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Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications ASSOCIATE EDITORS DAVID M. AMBROSE Drexel University Partial differential equations and fluid dynamics VLADIMIR ANDRIEVSKII Kent State University* Approximation theory Potential theory JOSEPH A. BALL Virginia Polytech Institute* Operator and control theory JESUS BASTERO Universidad de Zaragoza* Asymptotic geometric analysis Geometry of Banach spaces Function spaces HEINZ H. BAUSCHKE University of British Columbia, Okanagan Functional analysis Operator theory Mathematical programming TOMÁS DOMÍNGUEZ BENAVIDES Facultad de Matematicas Universidad de Sevilla Nonlinear functional analysis BRUCE C. BERNDT University of Illinois* Analytic number theory Classical analysis Special functions DAVID BLECHER University of Houston* Functional analysis Operator theory Operator algebras GEORGE BLUMAN University of British Columbia* Differential equations JOSÉ BONET Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Functional analysis Operator theory BENEDETTO BONGIORNO Dipartimento di Matematica ed Appl. University of Palermo Real analysis MARIA CARRO Universidad de Barcelona Real analysis Harmonic analysis BERNARDO CASCALES Universidad de Murcia Measure and integration Functional analysis *Department of Mathematics ANDREA CIANCHI Università degli Studi di Firenze Function spaces Partial differential equations PATRICK L. COMBETTES Université Pierre et Marie Curie Convex optimization Inverse problems Nonlinear functional analysis GUSTAVO CORACH Instituto Argentino de Matematica* Functional analysis Operator theory Harmonic analysis ARIS DANIILIDIS Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Variational analysis Optimization MANUEL DEL PINO Universidad de Chile Concentration phenomena in nonlinear elliptic equations Blow-up and asymptotic behavior in nonlinear parabolic equations ASEN DONTCHEV Mathematical Reviews American Mathematical Society Variational analysis Optimization Control KATHY DRIVER University of Cape Town Special functions including trigonometric functions Approximations and expansions YIHONG DU University of New England Nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations Nonlinear analysis RICARDO G. DURÁN University of Buenos Aires Finite element methods Harmonic analysis LAWRENCE FIALKOW State University of New York Functions of a complex variable Integral transforms, operational calculus Operator theory JERZY A. FILAR School of Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics Flinders University Optimization Operations research Markov decision processes Game theory Singular perturbations Application

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Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications


DAVID M. AMBROSEDrexel UniversityPartial differential equations and fluid dynamics

VLADIMIR ANDRIEVSKIIKent State University*Approximation theoryPotential theory

JOSEPH A. BALLVirginia Polytech Institute*Operator and control theory

JESUS BASTEROUniversidad de Zaragoza*Asymptotic geometric analysisGeometry of Banach spacesFunction spaces

HEINZ H. BAUSCHKEUniversity of British Columbia, OkanaganFunctional analysisOperator theoryMathematical programming

TOMÁS DOMÍNGUEZ BENAVIDESFacultad de MatematicasUniversidad de SevillaNonlinear functional analysis

BRUCE C. BERNDTUniversity of Illinois*Analytic number theoryClassical analysisSpecial functions

DAVID BLECHERUniversity of Houston*Functional analysisOperator theoryOperator algebras

GEORGE BLUMANUniversity of British Columbia*Differential equations

JOSÉ BONETUniversidad Politecnica de ValenciaFunctional analysisOperator theory

BENEDETTO BONGIORNODipartimento di Matematica ed Appl.University of PalermoReal analysis

MARIA CARROUniversidad de BarcelonaReal analysisHarmonic analysis

BERNARDO CASCALESUniversidad de MurciaMeasure and integrationFunctional analysis

*Department of Mathematics

ANDREA CIANCHIUniversità degli Studi di FirenzeFunction spacesPartial differential equations

PATRICK L. COMBETTESUniversité Pierre et Marie CurieConvex optimizationInverse problemsNonlinear functional analysis

GUSTAVO CORACHInstituto Argentino de Matematica*Functional analysisOperator theoryHarmonic analysis

ARIS DANIILIDISUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaVariational analysisOptimization

MANUEL DEL PINOUniversidad de ChileConcentration phenomena in nonlinear elliptic equationsBlow-up and asymptotic behavior in nonlinearparabolic equations

ASEN DONTCHEVMathematical ReviewsAmerican Mathematical SocietyVariational analysisOptimizationControl

KATHY DRIVERUniversity of Cape TownSpecial functions including trigonometric functionsApproximations and expansions

YIHONG DUUniversity of New EnglandNonlinear elliptic and parabolic equationsNonlinear analysis

RICARDO G. DURÁNUniversity of Buenos AiresFinite element methodsHarmonic analysis

LAWRENCE FIALKOWState University of New YorkFunctions of a complex variableIntegral transforms, operational calculusOperator theory

JERZY A. FILARSchool of Computer Science Engineering and MathematicsFlinders UniversityOptimizationOperations researchMarkov decision processesGame theorySingular perturbationsApplication

Page 2: Editorial Board

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications


STEPHEN A. FULLINGTexas A&M UniversityTheoretical physicsSpectral and asymptotic theoryof differential operators

RUTH GORNETUniversity of Texas at Arlington*Spectral geometry

JEAN LUC GUERMONDTexas A&M UniversityFluid mechanicsPartial differential equationsNumerical analysis

CRISTIAN GUTIERREZTemple University*Partial differential equationsHarmonic analysis

YU HUANGZhongshan University*Dynamical systemsChaosControl theory

ALEXANDER V. ISAEVCentre for Mathematics and Its ApplicationsThe Australian National UniversityComplex analysis and geometry

