EBSCO ACADEMIC SEARCH PREMIER (ASP) Management Program Tutorial 31.

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Slide 1 EBSCO ACADEMIC SEARCH PREMIER (ASP) Management Program Tutorial 31 Slide 2 Knowledge is Empowerment Why EBSCO Academic Search Premier (ASP)? Well, if you learn about the number of FULL TEXT academic journals it has for your program, 1754 and all reachable, you will agree with me that it is a useful resource. SUBJECTJOURNALSSUBJECTJOURNALS Business 156Sales & Marketing 40 General Business 20Philosophy 138 Business History 20Banking & Finance 57 Trade 25Finance & Investment 34 Human Resources 36Management 95 International Relationships 211Business Law 213 Management Information Systems 60 Production & Operation Management 12 Total 1754 Slide 3 Knowledge is Empowerment Why Academic Journals? Because they are where the scientific and technical community promote their results, share their finding and open themselves to criticism. Because they are peer reviewed, and the information has been validated by the academic community. If you were to be published, where else would you do it? Slide 4 Knowledge is Empowerment Today, you have a great invitation! You have been invited to jump onto the shoulders of the best minds our globe has produced. Lets take you on this fantastic journey of knowledge. Come aboard, please! Only remember that Good things do not come easily and not fast, for sure Slide 5 Knowledge is Empowerment How are we taking you on this journey of knowledge? We have designed something different Let me explain to you why it makes a difference! Slide 6 Knowledge is Empowerment Custom Design - US University has developed a series of Information Literacy Tutorials to enhance your knowledge and critical thinking about the different situations you will be exposed to during your program with us. - Think about your immediate future, and learn now! - We have tailored each tutorial to meet your specific information needs. Slide 7 Knowledge is Empowerment This is your first stop! Lets search EBSCO data bases. Multidisciplinary Academic Search Premier Slide 8 Knowledge is Empowerment How to access? 1. Go to http://www.usuniversity.edu Slide 9 Knowledge is Empowerment 2. Click on Student Services Slide 10 Knowledge is Empowerment 3. Click on US University Online Full Text Databases Slide 11 Knowledge is Empowerment 4. Click on General Education Slide 12 Knowledge is Empowerment 4. Click on EBSCO Multidisciplinary (Academic Search Premier) Link. Slide 13 Knowledge is Empowerment 5. For ID & Password, go to US University e-mail, or e- mail the Librarian and ask for them to be resent. Slide 14 Knowledge is Empowerment 6. In order to know the vocabulary used to identify the document, we need to search the Subject Terms. Click on Subject Terms Slide 15 Knowledge is Empowerment We have passed all the check points; now lets decide what term to search Since our great minds need recognition and respect for their lifes work, and dedication. We will start with the term Plagiarism. Lets honor them, Lets cite them correctly Lets avoid plagiarism Slide 16 Knowledge is Empowerment By a democratic decision, the words to be search are: plagiarism and writing essay. Lets search plagiarism first and click the Add button. Slide 17 Knowledge is Empowerment You may ask yourself, why start the search by clicking SUBJECT TERMS? The Subject Terms as well as the Index, both guide you in using the database vocabulary, with which the documents are labeled. The authors provide some of the terms, as keywords; the rest are done by information specialists with a thesaurus. My vocabulary is not the same as the vocabulary used in the databases. You know you have to retrieve relevant information; verify it by also searching the index terms (see our Tutorial Use of Indexes in EBSCO databaseUse of Indexes in EBSCO database Slide 18 Knowledge is Empowerment You click the search button and find the results or see how the topic of plagiarism is divided. Slide 19 Knowledge is Empowerment When you select plagiarism, you obtain all the terms under it. Take a look. Are you interested? Slide 20 Knowledge is Empowerment Then, you select the terms by clicking their boxes, as many as you need, or click on the plagiarism box, change or for and and click on Add button. Slide 21 Knowledge is Empowerment All the terms you selected will be seen in the Search box. In this case only plagiarism Slide 22 Knowledge is Empowerment Now lets search Writing Essay in the Browse box, and click on the Browse box. Slide 23 Knowledge is Empowerment From the results you select as many as you need. Slide 24 Knowledge is Empowerment Scroll down at the bottom of the page and click on Next to look for more options. Slide 25 Knowledge is Empowerment On the second page at the button, we found College Students Writings; click on it. Slide 26 Knowledge is Empowerment Click the box or boxes that meet your interest. In addition, you need to change the option Or by And and click on the Add button. Slide 27 Knowledge is Empowerment The search terms will appear in the Searching box. Now, click on Search button. Slide 28 Knowledge is Empowerment This is the result to our search! Slide 29 Knowledge is Empowerment Your first stop was searching with Subject Terms Second stop, please go to Use of Indexes in EBSCO database and Academic Search Premier Visual SearchUse of Indexes in EBSCO databaseAcademic Search Premier Visual Search Third Stop, EBSCO simple search using boolean operators and PlagiarismEBSCO simple search using boolean operatorsPlagiarism Fourth stop, Create Alerts and Files in EBSCO and Information CycleCreate Alerts and Files in EBSCO Information Cycle Fifth Stop, OPEN SOURCES and CollectionsOPEN SOURCES Slide 30 Knowledge is Empowerment Thank you for taking the time to learn!


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