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CHEMOSPHERE Persistent Organic Pollutants and Dioxins Editors Heidelore Fiedler UNEP Chemicals, Int. Environment House, 11-13 Chemin des Anemones, CH-1219 Geneva, Switzerland Fax: +(41) 22 797 3460 heidelore.fi[email protected] Gang Yu School of Environment Tsinghua University, Qing Hua Yuan 1, 100084 Beijing, China Fax: +(86) 10 62794006 [email protected] Editorial Board M. Alaee (Canada) J. Albaiges (Spain) B. van Bavel (Sweden) B. K. Gullett (U.S.A.) G. Lindström (Sweden) R. Louw (The Netherlands) R. Malisch (Germany) J. Rivera (Spain) S. Safe (U.S.A.) M. Zheng (China) Environmental Chemistry Editors Xinde Cao Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Director of Center for Soil Contamination and Remediation School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Shanghai 200240, China [email protected] Ian Cousins Department of Applied Environmental Science (ITM), Stockholm University Frecativa ¨gen 8, 106 91 Stockholm Sweden Tel.: +46 (0)8 16 4012 mobile: +46 (0)768 933668 [email protected] Dr. Jacob (J.) de Boer Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Institute for Environmental Studies) De Boelelaan 1087 1081 HV, Amsterdam, Netherlands Tel.: +31 20 59 89530 [email protected] K. Kümmerer Chair for Sustainable Chemistry and Resources Director of the Institute for Sustainable and Environmental Chemistry Faculty for Sustainability Leuphana University Lüneburg Scharnhorststraße 1/C13 21335 Lüneburg Tel.: +49 4131-677-2893, -2894 [email protected] Editorial Board K. Kümmerer (Germany) M. McLachlan (Sweden) B. Xing (U.S.A.) E. Y. Zeng (China) Caroline Gaus (Australia) Takasuga and Weiss (The Netherlands) Takumi Takasuga (Japan) Katrin Vorkamp (Denmark) Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment Editors Tamara S. Galloway College of Life and Environmental Sciences, Department of Biosciences, University of Exeter, Stocker Road, Exeter EX4 4QD, UK Tel.: 0(44) 1392 263436 Fax: 0(44) 1392 263700 [email protected] Andreas Gies Federal Environment Agency Environmental Hygiene Corrensplatz 1 14195 Berlin, Germany Fax: +(49) 30 8903 1830 [email protected] Susan Jobling Head, Institute for the Environment Brunel University, Uxbridge Middlesex, UB83PH Fax: +07932066351 [email protected] Editorial Board W. Ahlf (Germany) L. Blaha (Czech Republic) H. Bouwman (South Africa) W. Brack (Germany) S. Bursian (U.S.A.) Y.-S. Chang (South Korea) W. DeCoen (Belgium) L. Erdinger (Germany) D. Holdway (Canada) J. S. Khim (Korea) A. Klumpp (Germany) V. Kramer (U.S.A.) J. Kukkonen (Finland) M. A. Mora (U.S.A.) K. R. Solomon (Canada) M. H. Wong (Hong Kong) Science for Environmental Technology Editor Oliver J. Hao Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742, U.S.A. Fax: +(1) 301 405 2585 [email protected] Associate Editors Enric Brillas Laboratory of Electrochemistry of Materials and Environment, Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Barcelona, 08028 Barcelona, Spain [email protected] Elizabeth C. Butler School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, University of Oklahoma, 202 W. Boyd St., Room 334, Norman, OK 73019-1024, U.S.A. Fax: +(1) 405 325 4217 [email protected] Hyunook Kim Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Seoul, 90 Jeonnong-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, 130-743, Korea Fax: +(82) 2 2210 2917 [email protected] Chang-Ping Yu Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Science, Xiamen, 361021, China, [email protected] Editorial Board T. J. Cutright (USA) Y. Huang (USA) M. Koschorreck (Germany) D. Lestan (Slovenia) C. Liang (Taiwan) Y. Liu (Singapore) L. Q. Ma (USA) B. Mi (USA) K. R. Wigginton (USA) K.-H. Chang (Taiwan) B.-I. Sang (Korea)

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Persistent Organic Pollutants and DioxinsEditorsHeidelore FiedlerUNEP Chemicals,Int. Environment House,11-13 Chemin des Anemones,CH-1219 Geneva,SwitzerlandFax: +(41) 22 797 [email protected]

