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Eastgate Theatre Season Brochure Jan - March 2015

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    BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777www.eastgatearts.com


    Outside InsideCelebrating the outdoors films,talks, conversationsAntarctic adventure brought to life Trekking in the Himalayas

    Musicians OffThe ScaleMcGoldrick, McCusker & DoyleDuncan Chisholm + 2Gavin Marwick + 9

    Ms Calman Returnsand she is very Lady Like

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    Eastgate Theatre & Arts CentreEastgate Peebles EH45 8AD

    Box Office: 01721 725 777Drop us a line at mail@eastgatearts.com

    Visit our website www.eastgatearts.comfor more information about the theatreand to sign up to receive regular emailsabout things you're interested in.

    Follow us on Twitter@EastgateTheatreand Facebook/Eastgate Theatre

    Opening timesBox Office: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm Film Sundays 12.30 - 5pmuntil interval end on show nights

    CafMonday - Saturday 10am - 5pmFilm Sundays 12.30 - 5pmuntil interval end on show nights.

    Front cover: Image in felt by Moy Mackay

    Friend of a Friend - if you are a Friendof the Eastgate, you can bring a friendwith you for free

    Friends of the Eastgate -2 off the first ticket

    Registered Disabled/Carer - 2 off full price

    Student Discount - 2 off full price

    Child - 5 unless specified otherwise

    Family - 1 adult + 3 children or2 adults + 2 children for a group discount

    OAP - 2 off full price

    Audio Description service available.

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    The Eastgate Theatre gratefully acknowledges the support of

    Printed using vegetable inks on FSC approved paper. All the carbonemissions generated in the printing of this programme will be offsetby planting broadleaved trees in a local community woodlandresulting in the print becoming completely carbon balanced.


    We offer a range of discounts onselected shows. Look out for theicons on the event listings.

    It may be 2015 but the explosion of arts events generated by Peebles Creative Place 2014 continues.The Working Perspectives project has paired twelve artists with will twelve Peebles venues to developwork inspired by their very specific experiences. Examples include photographer and stained glassartist Inge Paneels in the Buchan Museum, painter and printer Niall Campbell at Go Ape and maker ofclay and mosaic panels Clair Norris at Kingsmeadows Dentist.

    The fascinating results will be displayed in a major exhibition at Tweeddale Museum And Gallery fromFebruary through to May this year.

  • ...3for more information visit www.eastgatearts.com


    As youll see from the brochurecover (courtesy of local artistMoy Mackay) were in thedepths of winter and eventhe sheep look chilly. But thatshouldnt stop you enjoyingsome extraordinary outdoorexpeditions over the next threemonths, thanks to the magicof theatre.

    Start your journey in Januarywith a sea-faring trip to RobertLouis Stevensons famousTreasure Island, reinterpretedon stage and screen by theNational Theatre, and completewith parrot, pirates, and a girlcalled Jim.

    Carry on through Februarywith a new Outdoor FilmFestival a long weekend ofdocumentaries, features, talksand conversations all about thechallenges and rewards of highadrenaline sports running,cycling, canoeing, climbing, andenduring the extreme conditionsof high and remote placesaround the world.

    Join Dave Binns in early Marchas he recounts his experiencesof travelling To Chogri withCamels, from the temperateChinese countryside to thefoothills of the Himalayas. Thentravel to the opposite end of theearth for the extraordinary truestory of Tom Crean,Antarctic Explorer.

    Your Eastgate Theatre tickettakes you right round the world,and back in time for spring.

    Caroline AdamGeneral Manager




    BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777MORE INFO www.eastgatearts.com

    JanuaryNational Theatre Live presents Treasure Island From the South Bank withpirates and a girl called Jim...10The Royal Opera House presents Andrea ChenierThrilling historical drama packedwith stunning arias ...23The Great Wall of MichaelHear from the man with designson a huge gable end in the heartof Peebles ...12FebruaryCera Impala andThe New ProhibitionDiscover the banjo wieldingmama whose wild style hasescaped from the States, viaBerlin and is setting the Scottishmusic scene alight with herblues-soaked band. ...17Peebles OutdoorFilm FestivalForget the dark days of winterand be inspired by this extendedweekend of films, talks andconversations about expeditions,endurance and the exhilarationof outdoor sports. ...4 & 5McGoldrick, McCuskerand Doyle Simply glorious music fromthe masters. ...18MarchFirebrand presentsThe EffectScottish premiere of a funny,sexy, thought provoking playabout love under the influenceof drug testing. ...11To Chogri with Camels Local horticulturalist Dave Binnsrecently led a five week trek inthe Himalayas, hear his story straight from the camels mouth.

