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East Mississippi times (Starkville, Miss.) 1916-12-22 [p ] › wp-content › uploads › 2017 › 11  · PDF file I.XLIX STARKVILLE, MISSISSIPPI, DECEMBER 22, 1916 ii i„ no other

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    ii i„ no other way, you can Club 1 mas brighter for thoseBgound you, bv beiue clwelful - 9, Senator, John Sharpe

    ■L, "Crossed the Rubicon’' and llEfter Ids term as senator has ex-iijired he will retire He has just ■Lg re-elected for 8 vears.

    IK’ ln Europe the human race is on revenge in America on

    Let us approach the Eletide this season forgettingEitsuch things as revenge and

    exeats and make this aHListmas of sunshine, gladness Kind joy. U Don’t forget to have your mailB|oi up on Jau Ist aud see that the Kdinber of your house is over the ■door. The city delivery of mailsEtirt on that date and your mail Krill be delivered after each mailKsin arrives at \our home or your K|ices of business.

    ■.lt is believed that should peace ■he declared betweeu the waring ■wmntries of Europe that there will Kbe reduction iu prices on food- ■ stuff and that flour will drop toill.OO a barrel and that all other ■articles of provisions will be re- Iduced correspondingly.

    11 Three hundred thousand acres[i Were planted to peanuts in Texas [ Ibis year, owing to the new idea

    M feeding them to swine. The present'd of the shells in public

    ; places for many years, however, - tus shown that feeling them to

    bogs is nothing new.

    Thiflk of that unhappy aud blood soaked couutry over the ocean, where there is war, Hatred and Vengeance instead of Peace and Good will; where there is famine and want instead plenty, mod then be humbly thankful to Him whose birth you celebrate to-

    •day that you live America.


    Friend, Lave you ever asked your self the question? “Is my neigh- borhood any the better for my presence in it?” Has your com- munity life been such that were yon to remove to some other local- ity you ouid be really missed, and missed with regret?

    We believe that many of us who consider ourselves good citizens and good neigh hors, if we were to seriously consider this question, would be somewhat puzzled to find the correct answer.

    We all know people of our com mutiny oi whom it were i.ile tc ask this question. We know beyond question that they are a real asset to any community mat is so fort- unate as to claim them. Let us, then, in the light his neighbors get most of his load. He is also the man you send for if you have a aiek horse or cow; if your crops do not turu out to suit yon, yon con-! suit him Y u c.rll on him, if H ! subscription is to tie circulated, and he is always ready to not only! to chip in, but he cheerfully j takes the paper from house to I house and from man to man until the object is atamed. In fact, wheu we contemplate the number of “thanky" jobs he nets through 1 with in the run of a year we often wouder how on earth he has found time to attend to his own affairs. But he has, and he has attended to them well.

    The truth is - that w all waste many valuable hours and days that might better be given to these i kindly ministrations to others Coimon and pleasure. We pouuer our own cares aud perplexities, l burdens and sorrows until they, loom as mountains iu our pathway j obscuring our neighbors aud their affairs, until we frequently forget that they, too, have cares aud sor- rows, many times more grievous than our owu.

    It would ne of real benefit to us if we ceuld at times forget self, and enter into the joys aud eor rows of others.—Ex.


    ! Mr. Cliff Landrum was a busi- ness visitor to Starkville Saturday.

    • • •

    Mrs. Ed McMinn and Mrs. Clarley Black were visitors iu town Saturday.

    • ft •

    Kinch McKinzy, who has been in Chicago for sometime is visit ing his parents this week.

    • • •

    We are glad to note the condi- tion of Charley Durham as being much better aud hope that he may continue to improve.

    ■ • a -We regret to note the death of

    the infant baby boy of Mr. and Mrs, Melborne Edwards and con- dole with the relatives.

    Key. Mr. McCaleb filled his re- gular appointment at the U. S. A. church Sunday aud preached two very interesting sermons.

    Mrs Rush, of Los Angeles, California, is visiting her daugh- ters, Mrs. J. 0. Gunn and Mrs. W. J. Valentine.

    • • •

    v,rs Bather, of Belton, Texas, is speeding sometime with her sisters. Mrs. J 0 Gunn and Mrs W. S Valentine.

    • • •

    Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bell and their handsome little son are hete from nutehinann. Kan,, to spend the (’hiis'mas holidays.

    * • •

    Mrs A. F Rush, and chddren have returned from Scott, Miss, where they have been visiting Mrs. Rush’s sister, Mrs. J. W. Fox.