Gang YuSchool of EnvironmentTsinghua University,Qing Hua Yuan 1,100084 Beijing,ChinaFax: +(86) 10 [email protected]

Editorial BoardM. Alaee (Canada)J. Albaiges (Spain)B. van Bavel (Sweden)B. K. Gullett (U.S.A.)G. Lindström (Sweden)R. Louw (The Netherlands)R. Malisch (Germany)J. Rivera (Spain)S. Safe (U.S.A.)M. Zheng (China)

Environmental ChemistryEditorsXinde CaoShanghai Jiao Tong University,Director of Center for SoilContamination and RemediationSchool of Environmental Scienceand Engineering,Shanghai 200240,[email protected]

Ian CousinsDepartment of Applied EnvironmentalScience (ITM),Stockholm University Frecativagen 8,106 91 StockholmSwedenTel.: +46 (0)8 16 4012mobile: +46 (0)768 [email protected]

Dr. Jacob (J.) de BoerVrije Universiteit Amsterdam(Institute for Environmental Studies)De Boelelaan 10871081 HV, Amsterdam,NetherlandsTel.: +31 20 59 [email protected]

K. KümmererChair for Sustainable Chemistry andResourcesDirector of the Institute for Sustainableand Environmental ChemistryFaculty for SustainabilityLeuphana University LüneburgScharnhorststraße 1/C1321335 LüneburgTel.: +49 4131-677-2893, [email protected]

Editorial BoardK. Kümmerer (Germany)M. McLachlan (Sweden)B. Xing (U.S.A.)E. Y. Zeng (China)Caroline Gaus (Australia)Takasuga and Weiss (The Netherlands)Takumi Takasuga (Japan)Katrin Vorkamp (Denmark)

Environmental Toxicology and Risk AssessmentEditorsTamara S. GallowayCollege of Life and EnvironmentalSciences,Department of Biosciences,University of Exeter,Stocker Road,Exeter EX4 4QD, UKTel.: 0(44) 1392 263436Fax: 0(44) 1392 [email protected]

Andreas GiesFederal Environment AgencyEnvironmental HygieneCorrensplatz 114195 Berlin, GermanyFax: +(49) 30 8903 [email protected]

Susan JoblingHead, Institute for the EnvironmentBrunel University, UxbridgeMiddlesex, UB83PHFax: [email protected]

Editorial BoardW. Ahlf (Germany)L. Blaha (Czech Republic)H. Bouwman (South Africa)W. Brack (Germany)S. Bursian (U.S.A.)Y.-S. Chang (South Korea)W. DeCoen (Belgium)L. Erdinger (Germany)D. Holdway (Canada)J. S. Khim (Korea)A. Klumpp (Germany)V. Kramer (U.S.A.)J. Kukkonen (Finland)M. A. Mora (U.S.A.)K. R. Solomon (Canada)M. H. Wong (Hong Kong)

Science for Environmental TechnologyEditorOliver J. HaoDepartment of Civil andEnvironmental Engineering,University of Maryland,College Park, MD 20742,U.S.A.Fax: +(1) 301 405 [email protected]

Associate EditorsEnric BrillasLaboratory of Electrochemistryof Materials and Environment,Department of Physical Chemistry,Faculty of Chemistry,University of Barcelona,08028 Barcelona, [email protected]

Elizabeth C. ButlerSchool of Civil Engineeringand Environmental Science,University of Oklahoma,202 W. Boyd St., Room 334,Norman, OK 73019-1024,U.S.A.Fax: +(1) 405 325 [email protected]

Hyunook KimDepartment of Chemical Engineering,The University of Seoul,90 Jeonnong-dong,Dongdaemun-gu,Seoul, 130-743,KoreaFax: +(82) 2 2210 [email protected]

Chang-Ping YuInstitute of Urban Environment,Chinese Academy of Science,Xiamen, 361021,China,[email protected]

Editorial BoardT. J. Cutright (USA)Y. Huang (USA)M. Koschorreck (Germany)D. Lestan (Slovenia)C. Liang (Taiwan)Y. Liu (Singapore)L. Q. Ma (USA)B. Mi (USA)K. R. Wigginton (USA)K.-H. Chang (Taiwan)B.-I. Sang (Korea)