Embedding Travel Planning in the Development Process

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Embedding Travel Planning in the Development Process. Sarah Cummings Behaviour Change Transport for London. Some questions for you. What things most concern you about transport when looking at a development? What do you look for in mitigation? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Embedding Travel Planning in the Development Process Sarah CummingsBehaviour ChangeTransport for London

  • Some questions for youWhat things most concern you about transport when looking at a development?What do you look for in mitigation?Have you experienced a situation where a development has been approved and built, but then you have received complaints from residents? How did you deal with those?

  • How can travel plans address these concerns?Reducing the transport impactsA structured management plan covering all modesCan target specific congestion spotsProvide a range of modal optionsBetter environmental managementManage mitigation measuresManaging the number trips, choice of mode can reduce the need for large scale infrastructure.Can phase infrastructural delivery

  • How can travel plans address these concerns?Greater Choice and accessibilityIdentifies all the options open to the userIncreases the modal choice for tripsReducing the need to travelImproves attractiveness of site

    Improve connectivity to the local areaCan market the local area facilities/amenitiesBuild community relationsPlace-making

  • Value of Travel PlansHelp achieve wider cross-cutting objectivesOpen up the dialogue between the community and local governmentProvide real impacts in local communitiesContribute to vibrant local economies

  • Value of Travel PlansBetter understand the impact of local policiesStreamline the planning processEnable access for all and manage demand across all travel modesAttract more environmentally-friendly development

  • Policy PPG13DfT Good practice guidelines: Delivering the travel plans through the planning processGLA - London Plan (Policy 3C.2)All developments that exceed thresholds defined in the TfL Guidance on Workplace Travel plans and Residential Travel Plans should have a travel plan. TfL Guidance for workplace travel planning for developmentTfL Guidance for residential travel planning in London.Boroughs Local Development Frameworks (LDF), Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD), Area Action Plans (AAP)

  • Regional Guidance Thresholds Type Content Deliverables Monitoring Enforcement

  • Planning process in LondonApplicationBorough PlanningGLA ConsultationTfL ConsultationStage 1Borough DecisionStage 2 ConsultationRefusalAgreeApproval

  • TfL RequirementsThresholdsWorkplace = dependent on use classA1 (Retail) >=1,000 sqmB1 (Business) >=2,5000 sqmC1 (Hotel) >=50 bedsResidential = 80 unitsSubmitted alongside applicationContent Background/Policy/Site assessment/Objectives/TargetsMeasures/Management/Monitoring/Action Plan

  • Types of Travel PlanTravel Plan Statement Framework Travel PlanFull Travel Plan

    Secured via a S106 or planning condition.

  • Is writing policy the best way?v

  • A New Way to Plan

    5 Module Courses Local Authorities 76 Attendees Private Sector 140 attendees8 boroughs 08/0910 boroughs 09/10 Professional Sub-regional

    160 attendees Best practice Policy All Development industry (60/40) 6 Topics Clarity Case Studies Benefits

  • ATTrBuTEFree web based tool Used for evaluation and building a travel plan42 structured questionsEnsures the travel plan contains the correct level of informationDoes not evaluate the quality of the informationUsed by TfL on all applications

  • iTRACEMonitoring ToolWeb basedStandard surveysReporting toolCRM functionStores TP

  • Great Ormond Street - LondonApprox. 2,800 employees First Travel Plan produced in 2003. Review and monitoring late 2005 showed targets for walking, car usage and public transport had been metThe Travel Plan was updated in February 2007

    Travel Plan Measures:The Trust will work with the local authority and other organisations to improve pedestrian access within and to/from the hospital including pedestrian crossing facilities. The provision of adequate space for pedestrians is important given the central location and number of pedestrian movements associated with and near the hospital. Improvements to the internal hospital signage where necessaryExternal signage improved particularly from the nearby Russell Square Station

  • Canary Wharf - LondonTravel Plan Measures:Quarterly Transport Forum which includes Canary Wharf, the local authority, TfL, transport operators and tenants/occupiers to discuss and debate public transport servicesCanary Wharf Group also organise Green Canary Day - an annual event providing environmental awareness to workers through a whole day of activitiesTravel planning forms an integral part of the management of the Canary Wharf EstateThe Estate Travel Plan provides an area-wide framework within which principles adopted across the estate can operate in tandem with the Travel Plans of local employers

  • One Wood Street - LondonWorkplace Travel Plan for office development in the City of London required as part of S106 planning obligations. Relocation of 700 staff from May 2008OWS was one of the first private sector organisations in the City to complete a Full Travel Plan

    Travel Plan Measures:The provision of 105 cycle parking spaces for staff as calculated in the Transport Assessment (July 2004)No car parking provision on-siteThe provision of shower and locker facilities for staffPedestrian access to the building

  • ConclusionClear Policy from national through to localSupport the audienceSupport changeTrain and educateShare best practiceMake it easier toolsReviewRewrite?

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