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Elements of Poetry. Prof. Miguel A. Arce Ramos English 8th. What is poetry?. Poetry is the art of expressing one ’ s thoughts in verse. It is meant to be read aloud. Poetry arouses emotions. Poems use imagery or figures of speech to explain feelings or to create a mental picture or idea. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Elements of PoetryProf. Miguel A. Arce RamosEnglish 8th

  • What is poetry?Poetry is the art of expressing ones thoughts in verse.It is meant to be read aloud.Poetry arouses emotions.Poems use imagery or figures of speech to explain feelings or to create a mental picture or idea.

  • What is poetry?Poems will suggest an action or a mood.Many poems have a specific rhyme scheme.Some poems rhyme but there are others that do not rhyme.

  • Parts of a Poem - LinesPoems have lines that are organized.Lines dont have to be complete sentences.Lines in poems are named:2 lines is a couplet3 lines a triplet4 lines a quatrain

  • Parts of a PoemLines in poems are named:5 lines is a cinquain6 lines a sestet8 lines a octet

  • Parts of a PoemTo a Snowflake1. Hello little snowflake!2. Where are all your friends?3. Should I expect a lot of them4. before the morning ends?

    5. I love it when you come to me6. and you all fall down together,7. and I get dressed to visit you,8. toasty warm in cold, cold weather.

  • Parts of a Poem - StanzasA stanza is a group of lines. It often has 4, 5, or 6 linesTwo line stanzas are called couplets.They usually develop an idea and provides poems structure.Beginning new stanzas often signals the beginning of a new image, thought, or idea.

  • Parts of a Poem - Rhyme and Rhyme SchemeWords rhyme when they have the same sound.Poems often use rhyme at the end of lines.Rhyme scheme is a pattern of rhymes in a poem.Poets use rhyme to add a musical sound to their poems.

  • Parts of a Poem - StanzasA million stars up in the sky - Aone shines brighter I can't deny - AA love so precious a love so true - Ba love that comes from me to you - BThe angels sing when you are near - Cwithin your arms I have nothing to fear - CYou always know just what to say - Djust talking to you makes my day - DI love you honey with all of my heart - Etogether forever and never to part. - E

  • Types of Poems -Free VersePoetry written without a regular rhyme, rhythm and form.There is no specific rhyme scheme used.

  • Types of Poems -Free VerseFeelings, Now by Katherine FormanSome kind of attraction that is neitherAnimal, vegetable, nor mineral, a power notSolar, fusion, or magneticAnd it is all in my head thatI could see into hisAnd find myself sitting there.

  • Parts of a Poem -AlliterationRepetition of the same consonant sound at the beginning of several words, sentences, or lines.They have the same beginning sounds. For example,The cheap, charging, Challengerfrom the consumate car companygreatness going for this grandiosogas guzziling carit sucks that I cant afford one because that is a car I love

  • Parts of a Poem -ImageryImagery is language that appeals to the 5 senses.These are word picturesFor example,There is a thing beneath my stairswith smily face and oily hairthat does not moveor speak or sing or do another single thing

  • Parts of a Poem - SimileA simile is a comparison between two things using the words like or as. Poets use comparisons between things to make you think about them in different ways.For example,Shes like the windSomething you cant seebut definitely you can feelShes as hot as fireYou touch her There is nothing more you can desire

  • Parts of a Poem -MetaphorA metaphor is a direct comparison between two things.It does not use like or as.For example, Dreams by Langston HughesHold fast to dreamsFor if dreams can dieLife is a broken winged birdThat cannot flyHold fast to your dreamsFor when dreams goLife is a barren fieldFrozen with snow

  • Parts of a Poem -OnomatopoeiaIt is the use of words that sound like the words that they describe.Poets use these words not by what they mean but with how they sound.For example, The Fourth by Shel Silverstein OhCrash!my Bash!the Zang!FourthWhoosh!of Baroom!JulyWhew!

  • Parts of a Poem -PersonificationType of figure of speech that gives human qualities to animals, objects or ideas.For example, Snowy Benches by Aileen FisherDo parks get lonelyin winter, perhaps,when benches have onlysnow on their laps?

  • Surf by Lillian MorrisonWaves wantto be wheelsThey jump for itand fail fall flatlike pole vaulters and sprawlarms outstretchedfoam fingersreaching