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Effective, Deliberate, UniqueCollege courses online through Toccoa Falls College College classes meet weekly with a facilitator Tutors are available for high school/college courses

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  • TandemEDUHigh School Alliances

    Effective, Deliberate, Unique

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  • High School Graduation

    Credits Credits4 English 4 Science4 Math 3 Social Science3 Foreign Language OR 4 Electives

    Fine Art/Career/Tech 1 Health/PE

    Georgia Standards23 credits

    1 credit = 1 high school class

  • Avoid Duplication

    High School Diploma23 High School Credits

    Transferrable Credits46 College Credits

  • Our Progressive Approach

    The TandemEDU Program High school classes meet once a weekTeacher assigns daily homework assignmentsCollege courses online through Toccoa Falls CollegeCollege classes meet weekly with a facilitatorTutors are available for high school/college coursesAn average of 3 courses per quarter over 4 yearsBegin college in 9th or 10th gradeGraduate with 46 college credits and a high school diploma

  • Our College Partner

    Toccoa Falls College Founded 1907 Glorify God Develop servant leaders Accredited by SACS Credits transferable Quarterly online courses Allows DE for TandemEDU in 9th/10th grades

  • Georgia Dual Enrollment

    State legislation effective July 1, 2020 Open to 11th-12th grade students Pays college tuition, books, fees All private and public colleges in Georgia Covers fall, spring and summer semesters Applies to online and on campus classes 30 credit lifetime maximum Does not affect eligibility for HOPE funds

    (formerly MOWR)

  • First TierWeeks 1-8HS English/Comp 10

    HS Algebra I

    HS Biology Lab

    Weeks 9-16HS English/Comp 10

    HS Algebra I

    HS Biology Lab

    5 Week Christmas BreakWeeks 17-24HS English/Comp 10

    HS Algebra I

    HS Biology Lab

    Weeks 25-32HS English/Comp 10

    HS Algebra I

    HS Biology Lab

    DE World Geography

    TandemEDU Degree PlanSecond Tier

    Weeks 1-8HS American Lit (CLEP prep)

    HS Algebra II

    HS Chemistry Lab

    Weeks 9-16HS American Lit (CLEP prep)

    HS Algebra II

    HS Chemistry Lab

    DE General Psychology

    5 Week Christmas BreakWeeks 17-24HS American Lit (CLEP Prep)

    HS Algebra II

    HS Chemistry Lab

    DE Western Thought & Culture

    Weeks 25-32HS American Lit (CLEP Prep)

    HS Algebra II

    HS Chemistry Lab

    Third TierWeeks 1-8HS Geometry

    HS Test Prep-Reading

    DE Composition I

    Weeks 9-16HS Geometry

    HS Test Prep-Math

    DE Earth Science

    5 Week Christmas BreakWeeks 17-24Test Prep-English

    DE College Algebra-16 wks

    Weeks 25-32DE College Algebra-16 wks

    DE American History

    Fourth TierWeeks 1-8DE Composition II

    DE American Government

    Weeks 9-16HS Personal Finance

    DE Intro Communication

    DE General Biology II

    5 Week Christmas BreakWeeks 17-24HS Personal Finance

    DE Spanish I

    DE Bible Elective

    Weeks 25-32DE Spanish II (Optional)

    DE Micro Economics

    HS Classes College DE Classes


  • Placement Testing

    Testing into TFC Dual EnrollmentScore 70th percentile or higher in Math/English on ITBSTesting in Mid OctoberMath/English review during the summer

    Testing into Algebra IIScore 85% or higher on the Algebra 1 examTesting in May

    Testing into TFC English 113Score 85% or higher on the English 10 examTesting in May

  • Transfer Credit


    TFC Transferring Course UGA Course EquivalentPSY 113 PSYC 1100 COM 113 COMM 1100BIO 114 BIOL 1102ENG 113 ENGL 1100GHY 213 GEOG 1101ENG 123 ENGL 1102HIS 233 HIST 2111

