have gained in the class

    What to Include:


    Your portfolio will be graded using the following criteria:How effectively do you display your work? Do you include evidence of your drafts, peer-reviews, and your progress? Do you discuss this evidence?How well do you reflect on the work that youve accomplished this semester? How much evidence (examples) do you use? Do you include quotes and examples?How clear is it that you have taken something away from this course? Do you reference the course objectives?