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"Effective Leadership - http://www.theleadershipcircle.com/gamefilming-developing-an-extraordinary-awareness-to-becoming-highly-effective/?aq4s=15&aq4c=0304rbst This is an Executive Video Summary of the article by Tim JohnPress entitled ""Gamefilming: Developing an Extraordinary Awareness to Becoming Highly Effective."" About gamefilming as a technique to becoming an effective leader. Related Keywords: effective leader leadership circle becoming an effective leader"


  • Gamefilming: Developing an Extraordinary Awareness to Becoming Highly Effective

    By Tim JohnPress

  • One of the first practices that should be mastered in a journey towards greater effectiveness is a simple practice called "Gamefilming."

    Gamefilming, taken from the practice of sports teams watching films of their performance, is a practice of becoming objective to subjective states, or becoming more aware of one's physical body. Gamefilming is a practice of learning to see ourselves as others see us leading.

  • Gamefilming is a simple practice of noticing and naming our current state (tense, agitated, excited) often referred to as our outer game and then changing our inner game (focus, intention, approach, and ideal outcome).

    Leaders that actively Gamefilm develop the ability to free themselves from unconscious and arresting Reactive tendencies.

    This freedom from self-preserving reactivity yields a subtle, confident, and extraordinary skill set demonstrated by the masters of yoga, martial arts, and other sports.

  • Most leaders don't have the time to invest in contemplative reflection or meditation; however, there is a way to reap the benefits of these practices in real time, everyday business.

    First, Notice and name your physical state. What are you physically aware of? Perhaps you notice yourself getting physically tense or sighing desperately.

    The practice of objectively noticing and naming your subjective state unlocks you from the limiting behaviors, offering you a window of freedom to do and become something new.

  • Once you've consciously noticed and named your current state the next thing you must do is take a deep breath. A conscious intentional deep breath relaxes our muscles, increases the release of endorphins, and improves the overall functionality of every system in our body.

    At that point, ask yourself the following questions:"What are you doing?" By asking this question a leader begins

    being responsible and accountable for their actions."What do you want to be doing?" This question establishes a

    vision for something new."What do you want to do about it?" This question moves

    them above the line into their full creative potential.

  • Given the accelerated pace of change, increasing complexity of business, and information overwhelm, it is easy for leaders to grasp the value of Gamefilming.

    In short they realize that cognitive horsepower, strategic prowess, and technical competency earn you the right to play the leadership game; however, they are not enough to be sustainably successful.

    Awareness, agility, and adaptability are what separate highly effective leaders from the pack. Its not just about what you do its about how you do it that makes you an effective leader.

  • Leaders often face moments of truth on a daily basis. Gamefilming provides them with the opportunity to discover what that truth is and lead in a more resourceful, sustainable and effective manner.

    As one learns to Gamefilm, they will become more acutely and objectively aware of their physical body, their current state, and more effectively put their leadership vision into action.

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