    MAT 133 MATH 1TXXSPN 113 SPAN 1101SPN 123 SPAN 1102

  • TandemEDU 8th Grade

    Eighth Grade Courses

    English 8 Grammar/Composition/Literature Physical Science with Lab Pre Algebra

    Course Descriptions

  • Middle School Preparation

    Teach life skills: Time management


    Microsoft Office Suite

    Keyboarding 40+ WPM

    High school prep English Includes a research paper in current MLA format

    Grammar, punctuation, spelling, editing practice

    High school prep math: Strong pre algebra or algebra I in 8th if ready

    Test taking skills IOWA, Stanford, subject tests

    Identify learning challenges Recognize and remediate


    Critical thinking discussions Current events and worldviews

    Encourage opinions that differ from yours

    Study skills: Peer groups-“Everyone else is smarter than me”

    Use study tools

    Make Learning Memorable

    Adopt a mastery approach to learning Redo work until mastery is achieved

  • Accountability




  • Accountability Options

    Tandem Partners

    High school course instructionCollege course instruction thru TFCCollege course facilitationACT/SAT/PSAT test prep classesACT/SAT/PSAT practice testingCommencement exercises

    College performance monitored by facilitatorHigh school course work graded by teacherOfficial high school transcriptElectives included on the transcriptRegular student progress reports sent to parentsGuidance counseling as neededAnnual IOWA testing 9th grade

  • Annual Fees

    High School Student FeesTier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

    Early Enrollment Fee* $ 150 $ 50 $ 50 $ 50Accountability Fees $2600 $2800 $2000 $1800Books/Supplies $ 325 $ 300 $ 90 $ 100

    Annual Total $3075 $3150 $2140 $1950

    8th Grade Student FeesEarly Enrollment Fee $ 150Accountability Fees ($20 per week per class) $1920Books/Supplies $ 400

    Annual Total $2470Al a carte high school classes are $25 per week per class

    *Enrollment fee increases monthlyTFC Tuition for 4 uncovered optional college classes $2400

  • Teachers50% off 1 student’s tuition

    Facilitators15% off 1 student’s tuitiono Facilitate college courses (8 weeks) PSY 113 COM 113 ENG 113 MAT 133

    o Teach high school level courses Algebra I Algebra II Lit. & Comp. 10 Biology Lab Chemistry Lab

    o 32 Weeks of instructiono Grade Partner students’ worko Prepare quarterly progress reportso All teacher materials provided

    Teacher/Facilitator Opportunities

    GHY 213 BIO 124 HIS 233 SPN I & II

    o Bachelor degree required o Provide individual tutoringo Monitor Partner students’ gradeso Prepare progress reportso All teacher materials provided

  • Our Locations

    Cumming Freedom Tabernacle

    GA 400, Exit 16Cumming

    Tuesday Morning

    AcworthNorthwest Christian Church3737 Dallas Acworth Hwy NW

    AcworthTuesday Morning

    Morgan/RutledgePhiladelphia Baptist

    4031 Davis Academy RoadRutledge

    Wednesday Morning

    AthensLiving Word Academy

    2761 Monroe HighwayBogart, GA

    Monday Morning

    CalhounWorld Harvest Church2335 Red Bud Road NE

    Calhoun, GA Monday Morning

  • Benefits

    Benefits of a Tandem Education

    • No college application or SAT/ACT to start• Easier admissions for transfer students• Flexibility upon graduation• Graduate with a higher GPA• Less recordkeeping and teaching for you• Someone else teaches Algebra & Literature• Take full advantage of state DE funds• Student will be ready for DE classes• Save $30,000 in college expenses• $4,000 TFC residential scholarship

  • Registration

    TandemEDU Registration Complete TandemEDU online registration Complete IOWA testing in October Your student is automatically enrolled at TFC Complete DE funding paperwork Registration open until July 15

    Enrollment Fee ScheduleJanuary-$150 February-$200March-$250 April-$300May-$350 June/July-$400 (late registration)

  • Common Questions

    Is the program accredited?My teen is an average student. Is he a fit for your program?My student has learning challenges; is she a fit for your program?What is the student workload?What does the program look like if we start in 10th or 11th grade?What classes do I need to cover at home that are not on the plan? How can I prepare my middle schooler for dual enrollment? How do 14 and 15 year old students do in college level courses?

    TandemEDUResourcesHigh School GraduationAvoid Duplication Our Progressive ApproachOur College PartnerGeorgia Dual EnrollmentSlide Number 8Placement TestingTransfer CreditTandemEDU 8th GradeMiddle School PreparationAccountabilityAccountability OptionsAnnual FeesSlide Number 16Our LocationsBenefitsRegistrationCommon Questions