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II -Artist’s profile

III-Discover Paris

V-Auguste Rodin

VII-World Through Music

X-Art Blog

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Artist’s Profile Name: RuskaZ

Age : 18



Occupation : Student

Camera:Nikon D3000 other Equipment: colourful filters,reflector.

Favorite photographer :Carier-Bresson

Inspiration: World around me.

Perfect day:Sea,sun and art.

“As my favorite photographer stated -Ibelieve that, through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us.- in the same way I tried to capture and discover Paris”


II -Artist’s profile

III-Discover Paris

V-Auguste Rodin

VII-World Through Music

X-Art Blog


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1.Feel of Paris,Paris 2013

2.Lonley Park, Paris 2013

3.Lonley park, Paris 2013

4.World around Eiffel, Paris 2013

5.feel of old, Paris 2013

D i s - C o v e r


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9.Anti-social caffe,Paris 2013

10.Streets,Paris 2013

P a r i s

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When he first started to paint in the age of seventeen, he was rejected by École des Beaux-Artsdespite. His talent was only recognized in 1870 when he completed his first masterpiece “The age of bronze”. Rodin was naturalist ;he searched for the beauty in humans and in general, the world around. Through this works, Rodin responded to his own statement “ the artist must be ready to be consumed by fierce of his own creation”. Rodin restored the ancient role of sculpture and presented human body in a number of masterpieces.

In 19th century ,in the era of creation Auguste Roden chose not to rebel against the past. Rodin gave a new life to old. Rodin’s talent emerged in his early teens, as his poor eyesight opened up new vision for him.

But if you are really passionate about Rodin, you can visit his house in Paris where you can see en-vironment in which he used to create masterpieces and a wider range of unique statues.

Cup and Psyche,1908

In mastery of form, light and shadow he composed unbelievably detailed and characteristic sculptures. Those that convey beauty, history and esthetics of life. Some of these unearthly sculptures are acces-sible to us in ‘Victoria and Albert museum in Lon-don, presented by August Rodin himself, honoring the soldiers of Great Britain. V&A houses 18 of his sculptures, including ‘Cupid and Psyche’, ‘Saint John the Baptist’, The ‘Prodigal son’ and others.



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Head of Iris,1905


The Prodigal son,1885

The Muse,1896

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World Through do - re -Mi

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World Through do - re -Mi

Tell us a little about yourselfI am Natasha Collins. I am 17 years old. I was born in France, as I am half French and moved to England with my family only when I was five. I am doing A levels in Music , English literature and Philosophy in one of West London sixth form.

When did you start playing?I fell in love with piano when I was 5. When moved to London our landlord had a piano. As a child I was bored of the conversation adults were involved, I set down and tried to play. It came as surprise to households, everybody rushed into the room, and realized that was me playing. The landlord told my mum ‘she is good ’. My mum didn’t know what to respond as it was the first time I had ever played. So I guess I start playing from 5.

As a young child was it hard to memorise notes? Any advices you would give young pia-nistsNot really, as I fully divulge in music and it helps to learn. I am able to play, even without notes. As a child I associated notes with objects and even named them differently . My advice would be not to give it that importance and not to look at it as a boring subject just learn them in order to master your talent.

Are you tired of people highlighting your age over and over?Some of my friends ask me why I am not bored of piano. I remember once I was performing in the concert called “hidden tal-ent” so audience wasn’t able to see who was playing; After performance I was standing on the scene among other much older perform-ers. While I was introduced I could feel the that people in the audience were kind of shocked. After the concert, an elderly wom-an approached me and told “I am playing 40 years and I am not able to feel the music the way you feel it and you are just 17. How it comes! ”.

Do you see yourself as a creator or as an artist? I consider every artist as a creator. As I grow older, I consider myself as an artist, In a way , we all can become artists in what we do, if we pursue the passion and work hard.

Are you worried about the fact that the interest to classic music has diminished among young people? It’s quite worrying and sometimes pretty hard to share my passion with my friends when they are skeptical to classical mu-sic in general. Majority of my friends find classic music boring. However, even if they happen to attend a concert, they get sense and start enjoying it. So I think they don’t like it because they don’t know it.

Our journalist Olivia Horner had an opportunity to interview 17years old Pia-nist genius Natasha Collins.

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‘I consider every artist as a creator.’

‘I am playing 40 years and I am not able to feel the music the way you feel it and you are just 17. ‘

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*National Gallery Spend Spring with Renne-sisance.National Gallery can transfer you to the Renneiasance.Visit till summer and explore the old with new.”Rennaisance isnt that old its creative and new”-said young artist Andrew Bass.