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Educating Ethical Values

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Educating Ethical Values. Christian education is learning to leave the right Footprint. Overview. Ethics should be shared, simple and positive Trespass..... The ethics of FOOTPRINTS Four different footprints Teaching children ethics in the playground Living within our BOUNDARIES. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Educating Ethical Values1Christian education is learning to leave the right Footprint

2OverviewEthics should be shared, simple and positiveTrespass.....The ethics of FOOTPRINTSFour different footprintsTeaching children ethics in the playgroundLiving within our BOUNDARIESETHICS!Thats what WE know about (we dont expect you to do the right things....)Its about NOT doing things (its fairly negative thing to teach)Ethical debates seem VERY complicated (genetic engineering, allowing someone to die, labour laws...)Christian Education can teach ethics that...We can all (not just Christians) SHAREWhich are POSITIVE (not just negative) choicesWhich MAKE SENSE (not just to lawyers)

One social ethic...Forgive us our trespasses.....Trespass invites us to notice the Footprint we leave on the situation or on another person.....Try it out! Leave a FOOTPRINT on the person next to you....(C) Human Ecology Ltd 20117

7Make them feel Welcome!(C) Human Ecology Ltd 20118

8Make them feel ignored!(C) Human Ecology Ltd 20119

9Teaching ethics through FOOTPRINTS


BLUE FOOTPRINTS(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201111TAKE CHARGE11

(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201112


I am being clear, firm, strong and assertiveI decide what I think without being swayed by other peopleI am choosing to be in charge and take control

JESUS USED BLUE FOOTPRINTS(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201113Clearing the templeDriving out demonsConfronting the teachers of the lawProtecting the woman caught in adultery,Defending the poor...Telling us GO in HIS name and MAKE disciples


What can I use BLUE FOOTPRINTS for?(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201114Protecting the weakStanding up for what is rightNot giving upMaking people feel secureTAKE CHARGE14GREEN FOOTPRINTS(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201115


(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201116I AM USING GREEN FOOTPRINTS IF :

I feel confident about being a team leaderI enjoy being at the front and people watching meI am excited about doing something newI feel motivated to get better and better at something16JESUS USED GREEN FOOTPRINTS(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201117

STRIVE TO BE OUR BESTPerforming signs and wonders, healingsAmazing people with his teachingCalling people to follow him with ALL their heartTelling us to do even greater things!

17What can I use GREEN FOOTPRINTS for?(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201118

STRIVE TO BE OUR BESTInspiring othersSetting myself goals and achieving themLeading the way courageously18YELLOW FOOTPRINTS(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201119STAND WITH AND SUPPORT OTHERS

(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201120I AM USING YELLOW FOOTPRINTS IF:

I accept people just as they are rather than trying to make them changeI enjoy doing things as a team rather than on my ownI listen to other peoples opinions before deciding what I think, do or say

20JESUS USED YELLOW FOOTPRINTS(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201121

Building his small group of apostles Listening to people rather than speaking at themResponded to peoples situationsWaited patiently... Followed Gods timingOnly did what he saw his Father doing

21What can I use YELLOW FOOTPRINTS for?(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201122STAND WITH AND SUPPORT OTHERS

Looking out for people who are left outMaking sure everyone has a chance to speakHelping us work as a teamBuilding trust and good listening22ORANGE FOOTPRINTS(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201123EXPLORE WITH OTHERS

(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201124I AM USING ORANGE FOOTPRINTS if:

When do you use ORANGE FOOTPRINTS at school?

I want others to feel excited about new possibilitiesI encourage others to have a go and do their bestI enjoy working in a team, but not having to take the leadI dont mind sharing my ideas with other people who are a bit stuck thinking on their own24JESUS USED ORANGE FOOTPRINTS(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201125

To encourage his disciples to take risksInvited people to follow himDrawing people into a shared quest Seeing the potential in people

25What can I use ORANGE FOOTPRINTS for?(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201126EXPLORE WITH OTHERS

Encouraging an attitude of growthSeeing the gifts in other people and encouraging themSupporting those who are struggling

26(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201127RECAPThere are FOUR kinds of FOOTPRINT we can leave . Each FOOTPRINT has a different INFLUENCE or IMPACT

What IS ethics then?(C) Human Ecology Ltd 201129The FOOTPRINT ONE PERSON IS LEAVING ON ANOTHER PERSON

Ethics we can all (not just Christians) SHAREEthics which are POSITIVE choicesEthics which MAKE SENSE Ethics is learning to use the RIGHT FOOTPRINT at the RIGHT TIME So that we do not trespass30Forgive us our....TRESPASSESTrespass is when....

We trample over someone elses ideas, property, feelings, belongingsTake more of the land, space, attention, than is ours to takeIntrude into parts of another carelessly, thoughtlessly, for selfish gain

Christian ethics teaching doesnt happen in Chapel but in the PlaygroundYou are walking through the playground and you see a group of older children making fun of a younger child.What colour footprint should you use?Your friend is worrying because they dont think their painting is very good.What colour footprint should you use?There is a new pupil at school. At break he is walking around on his own.What colour footprint should you use?You are asked to work in a group of 3 on a project. Everyone is arguing about who is the leader.What colour footprint should you use?33Children understand ETHICS if they experience what it means I learned how to use different Footprints, like not always blue. I learned about the consequences of my Footprints.You must use different footprints at different times or you could hurt other people.I normally use orange Footprints. I like orange but sometimes it can make me act like a servant to others who are stronger.34

BLUE FOOTPRINTS protect the vulnerable. Using them will inform good PROPERTY and WELFARE laws

35(C) Human Ecology Ltd 2011Playground ethics should become Political Ethics

GREEN FOOTPRINTS value and cost of EXCELLENCE and GROWTH and will inform education, GDP and other TARGETS

36(C) Human Ecology Ltd 2011Playground ethics should become Political Ethics

YELLOW FOOTPRINTS preserve the value of relationships and belonging. Valuing them should inform our FAMILY laws

37(C) Human Ecology Ltd 2011Playground ethics should become Political Ethics(C) Human Ecology Ltd 2011


38(C) Human Ecology Ltd 2011Playground ethics should become Political Ethics

What have we learned?Ethics should be shared, simple and positiveThe ethics of FOOTPRINTSFour different footprintsTeaching children ethics in the playgroundEthics of Trespass...This implies living within our BOUNDARIES39Christian education teaches us

Our Footprint.....

40Tomorrow: how Christian Education teaches us the SPACE on which we leave Footprints


St Irenaeus42