Employee engagement from a to z

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  • EmployeeEngagementFrom A to Z

  • AcceptanceIt all begins with acceptance.

  • BenefitsEveryonemust benefitfrom employeeengagement.

    One for all,all for one.

  • Connections

    It all fits when we get connected.

  • DisengagementIntentional disengagement (rest and recovery)is essential to sustain full engagement.

  • EnergyEnergy transformed

    through focused

    engagement creates

    great performance.

  • Flow

    The continual flow ofwater can producetremendous energy.

    Let your energy flow through your worklike water.

  • GumptionBite off very little and chew a great deal.

  • HumanEmployees are not human resources nor human capital they are HUMAN.HumanResourcesHumanCapital

  • IntegrityHave the grit to be honest with everyone, including yourself.

  • JoyFully engaging in work can produce joy as work becomes love made visible

  • KeysUnlock engagement with your own sets of keys to work.

  • Leadership is the force

    billowing our sails

    into a meaningful

    journey of full



  • ManagersManagers

    are the rope

    linking people

    with work.

  • NetworksPlug into both your

    high tech

    and your

    high touch


  • Open SourceBe open and be a source of engagement.

  • PurposeStay focused on your purpose

  • QuestionWho is engaged,with what, for how long, and for what reason?

  • If engagement does not create results we have people at work who arehalf asleep.


  • Engagement is strong stuff. Know, live, and leverage your strengths.


  • Employee engagement is today.Right here. Right now.Today

  • Demonstrate yourunderstanding tobe understood.


  • Value and ValuesBe present to both

    the value and values

    of employee engagement

  • WeFlip your focus from me to we to generate full engagement.

  • X-ray

    Penetrate the surface for broken engagements.

    Provide immediate assistance.

  • YouTake the employee engagement I test.Monitor and master your own engagementbefore you start looking at others engagement.

  • Zen meanslifting your head opening your eyes and engaging fully in whatever you are doing.Zen