    ...12Susan Calman Lady LikeAfter a break when she has rarelybeen off the TV Susan Calman isback live on stage doing whatshe does best. Prepare to laughuntil you cry, and then laughmuch more. ...7

  • Peebles Outdoor Film FestivalSponsored by Regional Screen Scotland

    4... EASTGATE PEEBLES EH45 8AD BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777

    Going to Extremes Extreme expeditions captured in a seriesof short films including Alone on a River.

    Fri 13 February6pm

    6, child 4

    Going the Distancewith Andrew MurrayIn 2005 Doctor Andrew Murray decidedthat he wanted to see a bit more of theworld, so he put on his running shoes.Since then hes won races in the Arctic,the Sahara, Outer Mongolia and thejungle. Hes covered the 2,659 miles fromJohn OGroats to Morocco in 85 days; hesrun seven ultra marathons on sevencontinents in the space of one week; andthis year he set out to run the 10 highestmountains in the UK in a single day.

    In this talk he shares his expertise as asports and exercise doctor, his experienceof pushing his own body to the limits, andhis passion for living an active life.

    Fri 13 February7.30pm

    12, child 6

    Talking about Bikes Details to be announced.

    Sat 14 February2.30pm

    Wadjda Wadjda, an 11-year-old Saudi girl, dreams ofowning a green bicycle that she passes in aRiyadh store every day on her way to school.She wants to race against her friendAbdullah, but riding bikes is frowned uponfor girls and her mother refuses. Her motheris, in any case, distracted by the prospect ofher husband taking a second wife; and paysno attention as Wadjda finds other ways ofraising the money.

    This is a film about the freedom of cyclingand the urge for emancipation. It is the firstfeature film shot entirely in Saudi Arabia andmade by a female Saudi director. It has wonnumerous film festival awards, and wasnominated as Best Foreign film at the 2014BAFTA Awards.

    Sat 14 February4pm

    8, child 6

    This years February film weekend celebrates the great outdoors - two days and threenights covering everything from distance running and trail biking to mountain climbing andwingsuiting, all around the world. The mix of film screenings and live events is aimed ateveryone from armchair explorers to real-life adventurers, from youngsters learning tocycle to veterans preparing to hang up their pitons.

    Theres a great line-up of high-adrenaline films documentaries, features and short sharpshockers; a set of intriguing and inspiring talks ultra marathon runner Andrew Murray,cycle journalist Richard Moore; and a Sunday night conversation with Lukasz Warsechawhen he reflects on how and why he captures outdoor adventures so brilliantly on film.

    Tickets are available for each event or for all day Saturday and all daySunday. All-day tickets are adult 20, child 10.

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    Wheels in Motion A celebration of all things bike in a series ofshort films including Janapar.

    Sat 14 February6pm

    6, child 4

    Slaying the Badgerwith Richard MooreThe Tour de France has become renownedover the years for its drama and chaos. But noother Tour compared to 1986, when team-mates Greg LeMond a fresh-faced Americannewcomer - took on tough French veteranBernard The Badger Hinault. Both riderswere equally brilliant, fiercely competitive andpolar opposites.

    Journalist and author Richard Mooreintroduces a screening of a new film Slayingthe Badger, based on his book of the samename. Sit back and experience the adrenaline,the agony, the camaraderie, the betrayals, andthe pure exhilaration of that epic Tour.

    Sat 14 February7.30pm

    12, child 6Saturday all-dayticket 20, child 10

    Talking aboutAdventuresDetails to be announced.

    Sun 15 February2.30pm

    127 HoursDanny Boyles thrilling, visceral survival dramatells the true story of climber Aron Ralstonsordeal as he is trapped in an isolated canyon inUtah by a boulder falling on his arm. Over thenext five days he thinks about his life andfocuses on survival, before finally discoveringhe has the courage to extricate himself againstapparently impossible odds. James Franco starsas the young climber.

    Sun 15th February4pm

    8, child 6

    Personal JourneysIndividual adventures are the theme of this setof short films including The Sensei.

    Sun 15 February6pm

    6, child 4

    A Celebration of Wild Womenwith Lukasz WarsechaCameraman and adventure photographerLukasz Warsecha is the man behind some of themost stunning films and breathtaking imagesdocumenting every sort of outdoor adventure.Recently hes turned his camera lens on acollection of wild women including trailrunner Sarah Ridgway, wing