eertana - Carnatic Music Circle, Melbourne, .traditional Carnatic flute. Shashank is known for his

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  • ... a bridge to the rich South Indian cultural heritage...


    26 May 2012 (Saturday)7:00 pm to 10:30 pm

    Feature ConcertKel Watson Theatre, Forest Hill College,

    Mahoneys Road, Burwood East Vic 3151

    Melway Ref: (62 C5)

    May 2012

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    ShashankMaestro Shashank stormed into the music world at the age of seven. He was the youngest musician to have been invited by The Music Academy, Chennai to perform the senior most slot of The Music Academy, (often performed by Legends of Indian Classical Music), at the age of 12 - a record yet to be broken in the history of South Indian Music.

    Now at the pinnacle of his genre, Shashanks landmark concerts include Rashtrapathi Bhavan (Presidents Palace at New Delhi) in 1992, The Smithsonian, Kennedy Center and National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C., J. Paul Getty Hall -Hollywood, Cerritos Performing Arts Centre in Los Angeles, Eastman School of Music - Rochester, World Music Institute - New York, Asian Art Museum - San Francisco, Xebec Hall and Across Fukuoka in Kobe and Fukuoka, Japan, Hong Kong Museum of Art - Hong Kong, World Flute Conference - Nashville, Sawai Gandharva Festival - Pune, Saptak Festival - Ahmedabad, Dover Lane Music Festival - Calcutta, India Music Group - Bombay, Theater De La-Ville, UNESCO & Musee Guimet in Paris -France, Tropical Institute - Amsterdam, The Lowry in Manchester-UK, The Sage in Gateshead - UK, Modigliani Hall -Padova-Italy, Museum Rietberg -Zurich, The Munchen Residency in Munich-Germany, The Adelaide Festival- Australia, Improvisation Festival in Lausanne- Switzerland, Seoul Plaza in Seoul- Korea and a host of other prestigious institutions across the world.

    Trained by father Shri. Subramanyam and vocal maestros Shri. R. K. Srikantan and Palghat Shri. K. V. Narayanaswami, he is presently considered one of the best bamboo flute artists and is hailed so by the Indian and international media alike. The BBC World TV telecast a documentary on Shashank titled Destination Music, recently.

    Shashanks main style is Carnatic classical but incorporates patterns of improvisation from Hindustani music and uses a range of flutes to cover octaves that are not supported by the traditional Carnatic flute. Shashank is known for his intricate and intense alapanas (improvisations), melodious keerthana ( composition) renderings and pulsating kalpanaswaram (fast and rhythmic improvisations). His concerts

    generally include a Ragam Tanam Pallavi as a central piece, normally composed by Shashank himself. Shashank has used the technique of multi flute transposed fingering technique and dual octave production.

    Shashank often collaborates with many legendary musicians from India and around the world including Guitarist John McLaughlin, Tabla Maestro Zakir Hussain, Ustad Sultan Khan, Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Pt. Ajoy Chakraborthy to name a few.

    With scintillating, primal tones he truly sings through the most organic and ancient of all instruments. His logic-defying virtuosity is the result of a magical innate talent coupled with the best possible training. Shashank has propelled the Bamboo flute into an enviable position by his playing techniques of which the multi flute transposed fingering technique and the

    dual octave production have won him world acclaim.

    Shashank has enthralled audiences in India, USA, Canada, UK, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, The Middle East, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

    Shashank is one of the youngest recipient of the A-Top ranking in the All India Radio and TV. A recipient of the title Kalaimamani from the Government of Tamil Nadu, Kuzhal Arasar from the prestigious Kellogg School of Management, North Western University, Chicago and the prestigious Grammy Nomination for the year 2009, Shashank has over 55 CDs and several DVDs to his credit. Shashank currently pursues Hindustani music from the legendary vocalist Pandit Jasraj.

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    Avaneeswaram S.R. Vinu Hailing from a family of musicians he was initiated into music by his father Avaneeswaram S. Ramachandran, well known vocalist and the former Principal of R. L. V. College of music. His grand father Krishan Pillai was a known nagaswaram artiste. Vinu was attracted towards violin which his father practiced often and had the basic lessons under him. Later he trained with Kilimanoor Thyagarajan, a tutor at the Swati Thirunal Music Academy, during summer vacations. Then he joined the Academy and took his Ganabhooshanam and Ganapraveena.

