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  • 1. Integrated Agro-industrial Parks Italian food printMarina Mira dErcole

2. The European House-Ambrosetti Group European strategy and managementconsulting firm founded in 1965 7 offices in Italy and 13 offices and otherbusiness partnerships around the world Services Management Consulting Top Executive Education and Briefing Services Strategic Research Studies Top level Forums 3. Developing the regions of Africa and Europe Project started in 2006 on request of Bankof Sicily Foundation Purposes Research. Explore potential strategic, economicand cultural relations between Africa and Europe Initiatives. Promote implementation of concreteprojects of mutual benefit of the two continents Forum. Establish in Taormina (Sicily) a majorEuropean Forum for African and European leaders 4. Agro-industry in AfricaBasic assumptions Challenges +50% by 2030 of food To find organized way toproduction to meet meet market and needsincreasing demand To shift food production Food production must from B2C to B2Bgrow in Africa for Africa! approach Integrated Agro-industry Parks are the way to improve productivity and quality standards, attract investmentsand increase the export competitiveness 5. Our Project: an integrated agro-industry Park Geared to production and processing forlocal markets (primarily) and for export Designed to be a replicable model withmodular and scalable logic Equipped with scientific and technologicalcenter for research (including controls forfood quality and security) and training 6. Conceptual layout of the Agro-industrial Park Agro industrial Park (regional scale) Areas for: Farming Public Animal husbandryInfrastructures Fish farmingPark infrastructures(internal and external)Area for industrial activities (i.e. transformation), trade,services, training, etc. 7. Conceptual layout of the Agro-industrial Park Fish farmingAccommodationfacilities Farming area Animal husbandryBank Offices Retail centerUtilitiesLogistics center Scientific Storage area center and experimentalHealth center farm Processing industries SchoolRoad connections Bank Railway connection 8. Distinctive features of the Project Park Governance and managementmodel Public-private partnership model Eased by our exclusive international network Project designed to bring in Italiancompanies Small and medium-sized companies Integrated supply chains Top level know how and technologies 9. Where we areWe are collaborating with Uganda Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry andFisheries (MAAIF) included the Agro-industrial Park project in its 5 yearsDevelopment Strategic Plan Feasibility study in start up phase Understand demand needs, quantify market sizes,define minimum thresholds of companies, pre-sellthe project 10. 3 recommendations (from our experience) Think before you leap The Park is a TOOL not the goal Execution, Execution, Execution Park governance and managerial models arecrucial Mark the territory By branding the outputs you create intangiblevalue and pride of your productions! 11. We hope that "Italian food-print"will be the brand payoff!!! 12. Contacts Marina Mira dErcole marina.mira@ambrosetti.eu Tel. +39 02.46.753.287 The European House-Ambrosetti Via F. Albani, 21 Milan (Italy) www.ambrosetti.eu