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  • Lamps today, fishing flies tomorrow A kitful of indicator and pilot lamps for experimenting or breadboarding is avail-able from Industrial Devices, Inc., Edge-water, N.J. 07020. The kit sells for $10 and contains 24 different lamps that could cost $30 if purchased individually. Included are incandescents, neons, and LED units in 16 styles, seven colors, and five operating voltages (from 6 to 250 volts). The com-partmented plastic box in which the lamps are shipped can be reused for fishing flies and the like.

    Troubleshooting digital circuits For individuals learning digital trouble-shooting for the first time and for techni-cians needing a refresher course on digital techniques, Hewlett-Packard offers "Digi-tal Troubleshooting," a color videotape

    TV fits in a pocket Small enough to be carried in a man's suit pocket or a woman's handbag, Sinclair's 2-inch-screen television set is now retail-ing for $395. About the size of a thick paperback book, the miniature black-and-white TV measures 4 inches wide by 6 inches deep by W2 inches high, and weighs just over two pounds.

    Sinclair's Microvision functions on all vhf and uhf bands, and can receive trans-missions in most countries throughout the world. The set uses solid-state circuitry,


    program with supporting material. According to the company, the entire

    course is equivalent to a two-day live seminar. In addition to the 14-videotape program, which has a total running time of 5V2 hours, the course includes a 180-page textbook, lab workbook, and study guide.

    Topics discussed include an introduction to digital electronics and the binary sys-tem, basics of transistors and ICs, logic gates and symbols, digital IC families and components, combinational logic circuits, display technologies, and IC manufactur-ing.

    Videotapes are available in standard %-inch videocassettes, and other formats can be supplied on request. Unit prices range from $250 to $375. Accompanying text and workbook cost less than $10 each. The entire course is available for $3600.

    Contact Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, Calif. 94304 for further details.

    Journal focuses on product liability Exploring the myriad facets of product safety and liability is the charter of the new Journal of Products Liability. Published quarterly by Pergamon Press, it contains contributed articles from the legal field as well as from technical areas such as en-gineering and medicine.

    Legal aspects encompass products or is-sues in the prosecution or defense of liabil-ity actions. Technical discussions deal with the causes of accidents and product fail-ures, and ways to minimize or avoid them.

    For example, the first issue contains ar-ticles that discuss products liability in the aviation field, coping with defective de-signs, an expert's inside view of product

    and is housed in a heavy-duty steel casing with two built-in antennas. Four 1.5-volt rechargeable batteries power the TV, and allow up to six hours of continuous opera-tion before they require a charge. Adaptors permit operation from other supplies. The unit comes with its own earphones for per-sonal listening.

    The set is being sold in department and specialty stores throughout the U.S.

    Video games: 'blackjack9 and 'math fun' Add 'blackjack' and 'math fun' to the list of games that can be played on a home television set. The two are offered in car-tridges for RCA's Studio II home-TV pro-grammer, which works with both color and black-and-white TVs. All cards in the blackjack game and all problems in math fun are selected randomly by a mi-

    f liability, and tackling big corporate defen-dants in product cases.

    A year's subscription costs $50, and or-ders are being taken by Pergamon Press, Elmsford, N.Y. 10523. The editors are seeking manuscripts for future issues or inquiries from prospective authors. Papers may be primarily legal, primarily techni-cal, or a blend of both. For further details, contact either of the co-editors-in-chief: Verne Roberts, Dept. of Mechanical En-gineering, Duke University, Durham, N.C. 27706, or Joseph Cotchett at Cotch-ett, Hutchinson and Dyer, San Mateo, Calif. 94402.

    Access a worldwide data bank for $10 Technotec, a technology-exchange service of Control Data Corp. (CDC), is now available to subscribers for only $10a fee that covers start-up charges and instruction materials. The service's worldwide data bank provides subscribers with the means to buy and sell products, processes, and expertise across industry lines and national borders. After buyers and sellers locate each other, they are free to negotiate di-rectly, as Technotec does not charge brokerage fees or royalties.

    The system may be searched from an in-house computer, teletypewriter termi-nal, one of the public terminals maintained by CDC, or by Technotec personnel on behalf of a subscriber. Time-sharing charges, when a subscriber uses his or her terminal, average $8 to $10 per search.

    For more information, contact IEEE Spectrum, c/o Technotec, P.O. Box 1985, Twin Cities Airport Branch, St. Paul, Minn. 55111.

    J crocomputer, so that a pattern of repeat questions or cards cannot be established and memorized by a player.

    In blackjack, players are staked with "200 dollars" and can bet up to "10 dol-lars" per hand. In trying to beat the mic-rocomputer, which is the dealer, players are offered the chance to "hit," "stick," or "double down" respectively, request another card, stay with the cards they have, or double their bet but get just one more card.

    The other cartridge offers 17 variations of math games. It employs the functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and ranges from basics to ad-vanced difficulty.

    The price of a cartridge is $14.95 to $19.95. More information can be obtained from RCA Distributor and Special Prod-ucts Div., Deptford, N.J. 08096.

    IEEE spectrum OCTOBER 1977

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