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Electrodeposition painting device

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Page 1: Electrodeposition painting device

Chemical Polish for Hardened Steel U.S. Patent 5,477,976. Dec. 26, 199.5 K. Suzuki et al., assignors to KK Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho, Aichi, and Toyofa Jidosha KK Toyota, Japan

A method of bright chemical polishing a hardened steel article comprising quench hardening the steel article; and chemically polishing in a solution comprising hydrof- luoric acid having a concentration of 0.2 to 2 M, hydrogen peroxide having a concen- tration of 0.4 to 4 M, and water, a molar ratio of hydrofluoric acid to hydrogen per- oxide being from 1:1.5 to 1:28.

Seal for Anodized Aluminum U.S. Patent 5,478,415. Dec. 26, 1995 S.K. Massad et al, assignors to Novamax Technology Holdings Inc., Mississauga, Canada

An aqeuous composition for sealing an- odically oxidized aluminum surfaces, com- prising an effective amount of lithium ions in a concentration of at least 0.01 g/L and wherein the solution has less than 50 ppm of an element selected from the group con- sisting of heavy metals, silicon, and phos- phorus, further comprising a sealing addi- tive that is a water-soluble organic surfactant capable of decreasing smut present in an amount from 0.1 to 10 g/L.

Process and Apparatus for Regenerating Spent Sulfuric Acid U.S. Patenf 5,478,448. Dec. 26, 1995 L. Schneider, assignor to Heraeus Nekfrochemie GmbH, Hanau, Germany

A process for the regeneration of an aqueous solution containing metal ions and sulfuric acid, consisting of an electrolytic cell divided by a cation exchange mem- brane stable against sulfuric acid into an anolyte chamber containing an anode in an aqueous sulfuric acid solution and a catholyte chamber containing a cathode in an aqueous sulfuric acid solution; feeding a solution having metal cations and a sulfuric acid concentration of 60-80 g/L to the anolyte chamber; and applying voltage be- tween the anode and cathode and a current density at the cathode of 50-2500 A/m’, whereby the cations migrate through the ion exchange membrane and precipitate at the cathode as metal, and sulfuric acid is generated in the anolyte by formation of protons at the anode.

Apparatus for Electrolytic Cleaning U.S. Patent 5,478,450. Dec. 26, 1995 R.M. Buck

A method of cleaning precious-metal- plated objects, which comprises filling a container with water and increasing an electrical conductivity of the water; im- mersing a plate of aluminum in water; and connecting the plate of aluminum im- mersed in the water to a positive pole of a direct voltage source; connecting a pre- cious-metal-plated object to be cleaned to a negative pole of the direct voltage source, and adjusting the direct voltage source to a potential difference between the positive and negative poles to a range between 1.5-9 V, and immersing the object to be cleaned in the water for a given period of time.

Electrodeposition Painting Device U.S. Patent 5,478,454. Dec. 26, 1995 A. Inoue, assignor to Polytechs Inc., Tacbikawa, Japan

An electrodeposition coating system comprising a first electrode suspended in an electrodeposition bath as an article to be coated, a plurality of second electrodes provided in association with the first elec- trode, and a source of current connected between the first electrode and the second electrode.

Control for a Collimated Sputtering Source U.S. Patent 5,478,455. Dec. 26, 1995 G.M. Actor et al., assignors fo Varian Associates Inc., Palo Alto, Calif.

Amethod for automatically controlling a sputtering source having a collimator, said sputtering source being controllable by a computer.

Sputtering Target U.S. Patent5,478,456. Dec. 26, 1995 KM. Humpal ef al., assignors to 3M Co., St. Paul, Minn.

An electrically conductive sputtering target comprising at least 3.5 volume per- cent yttria, based on the total volume of the target, present as a porous structure having a series of interconnecting channels, and a substantially continuous amorphous carbon coating on internal surfaces of the porous structure such that the target is electrically conductive.

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