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    Courses & Careers 06 Nursing: A glut or opportunity? Not everyone can be a nurse. Just like doctors, interest and academic qualifications aren’t enough to guarantee one can embark on a nursing career. So what qualities are expected to become one?

    12 Becoming an engineer in the oil and gas industry Did you know that the oil and gas industry alone has at least nine engineering specialisations you can focus on?

    16 A professional accounting qualification or a degree in accountancy? Mention accounting courses and acronyms such as ACCA, CIMA, CFA and LCCI would come to mind. If you are keen on a career in accounting, which course should you take?

    21 Fashion Design – Creating styles every day If you want to be the next Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren, you need to be completely obsessed with fashion design

    27 Botanist – More than just a plant scientist Curious about the various functions of different parts of a plant? If you are and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, botany could be your thing

    Exclusive Feature 31 Is Hospitality your cup of tea? The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the hospitality industry to grow by 17.7% between 2010 and 2014, adding more than 2.2 million new job opportunities

    36 Environmental Science to the fore: Even without super powers, you can save the world According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an expected rise in the demand for environmental science-related jobs in the next decade. Would you want to take the offer?

    40 Pilots: Great prospects around the world Many countries around the world have already reported a shortage of pilots for now

    Studying Abroad 44 Looking for a Future Unlimited? Think Australia Students in Australia are given the opportunity to not only develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a great career, but also build lasting friendships and networks — the foundations for a Future Unlimited.

    48 Higher Education in Germany: Emerging destination for business education in Europe Interview with Sumit Rai, Regional Head South Asia, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

    Financing Your Study 50 Support yourself through university with financial aids Student financial aids, or more commonly referred to as student loans, are among the best forms of financial assistance for the pursuit of higher education

    College Corner 53 Foreign Degrees – Not just for the super-rich Did you know that you can actually get a degree from a foreign university without even setting foot on its campus overseas, at a much lower cost?

    56 Campus Life: How to survive university Leaving home for university is one of the most exciting phase in a young adult’s life. It is the first time you will be away from your parents, and experience a new kind of freedom

    60 10 biggest college myths debunked Don’t let these myths keep you from pursuing a tertiary education

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    Ultimate University Guide 2014 Issue 2

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    The higher the nurse-to-patient ratio, the healthier patients become and fewer re-admissions were noted, according to academicians at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Researchers have also found that mortality rates slide with a higher nurse-to-patient ratio. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that the ideal nurse-to-patient ratio is one nurse for every 200 patients. However, the ratio is 1:354 in

    Malaysia, almost double the WHO’s recommended ratio. Even fi rst-world countries such as the US are facing a

    shortage of nurses, so much so that the state of California has launched a safe patient ratios campaign to address the diminishing numbers of caregivers that is expected to fall by 40% in the next 15 years.

    The shortage of nurses puts a strain on those in the profession who have had to face extra workloads, longer hours and increased pressure, which is also why you may have to wait longer for attention at the hospitals. Nurses have also reported that they have to do double duty at times, where they would have to either work two shifts or do the work of two people.

    While addressing the shortage of nurses, existing nurses must also be motivated to specialise or become what the industry refers to as ‘thinking nurses’. Unlike general nurses, specialist nurses can assess situations and make critical decisions. They also educate patients on caring for their own well-being.

    Before you venture into the world of nursing and medicine, you fi rst need to determine if you are suited for the profession, before deciding which nursing route to take and, subsequently, which specialisation to undertake.

    Many might have shied away from pursuing their dream of being a nurse, after having heard of a purported glut of nurses in the country. After speaking to academicians from MAHSA University College in Malaysia that specialises on medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and allied health sciences education, it is a relief to acknowledge that there is no truth in the reported glut of nurses. In fact, there is a shortage of nurses; you can almost verify this if you pay a visit to the hospitals, especially the public ones.


    NURSING A Glut or



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    What attributes do I need to be a nurse? Not everyone can be a nurse. Just like doctors, interest and academic qualifi cations aren’t enough to guarantee one can embark on a nursing career. Candidates also need:

     Compassion and empathy Perhaps the most important attribute for a nurse is compassion. You would be taking care of people when they are deeply in n


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