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Economic sectors BUSINESS ENGLISH 1, 2009/10, PE6 Team: ELITE Josip Kovačić, Katarina Kovačić, Ivona Kovačić, Martina Kulušić, Maja Kontek, Iva Krasić

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Text of Economic sectors BUSINESS ENGLISH 1, 2009/10, PE6 Team: ELITE Josip Kovačić, Katarina Kovačić,...

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  • Economic sectors BUSINESS ENGLISH 1, 2009/10, PE6 Team: ELITE Josip Kovai, Katarina Kovai, Ivona Kovai, Martina Kului, Maja Kontek, Iva Krasi
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  • Primary sector A nations economy can be divided into various sectors to define the proportion of the population engaged in the activity sector Continuum of distance from the natural environment Starts with the primary sector Extraction of raw materials from the earth
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  • The primary sector includes: Agriculture Mining Forestry Farming Grazing Hunting Gathering Fishing Quarrying 11%
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  • WOOD PROCESSING AND WOOD PRODUCTS 48% of Croatian territory is covered by woods and forests increased export of raw wood and wood products most important export markets: Germany Italy France more than 58% of product value is exported
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  • Export and import of woods
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  • FISHERY AND FISH PROCESSING More than 1000 years of fishing tradition in Croatia Traditional high- quality products from the Adriatic Sea
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  • Secondary sector finsihed, useable products: manufacturing & construction primary sector output used to manufacture finished goods
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  • Light industry: production of small consumer goods clothes, shoes, furniture, etc. less environmental impact "manufacturing activity that uses moderate amounts of partially processed materials to produce items of relatively high value per unit weight".
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  • Heavy industry: production of products which are either heavy in weight or their production makes a larger environmental impact requires large buildings, chemical plants, cranes, budozers, etc.
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  • 33%
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  • Secondary sector in Croatia Manufacturing: 1/5 of GDP, 1/4 of work force Construction: 5,7% of GDP
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  • Shipbuilding industry present on the world market for almost half a century works almost exclusively for foreign shippers there are 7 big, 14 middle-sized and 352 small shipyards
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  • World Order Book (April 30, 2008) COUNTRY NUMBER of ships 1.China3.186 2.Korea (South)2.277 3.Japan1.411 4.Turkey265 5.Vietnam255 6.Philippines114 7.Romania77 8.Taiwan67 9.Croatia49 10.Brazil36
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  • Tertiary sector The tertiary sector of the economy is the service industry. This sector provides services to the general population and to businesses. Services- "intangible goods"
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  • In most developed and developing countries, a growing proportion of workers are employed in the tertiary sector.
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  • insurance Banking insurance transport and distribution communications advertising advertising retailing social services tourism tourism trade education
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  • Tertiary sector in Croatia 55%
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  • slow growth in tertiary sector(only 55%)-resulted by the late privatisation and underdevelopment Most important services:international trade and tourism
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  • Growth of the tertiary sector
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  • Tourism notable source of income with over 10 million foreign tourists per year many tourist destinations Croatia is ranked amongst the top 20 most popular tourist destinations in the world
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