ELECTRIC DOUBLE-DECKER MULTIPLE UNIT KISS  · KISS DOSBBZ0908e Technical features ... water-cooled…

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    In August 2008 and in August 2014, SBB ordered a total of 69 six-part KISS vehicles from Stadler. The trains are used for the Zurich

    suburban rail system and on other SBB routes. They achieve a maximum speed of 160 km/h and can operate in multiple unit train

    control. The new double-decker multiple units are each 150 metres long and can carry up to 1373 passengers. There are 120 seats

    in first class and 415 seats in second class, making for a total of 535 seats. The spacious entrance areas and the 12 entrance doors

    on each side enable optimum passenger flow, even in the suburban rail system. The passenger compartments and drivers cabs

    are air-conditioned, and the interior is designed to be bright and passenger-friendly.

    ELECTRIC DOUBLE-DECKER MULTIPLE UNIT KISSSwiss Federal Railways (SBB), Switzerland

  • KISS DOSBBZ0908e

    Technical features


    Lightweight car bodies in integral aluminium design in line with

    the latest standards for crashworthiness (EN 15227) and car

    body strength (EN 12663)

    Motor bogies and trailer bogies with pneumatic suspension

    Car body made of extruded aluminium profiles in accordance

    with EN 15227, scenarios 1, 2 and 4

    Multiple unit train control for up to four vehicles


    HVAC systems for passenger compartments and drivers cab,

    with fresh air circulating via the perforated ceiling, and a

    radiant heating system

    Generously dimensioned entrance areas for optimum

    passenger flow

    12 entrance doors on each side for a rapid exchange

    of passengers

    Bright, passenger-friendly interior with scope for

    individual design

    Vacuum toilet system with disabled access


    Ergonomically designed central drivers cab for one-man

    operation in accordance with UIC guideline 651

    Monitoring of train dispatch and travel safety through

    intercom systems

    Drivers cab for operation with driver and assistant

    Reliability / Availability / Maintainability / Safety

    Redundant drive equipment consisting of 4 power trains with

    water-cooled IGBT power converters

    Vehicle control system with train bus and diagnostics

    computer (CANopen bus)

    ETCS Level 2 drivers cab signalling

    Vehicle data

    Customer SBB AG Swiss Federal Railways

    Area serviced SBB networkGauge 1435 mmDesignation RABe 511Supply voltage 15 kVAC, 16.7 HzAxle arrangement BoBo + 22 + 22 + 22 + 22 + BoBo

    Number of vehicles 69Commissioning 20112018Seats, first and second class 120 + 415Tip-up seats 0Standing capacity (4 pers./m2) 838Floor height

    Low-floor at entrance door 555 mm

    Lower deck 440 mm

    Upper deck 2515 mm

    Entrance width 1400mmHeadroom 2000 mmAxial thrust 1500 kNLength over coupling 150000 mmVehicle width 2800 mmVehicle height 4595 mmBogie wheelbase

    Motor bogie 2500 mm

    Trailer bogie 2500 mm

    Driving wheel diameter, new 920 mmCarrying wheel diameter, new 920 mmContinuous output at wheel 4000kWMaximum output at wheel 6000 kWStarting tractive effort (up to 54km/h) 400kNStarting acceleration 1.1 m/s2

    Maximum speed 160 km/h