    Once I happened to hear an audio cassette of Mysore M Nagarajan. I was so fascinated by his style of rendition and decided to learn under him. Again I spent my summer vacations at Mysore and had advanced training under him. My guru and his brother Mysore Manjunath practiced violin in the evenings and I will be one among the few listeners said Vinu.

    He is one of the sought after accompanying violinist. He has accompanied great musicians like Dr Balamurali Krishna, TV Sankaranarayanan,. N. Ramani, Bombay sisters, Vijay Siva, Sanjay Subramanaian, Trissur Ramachandran, and Chitra Vina Ravi Kiran. He has performed solo concerts as well. It gives plenty of freedom. While accompanying one has to under play. One must allow the main artiste to render more. The supporting artiste should only support. If the padantharam of the main and the accompanying artistes are same our job will be easy. It is not always like that. Hence we must widen our repertoire by learning new compositions and to listen to more concerts feels Vinu.

    Vinu has performed at the Chennai music season besides, the Swati Sangeetholsavam, at the Navarathri Mandapam, and concerts organized by major sabhas in Kerala, Chennai, and Bombay. Vinu is wedded to Aswathi a vocalist. He received Lalgudi Jayaraman Award for the best young artiste recently.

    Patri Satish KumarPatri Satish Kumar was born 3 August 1970 in Vizianagaram in Andhra Pradesh, Indai. He is considered a "stalwart" in his field.

    Born into a family steeped in Carnatic music, Satish Kumar was initiated into learning mridangam at a young age by his mother Smt. Padmavathy, who was a violinist. He performed his first concert at the age of 7. Satish Kumar was trained by three mridangam artists and teachers from Andhra Pradesh Shri. Ramachandramurthy, Shri. V. A. Swami andShri. V. Narasimham.

    Satish Kumar has performed alongside many artists including Dr. Balamuralikrishna, Ganesh and Kumaresh, Chitraveena Ravi Kiran, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pandit Jasraj, Flute Maestro Shashank Subramanyam, Sudha Raghunathan, Bombay Jayashri, Aruna Sairam and Nithyasree Mahadevan. Over the years, he has evolved a style of his own which blends seamlessly with various instruments and voices, alike. He has been a part of many musical confluences of Classical, Fusion and Jazz genres.

    Satish Kumar has toured extensively, performing in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle-east, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, and Mauritius. He has performed at venues such as Festival of France, Miami Beachfront Festival, Madrid Jazz Festival, India Gate Festival, and Harbourfront Festival. His performances have been featured in many national and international broadcasts such as Radio France, Radio Germany, Radio South Africa, All India Radio and Ceylon Radio.

    Satish Kumar's name features in many CD/DVD recordings in India and abroad. He was one of co-artists in Margazhi Raagam - first ever Carnatic music concert movie. This apart, he has released a CD titled Dimensions - A solo presentation and Dancing Drums - a percussion ensemble presentation.

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    Venue ............................. Nicky Edwards and the staff at .......................................... Kel Watson Theatre, Forest Hill College, .......................................... Mahoneys Road, Burwood East Vic. 3151

    Audio ............................. Charles Walker, Imperial Audio

    Artiste Hosting ........... Jayasree and Vasu Srinivasan Family.......................................... Sunitha and Shankar Raman Family

    Design ........................... Oviam Creations

    Concert Arrangement

    Anu and Krishnan FamilyArundathi and Sriram Family

    Chitra and Soundarajan Iyer FamilyChitra and Sudarshan Family

    Mythili and Naga Nagasundaram FamilyPrabha and Shankar Family

    Shoba and Ramnath Iyer FamilySubhadra and Sankaran Ramesh Family

    Sunitha and Shankar Raman FamilyJayasree and Vasu Srinivasan Family

    Yogam and Ramanan Family

    CMC wishes to acknowledge the assistance provided by all music schools of Melbourne

    in the publicity of this concert.


    Anu .....................8806 1625 Ramesh .....................9800 4612 Vasu .....................9887 4232 Shoba .....................9886 8406 Soundar .....................9802 8779 Prabha .....................9800 3748

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    recommend that every musician learn one system in its entirety and at the same time, have a good understanding of the other system