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Elsewhere Land

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Theater Rast presents a performance aboutr a son who is confronted with his parents traditions, his identity and his ideals.

Text of Elsewhere Land

  • by Anouk SalemingDirected by aban Ol

    Theater RAST presents

    ElsewhereLand(Eldersland)Not a fairytale

  • 21 23 March 2013Theater RAST presents

    by Anouk SalemingDirected by aban OlSet Design Sebastiaan de RuiterLight/sound Design / Technician Dirk BlomCostume Design Marijke MeppelenbroekPhotography Jean van LingenAssistant to the director and production manager Laura BranderhorstPR Manager Sabine van VugtProducer Gert de Boer

    CastEran Ben-MichalMarcel FaberPaulette SmitRobin Steegman

    A son inherits a piece of family land, which has been passed on fromfather to son for many generations.

    He is torn between his familiar life in Amsterdam and his motherswish for him to return to Turkey with her.

    Then, an unknown woman turns up at his doorstep. His fathersinheritance turns out to be much bigger than he could have everimagined.

    Elsewhere Land is a performance about a son who is confrontedwith his parents traditions, his identity and his ideals.

    Elsewhere Land premired in Podium Mozaek Amsterdam:Thursday 28 February 2013.

    Performed in Dutch with English surtitles.

    Box Officewww.arcolatheatre.com020 7503 1646

    Tickets and TimesThursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm 17 (12 concessions)

    Arcola Theatre24 Ashwin Street

    Dalston, London E8 3DL

    Elsewhere Land(Eldersland)Not a fairytale