    • • •

    Messrs. J. 0. Hinkle, M. A. Kemp and A. J. Upton, of Craw ford, wer*- here Wednesday to at- tend ad testify in the trial of the negro now confined iu the county j til charged with being an acces- sory to the murder of Constable E T Upiou in Beat five several months ago. The trial was post- ponedjnntil the second Monday in January,

    * ♦ •

    Dr. Alex Magnifier, of Colorado .Springs spent a few days of this week here visiting his mother, Mis. W. H Magiuder and othe- relatives. Dr vlugruder attended the Notional Convention of Physi- cians at Memphis recently who specialize i.i the treatment of the Oic, ear au 1 nose and was 1 onor- ed by being elected one of its of- ficers.

    Mr. Beattie Carothers who has a position at Lai go, Fla., is at home for the holiday.

    • • •

    Sqnire F. N. Sanders, of Brad- ley was in the city Wednesday looking for Santa Claus.

    • r

    Sheriff James and Office Deputy McD Mcllwain ate busy men just at this time collecting taxes.

    • • •

    Mrs. A. W. Welch returned last week from a visit to her brother, Dr. Joe Ware at Memphis.

    • * •

    Mr. E. A. Buckner, manager of the Talking Warrior Lumber Mills wasausitor here Wednesday.

    • • •

    Mr. Willis Bell left last week for Scott, Miss., where he has ac- cepted u position with a mercan- tile firm.

    • • •

    Mr. and Mrs Mervm Smith, of Kosciusko, are here for the holi- days with Mrs. Smiths’ father, Mr. A- J. Carpenter.

    • • •

    A beautiful church wedding took place at the Baptist Chuteh yester- day morning at ten o’clock when Mr. James O’Neal, of Coco, Fla., and Mies Knox Jackson, of this city were joined iu holy wedlock.

    Miss Ca'betino Jennings acted as Maid to *he bride and little Misses Evelyn Carpenter and Mary Wrl nce Kirk, flower girls.

    N’r. and Mrs, O’Neal left im- mediately fbr'lheir southerm home, carrying with them the best wishes of their many Starkville friends.

    Mrs H. F. Gwiu aud little daughter, Dorris, of k Uuice, La , are the guest of Mrs. Gwin’s sister, Mrs. Julia Woodson this week’

    • • •

    Mis Ralph llauuab accompani- ed by her daughter, Ireen left here Mouday a. m. for Memphis, Term, where she will take medicial treat- ment.

    • • f

    Miss Minnie Page of Starkville is assisting her brother, Mr. Tom Shropshire this week in displaying his Xmas presents at the drug store.

    • • •

    Miss Lillian Daniel who has been employed as trimmer in the Cbas- Heist millinery store has bought the millinery slock and will up preciate having you call on her.

    • * •

    There was a home talent, play at the school house on last Satur- day night which was largely at- tended aud greatly enjoyed by everyone present—the proceeds to be used lor the curtains for the stage.

    Letters to Santa Clause.

    • Cedar Bluff, Miss Dec. 11, 1918

    Dear old Santa Pleo-: bring me a box of shells 410

    (12m), a tooth brush, a half dozen handkerchiefs and plenty of fireworks and some thing of evero thing that yon nave good to eat.

    Your friend William Wofford

    Cedar Bluff, Miss Dec. 15 1918

    Dear Santa Claus:- How are you! I hope that you will

    come around to see me and biing me two boxes of 12 g.mgo shells, and 3 boxes of big firecrackers, candy, fruit and nuts, ns I have lost my knife 1 want you to bring me another one and please bring a tie clasp too.

    Your friend Louie Wofford

    Prof, aud Mrs. McMurtray en- tertained i the O’Xeil-Jaekson bridal party and- a number of other guests at a six o’clock dinner on Wednesday evening. Among the guests on this happy occasion, were, Mrs Katie Smith, of Fort Smith, Ark., Mrs. Frances Ward, of Canton, Miss, Mrs. Ella Chadwick, of Rox- bury, Ohio, sisters of the, groom, and Mrs li. W. Harpole, of Eu pora, Miss., sister of the bride and the hostess.

    • if you are a failure as an Indivl* ’duaf, don't blame it on the town in which you live. There are ap Iportumties in every town for tVery man. You failure may have been ■caused by circumstnces over which you had no control or more than 'likely it was caused by your own 'negligence and incapacity.

    “If we were to fancy a wholly Christianized world it would be a World inspired by the spirit of Christmas. A bright, friendly, beneflcient, generous, sympathetic mutually helpful world.

    A man who is habatually mean, selfish and narrow, is a man with* out Christmas in hie soul.”

    The Cumberland Telephone Cos, 'Will distribute SOO,OOO 00 among its employes as bonuses for Christ- mas. lu this distribution all em- ployees who have been with the company for three years or longer 'will share in the distribution This will include at this office Manager t'amp and nearly all of the etn 'Ployees.

    ilon. B. A. Lincoln, of C'Jom*bus, chancery clerk of Lownifts County, has stood the bar exam u* •tion and has been admitted to the bar. He will comme