ENC 1102: Final Project Peer Review

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Final project, peer review

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  • ENC 1102: Martinez Final Project: Peer-Review Note: These guidelines are intended to help you revise your project before submitting your final draft. Please use these suggestions as discussion points during peer-review, and also as a reference point for your own revision process.

    1. Introduction: Does the project introduce the research areas being discussed? Are parenthetical citations used? How could the introduction be more straightforward and clear? Feel free to make comments here: 2. Lit Review: Does the lit review make connections between sources? How could these connections be strengthened? Do you, as a reader of this project, understand how each of the sections relates to the topic being researched? If not, are there any sections that could be removed from the lit review? Please discuss with your partner, and then feel free to make comments here: 3. Methods: Do you get a clear understanding of how the field research was conducted? If there are any areas where the methods are vague, please mark them and make comments here. This could include places where the researcher could be more specific with the questions asked during field work, with the number of participants that participated in the study, or with any part of the data analysis process. Please help your partner be as direct and specific as possible. 4. Results/Discussion: As a reader, do you think that the researcher could be more detailed in describing the results of the study? Mark and discuss areas where you think that details could be added or better organized. Could any portion use more evidence from the data that was collected? Please make comments here: 5. Conclusion: Does the researcher summarize the major claims made through the research? Do you think the researcher could add a discussion about any limitations with the study? What could these limitations be?

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