Emerald Valley Chess Camp. Emerald Valley Chess Camp 10 week program DateNovice Level (under 800)Intermediate Level (800-1200) Jun-11Piece Movement, GameplayGame,

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  • Emerald Valley Chess Camp

  • Emerald Valley Chess Camp10 week program

    DateNovice Level (under 800)Intermediate Level (800-1200)Jun-11Piece Movement, Gameplay Game, AnalysisJun-18Practice gameTactics, PuzzlesJun-25Basic Tactics, Simple puzzlesMating Patterns ,Mate in 2 puzzlesJuly-2Mating patterns, Mate in 1 puzzlesEnd gamesJuly-9Simple end games Opening Concepts, Standard OpeningsJuly-16Practice gameStrategy, Best Piece Positions, July-23Simple openingsPawn structure, Positional PlayJuly-30Simple strategy conceptsCalculation, Improve your pieces (puzzles?)Aug-6Practice gamePractice Game, AnalysisAug-13TournamentTournament

  • Novice Session 1 : Basic Piece Movement

  • Novice Session 1 : Special Piece MovementCastlingPromotion

  • ForkDiscovered AttackPinSkewerDouble CheckSacrificeNovice Session 2 : Basic TacticsX-rayDeflectionOverloadingWindmillInterferenceDesperado

  • Session 2 : Reference InformationTactics

  • Novice Session 4 : Simple Queen Mating PatternsWith BishopMain PatternWith KingWith KnightWith PawnsOwn pawns blockingWith BishopMain PatternWith KnightWith PawnWith Rook

  • Novice Session 5 : Simple CheckmatesWith King and QueenWith King and RookWith Two Major Pieces (2 Rooks or Queen+Rook)

  • Novice Session 6 : Openings

  • Novice Session 6 : Openings

  • Novice Session 7 : How to play great chess ?Space. No Traffic JamCenter ControlTempoAttack King or Queento gain tempoDevelop Improve Regroup AttackSlow downNo Helicopter HandsBrain 100m/hrTeamworkLimit Exchanges64 square visionNo BenchGuess opponents best move ?

  • Novice Session 8 : Piece Positions (Rooks/Knights/Bishops)Connect on Back RankDouble up on Open FilePush to 7th RankBack Rank MatesCenter and ForwardKnight on Rim is GrimOn Long DiagonalsPoint towards KingRooksBishopsKnights

  • Novice Session 9 : Putting it all together