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eCHECK Request Approver Guide. Updated 08/10/2013. Approver Responsibilities. As an approver within the UMeNET eCHECK system, you are responsible for daily approvals of any eCHECK request submitted by your department or division. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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eCHECK Request Approver Guide

Updated 08/10/2013 ResponsibilitiesAs an approver within the UMeNET eCHECK system, you are responsible for daily approvals of any eCHECK request submitted by your department or division.

Every time there is a pending request awaiting your approval, you will receive a notification e-mail from UMeNET indicating the action needed to move the request through the approval process. As soon as all approvals have been submitted, the check will be ready to print and mail.

PurposeThis user guide serves the following purposes:

Introduction to ARIBA login procedures and account setup for first time users. Introduce users to UMeNET login procedures and UMeNET Profile setup. Step by Step Approver guide for completing an eCHECK Request within UMeNET in accordance with new eCHECK policy D-010E.

First Time Users:Please start at the beginning of this user guide

Returning Users:If you have set up your account please skip to the slide titled Reviewing Requests (slide 13)Sign OnEnter Your CaneID and myUM password to login.

Profile SetupIf you are a first time user this is the screen you will see after logging in. Click OK to continue with your UMeNET profile setup.

Profile SetupAfter clicking OK you will be taken to your personal profile. Click the Account/Ship link to continue with setting up your UMeNET profile.

Profile SetupOnce on the Account/Ship page, click the drop down arrow for Default Billing Address and select Search for moreThis is also where you can enter a default account. If you choose to enter one it will always auto-populate your account field with this information. Remember that this is an optional field.

Profile SetupOn the Search Page for Default Billing Address select Accounts Payable Suite 750.

Profile SetupNext, click the drop down arrow for Default Shipping Address and select Search for more

Profile SetupOn the Default Shipping search page, select your search field (Name, Street, Campus, Department). Next enter your search criteria and the search button. Then click the Select button next to YOUR departments address.

Profile SetupClick Submit after reviewing the changes you have made. Once submitted, you will be given the option to return to the home page.

Profile SetupYou have now completed your profile setup, click Return to the Ariba Home Page to continue.

Reviewing RequestsFrom the Home dashboard you will see any pending eCHECK Requests which require your approval in the To Do section.

Reviewing RequestsClick on the ID Number or title to review the document(s) you are going to approve.

Reviewing RequestsUpon clicking the link for the document you wish to approve, you will be brought to the Approval Summary screen. Here, you are able to see the details of the eCHECK, including attachments. You can individually approve requests after reviewing them in the Approval Summary screen, by clicking on Approve at the top of the screen for each request.

Reviewing RequestsTo view any attachments included with the request in the Approval Review screen, scroll down to the bottom, then click on the attachment you wish to view. A new window will pop up with the image of the document selected (make sure you pop up blocker is disabled).This is also where you can add a comment or attachment, if needed.

Editing RequestsYou can Edit the details of a request by clicking the Edit button located at the top center of the Approval Summary page.

Editing RequestsYou will be directed to the original body of the request. After making any changes, click on Submit and the request will be saved with the new information. Note: This request has not been approved yet. You will then have to go back to your To Do section approve it.

Approving RequestsYou can approve requests individually after reviewing them in the Approval Summary screen, by clicking on Approve at the top of the screen for each request.

Approving RequestsWhen you approve a request, you have the option to enter any comments and archive the request in a different folder/label for future reference. When done, click OK.

Denying RequestsIf you wish to deny a request, click on Deny and provide a Comment indicating the reason for the rejection. Also indicate any changes that need to be made to the request in order for it to be approved. Click OK when done.

Changing E-mail PreferencesIf you wish to change your e-mail notification preferences click on the Preferences drop down menu from the Home Dashboard and select Change email notification preferences.

Changing E-mail PreferencesAfter selecting Change email notification preferences, you will be brought to the Edit Email Notification Preferences page. Click The drop down arrow and select eCHECK.

Changing E-mail PreferencesReview your options and select how you would like to receive notifications. If you would only like to see a daily approval e-mail, make sure Send email Summary and Send Once are selected. After making changes, select save.

Delegate Approval AuthorityIf you are ever out of the office, the system allows you to temporarily assign someone else to replace you in the approval flow. This way the eCHECK Requests arent held up while youre out of the office. If you wish to delegate your approval authority, click on the Preferences drop down from the Home Dashboard and select Delegate authority.

Delegate Approval AuthorityOnce on the Delegate Authority page, select the drop down arrow for Delegatee and select the person who will be approving on your behalf. If they are not listed, select Search for more.

Delegate Approval AuthorityIn the search field, type in your intended delegatees name then select Search. This will bring up any mathces, find your delegatee from the list and click Select.

Delegate Approval AuthorityAfter Selecting your delegatee, enter both your Delegation start and end date by clicking the calendar icons then enter a Delegation Reason. Once these fields have been completed, select Next.

Delegate Approval AuthorityNext, you will be brought to the Approval Flow page. This will indiacte who needs to approve your request to delegate authority. Select Next to review changes.

Delegate Approval AuthorityReview your Delegation Request and click Submit. Your delegatee is now able to approve eCHECK Requests on your behalf for the indicated time period.

Questions?Contact the Disbursements OfficeAllison GilbertSr. Technical Analyst, Accounts (305) 284-6787

Elsa LiauwapauDirector, Accounts 284-2287