KRZYSZTOF JAROSZSouthern Illinois University, Edwardsville*Functional analysisSpaces of analytic functions of a single variable

BARBARA KALTENBACHERAlpen-Adria-Universität KlagenfurtPartial differential equationsCalculus of variations and optimal controlOptimizationNumerical analysis

HYEONBAE KANGInha UniversityInverse problemsPartial differential equations

DMITRY KHAVINSONUniversity of South Florida*Classical analysis

PEKKA KOSKELADepartment of Mathematics and StatisticsUniversity of JyväskyläQuasiconformal mappingsSobolev spacesAnalysis on metric spaces

MIKLÓS LACZKOVICHDepartment of AnalysisEötvös Loránd UniversityReal functionsMeasure theory

WILLIAM LAYTONUniversity of Pittsburgh*Differential equationsFluid mechanicsTurbulence

PIERRE GILLES LEMARIE-RIEUSSETUniversite d’EvryHarmonic analysisNonlinear PDEsWavelets

HAILIANG LIUIowa State UniversityHyperbolic partial differential equationsNumerical analysis

ALESSANDRA LUNARDIUniversità degli Studi di Parma*Elliptic and parabolic partial differential equationsAbstract evolution equations

MARTIN MATHIEUQueen’s University BelfastFunctional analysisOperator theory

JEAN MAWHINUniversité de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve*Nonlinear differential equationsNonlinear functional analysisCritical point theory

P.J. McKENNAUniversity of ConnecticutNonlinear boundary value problems

JEFF MORGANUniversity of HoustonReaction diffusion systems

PAUL NEVAIKing Abdulaziz UniversityApproximation theoryOrthogonal polynomials

KENJI NISHIHARAWaseda UniversityPartial differential equationsAsymptotic analysis

DONAL O’REGANNational University of Ireland, Galway*Nonlinear analysis

HAROLD R. PARKSOregon State University*Geometric analysisCalculus of variations

MAGDA PELIGRADUniversity of Cincinnati*Probability theoryInequalities and limit theory for stochastic processes

*Department of Mathematics

Page 3: Editorial Board

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications


MARCO PELOSOUniversità degli Studi di MilanoHarmonic analysisSeveral complex variables

ROMAN POPOVYCHUniversity of Vienna*Ordinary differential equationsPartial differential equations

STEPHEN POWERLancaster UniversityFunctional analysisOperator theory

VLADIMIR POZDNYAKOVDepartment of StatisticsUniversity of ConnecticutProbability theoryMathematical statistics

MARC QUINCAMPOIXUniversité de Bretagne OccidentaleDeterministic and stochastic controlDifferential equations and inclusionsNon smooth optimizationDifferential games

VICENTIU RADULESCUInstitute of Mathematics “Simion Stoilow”Romanian AcademyNonlinear elliptic partial differential equationsCritical point theoryNonlinear analysisVariational and hemivariational inequalities

THOMAS RANSFORDLaval UniversityComplex analysisPotential theoryOperator theory

DAVID L. RUSSELLVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University*Applied theory of partial differential equationsControl theory of ordinary andpartial differential equationsElasticity theory

EERO SAKSMANUniversity of HelsinkiFunctions of a complex variablePartial differential equationsFourier analysisStochastic processesOperator theory

WILLY SARLETGhent UniversityOrdinary differential equationsDifferential geometryMechanics of particles and systems

MICHAEL J. SCHLOSSERUniversity of Vienna*Special functionsDifference and functional equations

JUNPING SHICollege of William and MaryPartial differential equationsNonlinear analysisMathematical biology

BRAILEY SIMSSchool of Mathematical and Physical SciencesThe University of NewcastleMetric fixed point theory andassociated Banach space geometry

ROBERT STELZERUlm UniversityProbability theory and stochastic processesStatisticsGame theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences

EMIL J. STRAUBETexas A&M University*Several complex variables

BRIAN STRAUGHANDepartment of Mathematical SciencesUniversity of DurhamPartial differential equationsHydrodynamic stabilityFlows in porous media

AGNES SULEMINRIA Paris-RocquencourtStochastic controlFinancial mathematics

BRIAN S. THOMSONSimon Fraser University*Real variables

RICHARD TIMONEYTrinity College Dublin*Several complex variables and analytic spacesFunctional analysis

DEHUA WANGUniversity of PittsburghPartial differential equations

DANIEL WATERMANFlorida Atlantic University*Real analysisFourier series & orthogonal series

*Department of Mathematics

Page 4: Editorial Board

l An


Journal of Mathematica


C. EUGENE WAYNEBoston University*Dynamical systemsPartial differential equations

WOLFGANG L. WENDLANDUniversität Stuttgart*Integral equationsPartial differential equationsNumerical analysis

J.D. MAITLAND WRIGHTUniversity of AberdeenMeasure theoryOperator algebras

JIE XIAOMemorial University of NewfoundlandPartial differential equationsHarmonic and complex analysis

YOSHIO YAMADAWaseda UniversityPartial differential equations

alysis and Applications


PENGFEI YAOAcademy of Mathematics and System ScienceChinese Academy of SciencePartial differential equationsSystems and controlNonlinear elasticity

HONG-MING YINWashington State UniversityPartial differential equations and applicationsFinancial engineering and portfolio managementElectromagnetic fields

XU ZHANGSichuan University and Chinese Academy of SciencesControl theoryPartial differential equationsStochastic analysis

HANS ZWARTDepartment of Applied MathematicsUniversity of TwenteControl theory

*Department of Mathematics