1 Ecologic Art Marcela Alejandra Orellana Medina #25 & Alejandra María Rodríguez Rodríguez

Ecologic Art

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DIY, Decoration tutorials to save teh planet

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Ecologic Art

Marcela Alejandra Orellana Medina #25 & Alejandra María Rodríguez Rodríguez

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Growing your own vegetables is not only a healthy alternative, will also help

you save money, to live a more natural way and turn your garden into a

space full of scents, colors and delicious flavors.

Learn how to take advantage of a square meter of land and turn your

garden into a place of rest, recreation and relaxation for your children, your

partner or the rest of the family.

To start you just have to have an outdoor space. One square meter of land

is ideal.


Three PVC pipes (resistant to all weather)

Two PVC elbows

Polypropylene fiber ropes of 1.80 meters in length (the amount depends on

the seeds you want to grow vertically, but I suggest three different seed per

square meter)

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Small plants: radish, carrot, onion, spinach, lettuce and parsley.

Large plants: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and eggplant.

Climbing plants: tomato, cucumber and pea.

Steps to take to the field:

1. First you must prepare the ground (earth revolver). A small shovel is ideal

for this job.

Two. To remove bacteria and fungi that may affect you disinfect the

orchard floor. The easiest method of disinfection is to wet the ground with

boiling water.

Three. Let the soil dry and stir again with compost, which you can find at

any of your local nursery.

April. Make a frame with chalk dust on the ground, with approximately 30

centimeters square.

Structure for climbing plants:

1. Cut two PVC tubes two meters each, and you will help shape the

structure. Cut an additional tube of one meter and attach it with the

elbows of the same material.

Two. Pipes buried at a depth of 20 centimeters.

Three. Mooring ropes polypropylene fiber fíjalas the structure and the


Seeding process:

1. Enter your selected seed an inch deep in the earth, in the spaces

previously was parted in squares 30 inches.

Two. In the spaces located under the structure sowing the seeds of climbing

plants to an inch deep. You may have to tangle in the rope plant to start to

climb it.

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To take into account:

How are plants that are outdoors and not have to worry about the amount

of sun that gives them, as they are used to make and receive with your

help, energy and nourishment they need to grow and survive.

As for water, you can water it until you can see and touch the moistened

soil. Three times a week is ideal.

Wait a few months and you will soon have a beautiful garden in your home,

great for your recipes.

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Why Choose eco-friendly paints?

• The paints are composed of binders, pigments and solvents plant. For

example, the binding agents used are linseed oils. Moreover, the pigments

are produced from minerals and plants and solvents are obtained from

orange peel.

• Walls painted with eco-friendly paints are electrostatically charged not

because they do not contain plastic components in your mix. In addition,

they get less dirty, the colors are kept alive and are optimal for children

because they do not cause allergies.

• The development of products is fully respectful of the environment, both in

the production and recycling of materials.


• Brushes

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• ecological Paintings


• Choose one of the walls that are going to paint and scrape it off with a

spatula to remove stains, fungus because of moisture and the imperfections

you have.

• Take risks to do it yourself, will help you reduce costs. It will be an enriching

experience for you.

• Before you buy your paint must take into consideration certain factors

about the colors you choose.

Oranges and yellows: They provide joy.

Brown: They generate tranquility.

Blue: freshness, cleanliness and passivity.

Green: Relax and balance the mind.

Red: Aggression and dynamism.

White: Transparency and clarity.

Black: Seriousness and heaviness.

Gray: neutrality and balance.

Put some music on your player and start enjoying this new experience,

eventually your health will thank you for having chosen ecological paints to

beautify your home.

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• Pots of all sizes

• Potting iron brackets

• Flowering plants resistant to sun. Among the most resistant are

the begonias, geraniums, jasmine, roses, lilies, carnations,

alstroemeria and azaleas, among others.


1. Select the window of your house or apartment in which you

want to unleash this proposal. It is advisable to start with a single

window. When the intended effect experiment, take risks to

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innovate launching this new system of freshness and decoration

in all windows of your home.

Two. Analyzes the number of pots set them in the windows and

their sizes.

Three. Search the supports for the number and size of the pots

you intend to place.

April. Plant flowers in pots before putting them on the supports.

And make sure they withstand the weight.


1. Keep your plants well watered. Watering once a day is


Two. Add a little fertilizer once a month, as it will keep your plants

healthy and blooming.

Three. Permanently cut flowers, stems or leaves burned by

inclement sun, so your pot will look colorful and healthy always.

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• An airtight jar, glass can serve as additional decorative


• Herbs: we recommend rosemary, oregano, chamomile,

calendula, lemongrass and lemon balm

• Dried flowers: you can choose from roses, orange blossoms,

jasmine or lavender

• fabric bags

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Steps to develop a natural air freshener:

• Enter into an airtight jar, various herbs and dried flowers. Leave

the jar closed for four days, stirring constantly.

• This same procedure can take it, filling the mixture into small

bags of material, in addition to being decorative, shall have a

pleasing effect when the place yourself in closets and drawers.

• After one month, add a few drops of the same essence of

flowers and herbs chosen in airtight jar and cloth bags, this will

help keep the smell more intense.

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• 1 bottle of soda 2-liter non-returnable

• tissue paper

• 1 meter cable 20 bulb ceiling

• Silicone

• Cabuya

• Metal ring cylinder size of the bottle

• Wood base to hold the ceiling to the cylinder

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• lamp switch

• Lamp Hanging Chain

Important: getting cold light bulbs that are not heated leg and

melt the plastic cylinder


• Cut the two ends of the plastic bottle

• Paste the tissue paper (any color you want) on the plastic


• Subject metal rings on the ends of the bottle, and securing

them with silicone baking sisal the bottle.

• Make shapes with the remaining twine and glue on the plastic


• Insert the cable with the barrel ceiling, holding a wooden base

that holds wilt silicone below the cylinder

• Weave Decorative cable chain

• Hang from the ceiling

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• Sewing Machine

• printed shirts

• Scissors

• Hilo

• Needles

• Pins

• Metro or rule

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• Fabric for quilt backing


• Choose the preferred shirts and carried boxes .... so ...., these

measures are to form a patchwork quilt for a single bed that has

a standard measure .... by .......

• Now with pictures cut, join them with pins and starts to stick

them on the sewing machine.

• Iron the seams to seat.

• Cut the backing quilt cotton fabric to match the prints chosen.

This should be larger than the top to allow stretching during the

assembly process.

• Paste the quilt lining shirts.

• Tends the bed and waits to see the face of your child,

insurance will be surprised

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• gas caps of many colors as possible

• Liquid silicone

• Plastic or wooden table

• Rule


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• Acrylic color

• Cement or white clay


First they take plastic soda caps and sorted by color, so that

when we come to the table, and we are sure the different

possible combinations we can achieve.

Trace on the table, straight lines leaving the spaces between

cover and cover so that they are glued to one another. Over

time you can take a chance to make figures with caps, drawing

on the table above, the image that you want to develop.

If you want to paint the covers of different colors, you can do, for

I counsel previously done with acrylic colors, the result will be

much better.

To avoid gaps between top and lid, you can fill it with white

cement, clay or simply place a glass on the lids. So colorful and

have a table ready for tea with your friends, on a sunny

afternoon on your balcony.