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  • Educate. Motivate.

    Empower. We put our members at the center

    of everything we do.

    By personally connecting members to the right tools and resources to navigate the healthcare system,

    balance work and life, make informed decisions and reach the best possible health and well-being we are

    empowering people to take control.

    Through a unique combination of service excellence, technology, compassion and engagement, we enhance

    the lives of the people we touch, saving time and money for individuals and organizations.

  • A healthy organization results in a healthy bottom line. Health Advocate can help you:

    Lower costs Healthy, educated and motivated employees are empowered, lowering healthcare costs.

    Lower turnover rates Workers who are provided best-in-class benefits and feel appreciated are less likely to seek other employment.

    Reduce absenteeism Employees who are supported and healthy take fewer sick days and unplanned absences, which keeps your organization moving forward.

    Improve morale Organizations that offer integrated, easy-to-use, personalized benefits observe higher rates of employee job satisfaction and morale.

    The proof is in the results—improved health outcomes, lower costs and a much healthier workforce.

    Increase productivity Employees who are healthy and achieve work/life balance are more productive and effective.

    Social/Community • Wellness competitions/


    • Family events/community activities

    • Travel and leisure

    • Relationship-building

    • Elder care services

    Physical • Diet and exercise

    • Clarify treatment options

    • Illness prevention

    • Chronic condition management

    • Tobacco cessation

    • Promote ongoing engagement

    Mental/Emotional • Stress, anxiety, depression

    • Personal and relationship issues

    • Substance abuse

    • Legal assistance

    Professional • Work/Life balance

    • Work-related issues

    • Conflict resolution

    • Communication with co-workers

    • Goal-setting

    Financial • Medical bill and claims


    • Maximize benefits utilization

    • Healthcare cost transparency

    • Locate providers and make appointments

    • Reduce prescription costs

    • Identity theft resolution

    • Medical bill negotiation

    • Proper use of ER

    We’re here to help when you need it most. Our unique, integrated services are designed to improve all aspects of well-being.

  • West Corporation is the nation’s leading provider of integrated member engagement, health advocacy, and well-being programs. Our Health Advocate Solutions serve over 50 million Americans through more than 11,500 client relationships, including many of the nation’s largest employers, health plans, third party administrators, provider groups and health systems, government agencies, schools and more.

    We connect members and their families to highly-trained experts and tools that help enhance their physical, financial, social, emotional and professional well-being. Our team of compassionate professionals, nurses, doctors, counselors, wellness coaches and work/life specialists work one-on-one with members to help them resolve issues and reach their health goals. They also ask the hidden questions to help close gaps in care and encourage members to be active participants in their health and well-being.

    We leverage the power of our leading-edge technology platform, interactive web-based tools, communication outreach and data analytics to help members become engaged and make more-informed health decisions. These tools also help organizations improve efficiency and develop more effective health benefit programs to positively impact their bottom lines.

    As a result, both our clients and members see improved health outcomes and significant medical cost savings.

    More than “just a benefit”

    “You taught me to be, and stay, in control of my body, my mind, my health and my life!”

    Contact Health Advocate or your broker to arrange a meeting to learn more about our spectrum of innovative, time- and money-saving solutions for both employees and employers.

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