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2016 wedding guide


<ul><li><p>2016 EDITION</p><p>ELIZABETH LAUREN PHOTOGRAPHY </p></li><li><p>FACEBOOK // ELIZABETHLAURENPHOTOGRAPHY</p><p>INSTAGRAM // IMELIZABETHLAUREN</p><p>Hello there! </p><p>IIm Elizabeth Lauren, a young passionate heart </p><p>that loves all things romance, adventurous or </p><p>coee related. I have a heart to serve and love </p><p>those around me, to get to know what makes </p><p>them passionate, what they love and who </p><p>makes them smile. Thats what fuels my re, </p><p>knowing hearts and who they beat for. Being a </p><p>wedding phowedding photographer has honestly been such </p><p>a dream come true, every wedding has its own </p><p>story to be told and being a part of something </p><p>so much bigger than myself is not something I </p><p>take lightly! Documenting your day and joining </p><p>your party is my joy. I truly delight in what I do </p><p>and appreciate you considering me for such a </p><p>rresponsibility! I am excited to get to know you </p><p>and look forward to getting the chance to meet </p><p>you and create something lovely that will last a </p><p>lifetime! </p><p>xoxo, E</p><p>ELIZABETH LAUREN PHOTOGRAPHY // WWW.IMELIZABETHLAUREN.COM // 951.595.5078</p></li><li><p> The best kiss is the one that is exchanged a thousand times </p><p>between the eyes before it reaches the lips.</p></li><li><p>You can denitely expect a good time, Im the one that will make you run through a eld hand in hand or cuddle up together in a delicious slice of light. You can expect lots of laughs and hearing me say OH MY GOSH SO CUTE lots of times. I can assure you to be ready to explore new places and get lots of kisses and cuddles. You can expect images </p><p>that youll be proud to pass down for generations to come. You can expect me to wind up being more than just your </p><p>phophotographer! As a photographer I strive to make sure you feel comfortable, loved, </p><p>beautiful and special. </p></li><li><p>Engagement sessions are so fun! Being engaged is such a sweet season of life that should be celebrated and documented! It can also be a stressful time so I always look forward to an afternoon with my couples, getting to know them and just having you cuddle up with your love, laugh together and just be away from it all for a few hours. It's also a great trial run before your wedding on what it's like to be in front of my camera! </p><p>Every session is so unique and I love creating something that tells a bit of who you two are as a couple. Love hiking together? Enjoy little cafe's on saturday mornings? Love to get dressed up together and head down town? Let's make it happen! I want to express your relationship and life together through photos. </p></li><li><p>// Be yourself and wear clothing that reects that! I always en-</p><p>courage my couples to express themselves with wardrobe and </p><p>accessorizing. How ever avoiding graphics and words is best! </p><p>Dont be afraid to get creative or quirky. </p><p>// Getting HMUA done professionally is ideal, if not make sure </p><p>to go a little more dramatic on application! Makeup tends to </p><p>show up much lighter in camera!</p><p>////Get some rest and relax! They are photos that will reect </p><p>what you are feeling, choose joy, love, peace, excitement... all </p><p>those happy things! </p><p>ENGAGEMENTS//</p><p>Typically I dont photograph engagments more than a year out </p><p>or less than 3 months before your date! Seasons and locations </p><p>can play a huge part into scheduling so lets get chatting and </p><p>plan the perfect session!</p><p>WEDDINGS//</p><p>I book I book weddings up to 14 months out and will not book any </p><p>other commitments that could conict with your wedding. </p><p>SCHEDULING</p><p>NEAR OR FARI hI have now worked in well over a handful of states and am </p><p>happy to come to you! Traveling for weddings &amp; other photo </p><p>work has become a huge part of my life and I would not trade </p><p>it for the world! If you are not in Southern California, please </p><p>dont hesitate to get in touch with me! Ill photograph where </p><p>ever love will take me!</p><p>FAQQ:Q: What is required to book?</p><p>A: when youre ready to book I require a 40% retainer and a </p><p>signed print release to secure your date.</p><p>Q: Do you oer payment plans?</p><p>A: I do! Please get in touch with me for payment plans and </p><p>custom packages for elopements or extended gatherings!</p></li><li><p>WHY BRIDAL SESSIONS?</p><p>BBridal sessions are usually corresponded with </p><p>your hair and makeup trial! It is the best time </p><p>to try on your dream dress for more than just </p><p>a day and have a day of pampering and feel-</p><p>ing like a million bucks! Bridal sessions are </p><p>special because they totally have a dierent </p><p>vibe than wedding day portraits, they are </p><p>ststress-free and a great trial run. Plus, a bunch </p><p>of gorgeous images of yourself in your </p><p>dreamy gown that you have been imagining </p><p>yourself in your whole life was never a bad </p><p>idea, your soon-to-be husband might go a </p><p>little crazy over you!</p></li><li><p>//All Day Wedding Coverage </p><p>//Two Photographers</p><p>//Online Gallery</p><p>//Print Release </p><p>//Engagement session</p><p>//16X24 Fine art canvas</p><p>$2800</p><p>UNFORGETTABLE</p><p>// 8 Hours of wedding coverage</p><p>//Two photographers</p><p>//Engagement session</p><p>// Online galley</p><p>// Print release</p><p>$2300</p><p>ENCHANTED</p><p>//6 Hours of wedding coverage</p><p>//Online gallery</p><p>//Print release</p><p>$ 1750</p><p>SIMPLICITY</p></li><li><p>Additional Wedding Coverage $250 / per hour</p><p>Additional Photographer $250</p><p>Engagement Session $275</p><p>Bridal Session $250</p><p>Day After Session $300</p><p>16x24 Fine Art Canvas $110</p><p>25* 4.5x4.5 Fine Art Prints $5525* 4.5x4.5 Fine Art Prints $55</p><p>ADD ONS</p></li><li><p>WHATEVER OUR SOULS ARE MADE OF HIS &amp; MINE ARE THE SAME</p></li><li><p>Youve been dreaming about this day for your whole life, and now that the big question has been answered and here you are planning your big day! I can assure you that whether its just me or myself and a team we are here to serve you a long the way. </p><p>IIt is very important to me that we are on the same page about photos and that you trust my creative vision. As an artist I approach each wedding dierently and never cookie-cut. I have a heart for old traditions but keeping things fresh and creating art in the moment. So please, familiarize yourself with my galleries and ask me anything! I want to make sure we connect on not just a personal level, but how we connect visioning your wedding day too!</p><p>WWhether you are here near my home in Southern California or your love story is unfolding elsewhere, I love to travel! I have photographed all over this country, Im just a plane ride away!</p></li><li><p>ELIZABETH LAUREN PHOTOGRAPHY WWW.IMELIZABETHLAUREN.COM 951.595.5078</p><p>12345678910111213141516</p></li></ul>