Education in Asia and Western

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  • 8/13/2019 Education in Asia and Western


    Writing Assessment 2

    Education in Asia and Western


    Few years ago, I watched the documentary video about the education. This video contains the

    topic about the education which is like the best way to educate the children. Also, the video

    compared the Asians education and the Westerns. The program asked people a simple

    question.What can you imagine when you think about a banana? Every Asians answered a

    monkey, besides, most westerners said animals. The researcher states that the reason of this result

    is from the difference of the education. It might shows that Asia has cramming method of

    teaching and self-directed learning could represent the westerns. Not every society have same

    education curriculum and fixed methods. However, we could see more cramming and harsh

    situation in Asian education; western education has more freedom and stable environment in


    We can see the example in South Korea. In Korea, every students study until 9 p.m. Regular

    classes finishes at 5 but students have to stay until midnight. We call it evening self-study session.

    However, most students think there is a mistake in this word. They think it is not self; they feel it

    like a prison sometimes. Even if they do not want stay at school, school forces students to study

    at school. According to this curriculum, we can see the coercion exists in the school. However, thiscoercion is not that effective and powerful to students. The authority of school is losing and

    students do not respect the school policy any more. Most Asia countries are full of private tutors

    and academies. Every academy always emphasizes prerequisite learning to students. Even though,

    elementary school students learn the curriculum of middle school in academies. Most students

    think learning from school is useless and boring. The biggest issue in Asia s education could be

    the parents. In Korea, people usually say, children s grade is proportional to mother s information

    strength and fathers economic power; undoubtedly, I agree with this saying. Mothers are busy to

    find the best tutors and most fathers think that only money can make their children the better

    person. Some fathers are very inattentive to their childrens ability or strong points. They just

    support their children. Parents force their kids to go various academies from they are young.

    Some kids have to go 5 academies a week even though they dontknow the reason why they

    have to go. Usually kids do not have the right to choose what they want to learn. It is not like the

    deprivation of freedom; this circumstance has been around for some time. When the children

    grow up, some parents decide their major and their future jobs also. Some children believe that

    mother is doing the best choice and they just follow their words. Parents say that the pressure is

    from their immensurable love. Of course, these force and the education methods could lead their

    children to have success in the future. Many knowledge and perfect grades are very powerful and

    influential in Asia society. Some believes that this education made their countries fast

  • 8/13/2019 Education in Asia and Western



    Besides, in western countries, we could see the total differences. Young children go to sleep at 7

    p .m and studying is not the major activity for them. They do not have to take extra curriculum in

    learning, its only for the students who are fall behind. After school, students do not have to stuckin the school, and they can do whatever they want. Students can enjoy school activities or their

    hobbies in free time. Teachers also do not force their students to study or take prerequisite

    learning. Grades are the important factor but high schools and universities think the extra

    activities highly. Schools believe these activities like sports, arts, and etc could influence students

    own characteristics and personalities positively. Schools focus on the potential not only the grade.

    Even in the class program, there are lots of debate class and classes which need much creativity.

    Students share their ideas and discuss about the social issues. School also contains the music and

    physical education curriculums. School thinks these programs can improve students capability and

    ingenuity. Also, parents do not force their children to do study only. They respect their dreams

    and interests, because, they believe that their children will live independently someday. They let

    their children to decide their future and solve their own problems.

    In conclusion, there are some negative and positive points among the education of Asia and

    Western. Its quite different related to their societies and the traditions. In these days, there are

    many changes also. In Asia, creativity and thinking skills are becoming important in education

    programs. Also some parents let their kids to study by themselves and just help them to follow

    their own dreams. In western, many private tutors and academies are popular in these days. The

    importance rate of grades is becoming the bigger and some think that good grades have to bethe base of studentsabilities. In my opinion, these circumstances show hopeful and positive way

    in education. Like the countries and societies globalized together, the combination of these

    countrieseducation method could lead children and students to have bright future.