EHR Implementations: Revolutionising Health Information Management

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EHR Implementations: Revolutionising Health Information Management. Denis Tebbutt Managing Director, InterSystems ANZ. Software for Connected Healthcare. HealthShare #1 health information exchange platform. Regional / National EHR. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • EHR Implementations:Revolutionising Health Information ManagementDenis TebbuttManaging Director, InterSystems ANZ

  • Software for Connected HealthcareRegional / National EHRInstitutional / Community EPRApplication LevelEnsemble - #1 rated healthcare integration softwareHealthShare #1 health information exchange platformTrakCare Advanced Web-based healthcare information systemCach - #1 database in clinical applications worldwide

  • National & Regional Sharing of Clinical InformationAround the world healthcare delivery systems are increasingly focused on the creation of an EHRIncreases accessibility of important health information across the spectrum of careImproves the quality of careReduces the costs of care through elimination of duplicate tests and prescriptionsIn emergency situations can literally save livesFacilitates the development of integrated community based careCan outreach to health based NGOs

  • The EHR BasicsIdentify the patient across facilities Authentication of the requesting clinician/viewerConsent ManagementSecurityTerminologyMessagingLeave clinical data at the source

  • Technology ChallengesClinical access through a PortalThere must be an integrated clinical application that fits all levels of a facility A powerful, health focused, integration platform supporting HL7 and other IT based standardsA strong standards based approachRepository and Record Locator ServiceRapid Application development and deployment with incremental and massive scalabilityTrakCareClinical Patient RecordEMPI/RLSCacheHealthShare

  • So What is HealthShare?Massively scalable integrated healthcare suite for the deployment of Regional and National Electronic Health Records:Clinical ViewerEnterprise Master Patient IndexClinically proven database and applicationFully integrated and clinically proven integration and development platformHarvests the data held in all of the repositories that support the operation of a healthcare facility/state/region/country

  • The Structure of HealthShare?The HealthShare EPR is a sophisticated browser-based Electronic Patient Record that doctors and other clinicians use to access patient dataThe HealthShare Hub is a central index of patients and providers, it uniquely identifies a patient and specifies which edge Caches maintain data for that patientThe HealthShare Edge Cache Repository is a clinical database that holds all of the data that a provider is willing to shareThe HealthShare Gateway is a health integration platform optimised for providing multiple provider organisations

  • Populating the Hub

  • Locating Patient Records

  • HealthShare Patient Viewer

  • Ensemble at the Heart of HealthShareOne data modelOne metadata repositoryOne development environmentOne management environmentOne learning curve

  • HealthCare Deployment ExamplesLong Island, Rhode Island RHIOs, Sweden & Netherlands National Systems

  • Long Island Patient Information eXchange MissionMission: To create an achievable, sustainable and replicable model for integrating clinical information across multiple health care organizations in order to improve access to patient data at the point of care; improve health care quality; and reduce inappropriate utilization and cost.Focus on support for the transitions of careEmphasis on infrastructure and Proof of Concept in Phase 1Benjamin Stein, MDChief Executive Officer, LIPIXDirector of CIS, North Shore LIJ Health System

  • Long Island Patient Information eXchange ScopeClinical Data Exchange (CDE)Data of convenience Workflow integrationNeed to support pull and push transactionsMeta - Master Patient Index (M-MPI)Supports health information exchangeProvides patient identification services to individual member organizationsFuture growthPublic Health moduleE-imaginge-RxAmbulatory EMRPHR

  • Long Island Patient Exchange (LIPIX)5.2 Million Residents 8,000 GPs (Assoc with NS-LIJ Health System) Connecting 15 healthcare organizations on New Yorks Long IslandInitial LIPIX Deployment

    4 Hospitals2 Physician PracticesHome Care AgencyMunicipal Health CenterEMS OrganizationReference LaboratoryLong Term Care FacilityPublic Health Department

  • Long Island Patient Information eXchange Scope


    North Shore University Hospital

    HealthShare Gateway

    NSLIJ E-Gate Interface Engine

    NSLIJ Home Care

    McKesson Horizon Home Care

    Cold Spring Hills Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation

    Siemens Invision ADT

    HealthShare Gateway

    NSLIJ E-Gate Interface Engine

    Siemens Invision ADTs

    HealthShare Gateway

    NSLIJ E-Gate Interface Engine

    NSLIJ Core Laboratory

    Siemens Invision ADTs

    Cerner Millenium (housed in Kansas City)

    Siemens Invision ADTs

    Eclipsys Sunrise CIS


    Public Health Surveillance

    PICIS PulseCheck

    LIPIX Phase 1

    Misys LIS

    = existing interfaces

    HealthShare Gateway

    Cloverleaf Interface Engine

    Misys RIS

    South Nassau Communities Hospital

    Keane Care ADT and CIS

    Initiate MPI

    HealthShare Gateway

    NSLIJ E-Gate Interface Engine

    Siemens Invision ADT

    Misys LIS

    Intersystems HealthShare Hub (RLS)

    Med Records Alert PHR Vault

    Siemens RIS

    Eclipsys Sunrise CIS

    LIPIX Vendor Software



    Participant Infrastructure

    HealthShare Gateway


    Eclipsys E-link Interface Engine

    Misys RIS

    HealthShare Gateway

    IDX Flowcast

    Suffolk County Dept of Health Services

    Nassau University Medical Center

    HealthShare Gateway

    Med Records Alert Chart

    North Shore Staff IPA Practice

    Siemens Eagle ADT

    Intersystems HealthShare Gateway

    LIPIX Independently Provisioned Users

    NSLIJ Center for EMS

    Eclipsys Sunrise Ambulatory Manager

    HealthShare Gateway

    NSLIJ E-Gate Interface Engine

    Sansio HealthEMS(housed in Seattle?)

    NSLIJ Faculty Practice Plan

    IDX Flowcast ADT

    HealthShare Gateway

    OpenLink Interface Engine

    Southside Hospital

    Siemens Invision ADT

    = Interfaces to be built by System Integration Consultants

  • USA Rhode IslandHaving a useful, usable and used interconnected health information system that:A total of 1.1Million Residents 3,000 GPsPuts the right information into the hands of clinicians and their patients when and where it is needed Allows for population health information to be analyzed and used for surveillance, health policy, and researchUsing InterSystems HealthShare for state-wide master patient index and clinical data exchangeConnecting 14 healthcare organizations across the state (85%+ of all lab and medication data)Governor has an Anytime, Anywhere Healthcare agenda

  • Sweden - National Patient Overview (NPO)Population 9 million 21 healthcare regionsNational EHRCarelink is Government appointed group to manage the project. InterSystems in partnership with Tieto Enator.Contract signed March 18th

  • Netherlands (NICTIZ) National Healthcare Messaging Hub

    National solutions for Access, Identity & Consent

    HL7 V.3 for Health Information Exchange

    Strategy of inclusion for existing suppliers and end-user solutions

    Concept of well-behaved systems [GBZ]

    Encouraging utilisation of the infrastructure

  • EHR Implementations:Revolutionising Health Information ManagementDenis TebbuttManaging Director, InterSystems ANZ

    **InterSystems is the only company with an end-to-end solution for Connecting Healthcare institutional, communities, through to national solutions -- through our community of healthcare application providers and with our own technologyNote: this slide simply positions ISC capabilities, to enable you to engage in dialogue regarding the prospects organisation. Additional slides exist as required for more detailed positioning of our core technology products and credibility-building for InterSystems.*********


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