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Economics & The Automobile Industry

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Economics & The Automobile Industry. Mr. Lamberti. The Economy (Market, Mixed, Command). 1.1 Individual, Business, & Government Choices 1.2 Competitive Markets 1.3 Prices, Supply, & Demand 1.4 Role of Government. 1.1 Individual, Business, Government Choices . Will you be a… For Profit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Economics & The Automobile Industry

Economics & The Automobile Industry

Economics & The Automobile IndustryMr. LambertiThe Economy (Market, Mixed, Command)1.1 Individual, Business, & Government Choices

1.2 Competitive Markets

1.3 Prices, Supply, & Demand

1.4 Role of Government

1.1 Individual, Business, Government Choices Will you be a

For ProfitNot For Profit

Sole Proprietorship (70%)Partnership(10%)Corporation(20%)Auto Companies?Most auto companies started out as either a sole-proprietorship or a partnership with help of investors.

Once they realized the DEMAND, companies became larger and larger. They began forming corporations and merging together to SUPPLY the need of the growing middle class.1.1 Individual, Business, Government Choices Where will you produce your product/service?

Why should you place it there?

What will you sell?

How should you set it up?

When will you be open?

Who will your customers be?Where, Why, HowWhere Europe to America to Michigan

Why Michigan Wealth = INVESTORS

What Battery, Steam, Gasoline

How Handmade to Mass Produced

When Normal Day to Shifts

Who Rich to Middle Class to Lower Class (Pricing/Production)

EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.-Harvard Business School

The ability to take an idea, product, or service (new or old) and bring it to market.- Mr. Lamberti1.2 Competitive MarketsMore competition leads to lower prices

Less competition leads to higher prices

Ex. Ford realizing mass production and having a lower price.(If he did not have competition he probably would have sold the car for more because he would be the only offering cars)CompetitionState

GM - Billy Durant - 1908 (MI)Ford - Henry Ford - 1903 (MI)Chrysler - Walter Chrysler - 1925 (MI)


Tesla - Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard - 2003 (CA)Fisker - Henrik Fisker - 2007 (CA)


Toyota - Kiichiro Toyoda - 1937 (Japan)Honda - Soichiro Honda - 1948 (Japan)Nissan - Yoshisuke Aikawa - 1932 (Japan)Mazda - Jujiro Matsuda - 1920 (Ford used to be #1 shareholder but is now 4th largest) (Japan)Tata - JRD Tata - 1945 (Owns Land Rover & Jaguar) (India)Fiat - Giovanni Agnelli - 1899 (Italy)Ferrari - Enzo Ferrari - 1929 (Italy)Rolls Royce - Henry Royce, Charles Rolls - 1906 (England)BMW - Karl Rapp - 1917 - (Germany)Pricing & IncentivesCan Price be an incentive?

Incentives entice people to buyLower interest rate on a loanFree/cheap upgrades

1.3 Prices, Supply, & DemandWHO WANTS CANDY

Free (Scarcity of Supply)$.25 (Equilibrium Point)$25 (Scarcity of Demand)

Interactive Chart

SupplyWho supplies cars to dealers?Who supplies parts to the car companies?Who supplies the materials to the car companies?

Supply = Amount of quantity producedDemandWho are the demand for cars?Who are the demand for parts & supplies?Who are the demand for materials?

Demand = Amount of quantity desiredEquilibrium PointWHERE SUPPLY MEETS DEMAND

SDScarcityDefinition ofSCARCITYHaving unlimited wants but limited resources

Because of scarcity, various economic decisions must be made to allocate resourcesefficiently.

World War IIThe United States accounted for 80% of world production of automobiles before the war.During the war, total world production dropped to 20%.CompetitionDo you think it would be a good idea to promote Cadillac in large European countries?How come GM did not introduce an electric/hybrid in the 90s to compete with Toyota?Should we consider a cars name when marketing it to other countries?1.4 Role of GovernmentWhat roles does Government play in the purchase of a car?

What roles does Government play after the purchase of a car?Roles of GovernmentPurchaseEnsure banks are responsible when lendingMake sure you are told the truthYou get what you paid for

Post PurchaseIf the car has a safety defect the manufacturer must notify youInsured & Licensed

Minimum WageConsumer