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The Newspaper is for Pupils, Parents and Teachers in English Kargal School. Together. № 1 December, 2013. Editor’s Address Dear Friends! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Editor’s Address Dear Friends!

  • Editors AddressDear Friends! We are glad to create a newspaper Together for you in English. It will be written about our pupils, teachers, school life, holidays and parties. We ask you to write stories, poems, compositions, take pictures. Dont be afraid to write and speak English Those who do not make a mistake, do nothing , says an English Proverb. Together we can change the world forever.

    Our Compositionsp.2

    Halloween, p.3The Best Pupils

    Our Projectsp.4TogetherThe Newspaper is for Pupils, Parents and Teachers in English

    Kargal School 1December, 2013The Main Editor - S. Karandaev 9Secretary - A. Arshinova 6Correspondents - K. Milaeva 9 A. Kinyakina 9 O. Samoshkina 8 A. Shepeleva 7 A. Kasatkina 5 L. Kasatkin 5 Photographer L. Valueva 5 Designer O. Myalina 7Today is in the newspaper

  • Our CompositionsAt an English LessonMy summer holidays! We had been planning how to spend the vacation this time. I started thinking of all the possibilities of the places that we could be going. My parents wished to go to Great Britain. We packed our bags. I had so much fun! I relaxed and it was really fun spending the vacation with my family. I took lots of photos. We returned on August 12, much refreshed and happy. The vacation is over and I am back to school. The summer I had was amazing! I told my parents that we would plan similar holidays for every summer vacation, in the coming years! Alena Kasatkina, Grade 5My summer holidays. I spent my holidays in Novy Vyselky. My friends and I spent a lot of time outdoors. We swam, played and rode our bikes. We also picked berries and gathered mushrooms it the nearby forest. There is a small river near the forest and we swam when the weather was fine. I took lots of photos. It was great. I like my summer holidays. Lera Valueva, Grade 5Animals are our Friends Wild animals are dangerous. Therefore, people held them in the cages, in the park or zoo. Why do people keep animals in zoos and park? Because they want to show them to children. People believe that the best place for animals is in the park. I also think it is better for animals to live in wild animals parks. People give food them, and take care of them there. N. Arshinova, Grade 6 Zarubkino is my native village.I live in Zarubkino. Zarubkino is a very old village in Zubova Polaynskaya region. It was mentioned in 11th century by Russian knights. Very kind, industrious people live there.The main street is named after Balashov. Balashov was famous scientist; he was a professor of history in the Ogarev University.There are not very big houses in my village but the gardens are big and beautiful. There are no sights in my village besides the church, village Soviet and Elementary School. But the nature in my place is very rich. Fieldes are full of berries, forests are full of mushrooms. There are two ponds in my place Pudley and Eshelay. I like Eshelay very much. You may swim and dive there from May to September. The water is deep and clean. You can see many fishermen there early morning. A. Aryapov, Grade 7KargalFor me Kargal will always be best place in the world because all my family and my best friends live there!My village is not famous for well-known people or museums and art galleries. It is small. There are only 2 streets, a school and a shop.But the countryside is beautiful. There is a river not far from Kargal, 2 beautiful ponds.The houses are small but the gardens are big .and beautiful.People speak on Moksha language but they speak also Russian.I like living in Kargal. A. Shepeleva, Grade 7English is in my LifeFor a while there was one language and it served its purpose. Later when the mankind decided to build the Tower of Babel, God got angry and made people speak different languages. At first it seemed to be bad but in fact it was a chance to study different languages. Why do l study English language? For me this question has several answers and each of them is important to me. I want to learn English because l want to visit United Kingdom where Horry Potter lives. He is my role model. O. Myalina, Grade 7

  • Halloween October is Halloween. This festival celebrates the return of the souls of the dead who come bask to visit places where they lived. In the evening there are lots of Halloween parties. People dress up as witches, ghosts, devils, cats or bats. Houses are decorated with pumpkins with candies inside them. Some children follow the American custom called Trick or Treat. They knock at your house and ask, Trick or treat? If you give some money or some sweets (a treat), they go away. If not, they can play a trick on you, like splashing water in your face. No Halloween party is complete without a scary story. Usually people crowd together around a fire on Halloween night. And one person tells a scary in a low voice.

  • Our Project The Best Pupils Read in our Next Issue December, 17 The British Bulldog! Be Ready!Our Project The Best Pupils tells us about pupils who graduated Kargal school and got a good knowledge in English.We are proud of them. The Best Pupils , , , , . ! Attention! We ask you to bring photos and stories about our former students.Thank you!Chirkova L., Kasatkina M.,Baranova V., Schukina T., Schukina K., Pirogov S., Balashova T., Pirogova N., Myalina O., Chrestina O., Chernaydeva M. and so on.A competitionThe Best Letter to Santa Claus A Minute for a Joke. r a JokeLena comes home and says Mom: Mom, they put us vaccinations today .Mom: Well, I hope you're not crying?Lena: No, they have not caught up.What were you before you came to school,boys and girls? -asked the teacher, hoping that someone would say babies. She was disappointed when all the children cried out, HappyChoose a Badge for our Newspaper or Create your ownThe New Year and Christmas in our SchoolThe Results of Olympiad:Chirkova L. 31Milaeva K. 13Samoshkina O. 18Shepeleva A. 13Its OK!

    Hello, Billy.Do you like your new school? asked Uncle Ned.Sometimes, said the boy.When is that? When its closed!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!