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Early Childhood Education tranfer agreement between NECC ... ... Community College who have earned a grade point average of 2.0 or better (on a 4.0 scale) and who has the endorsement

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Text of Early Childhood Education tranfer agreement between NECC ... ... Community College who have earned a...


    Between the

    Associate ofScience Degree in Early Chil

  • I. Endicott College's Van Loan School of Professional Studies assures the acceptance of any

    Early Childhood Education associate degrees from graduates of Northern Essex Community College who have earned a grade point average of 2.0 or better (on a 4.0

    scale) and who has the endorsement of the Van Loan School at Endicott College into its baccalaureate Liberal Studies degree with a Concentration in Early Childhood Education

    program, subject to the restrictions identified in paragraph 2 of this agreement. Students

    who are accepted with 60 or more transfer credits will be classified as Endicott College


    2. Transfer students from Northern Essex Community College who have earned an associate

    degree in Early Childhood Education will receive academic credits for all college-level

    courses applied toward the requirements of the associate degree. As the degrees at the Van

    Loan School were designed with adult learners in mind, Northern Essex Community

    College students are required to submit a resume showing, at minimum, two years work

    experience as part of the application. The work experience does not need to pertain to their

    specific area of academic study. Students without this work experience will be considered

    for admission on a case by case basis.

    3. Northern Essex Community College graduates planning to apply to Endicott's program

    must submit an Official Degree bearing transcript from Northern Essex Community

    College. Students must make an appointment with their Endicott College academic

    adviser within I month of beginning classes at Endicott College.

    4. Non-credit or remedial courses determined to be below college credit will not be accepted

    for transfer.

    5. It is understood that if a student does not have the foundation or skill to emoll in an upper level course because he/she has not taken any introductory courses, he/she will be required

    to take any necessary prerequisite(s). Additionally, the star1 of coursework will be

    dependent on the availability ofan appropriate cohort. Therefore, Endicott College cannot

    assure every student the completion of requirements for the baccalaureate degree within a

    two-year period.

    6. Students wishing to plan their transfer from No1ihern Essex Community College to

    Endicott College in any of the approved degree programs are encouraged to communicate early with their academic advisors at Northern Essex Community College and the

    academic advisors of the Van Loan School of Professional Studies to ensure that they

    meet prerequisites for upper division courses and to secure specific information about transfer credits and degree requirements.

    7. This agreement will be reviewed annually and may be revised by mutual consent.

    8. This agreement is expected to continue in force indefinitely but may be terminated by either pariy with not Jess than one year's notice.

  • Dr.

    v Dr. William Heineman

    Vice President, Academic and Student


    Dr. Kelly Sullivan

    Dean, Technology, Arts and

    Gail Feigenbaum,

    Program Coordinator, Early Childhood


    Dean, Academic an Career Advising,

    A1ticulation & Transfer

    DATE: cX /q_ /;£' I I



    {9w~ Dr. Richard Wylie, P1t~ent

    Dr. Mary Hegel , Vice President,

    Van Loan Academic Affairs


    Dr. Laura Douglass,

    Dean of Professional Studies

    Dr. Patricia Corbett

    Director of Professional Studies

  • Northern Essex Community College Associate of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education


    Van Loan School of Professional Studies at Endicott College

    Bachelor of Arts Degree in Libera l Studies, Early Childhood Education concentration

    NECC Course Requirements Credits Endicott Equivalent Credits 810101 with 810102 Lab, 810111 or 810121

    4 Science & Techno logy elective 4

    COM 111 Public Speaking 3 General Education elective 3 ECElOl Introduction to Early Childhood Education

    3 Open Elective 3

    ECElll Preschoo l Curriculum 3 Open Elective 3 ECE181 ECE Field Placement 1 1 Open Elective 1

    ECE182 ECE Field Placement 2 1 Open Elective 1

    ECE201 Language & Reading Development

    3 ED 201 Foundations of Reading 3

    ECE202 Expressive Learning Act ivities in

    EC Curriculum

    3 Open Elective 3

    ECE203 Math & Science in EC Curricu lum

    3 Open Elective 3

    ECE250 Seminar in Philosophy in ECE 3 Ethical Reasoning elective 3

    ECE271 Early Chi ldhood Education Practicum 1

    4 ED 207 Strat egies of Teaching Early Childhood Curriculum


    ECE272 Early Chi ldhood Education

    Practicum 2

    4 Open Elective 4

    ENG101 English Composition 3 ENG111 Critical Writing & Reading 1 3 ENG102 English Composition 2 3 ENG112 Crit ica l Writing & Reading 2 3 MAT118 Mathematical Ideas 1 3 General Educat ion elective 3

    MAT119 Mathematical Ideas 2 3 General Education elective 3

    PSY101 Introduction to Psychology 3 PSY101 General Psychology 3

    PSY203 Child Psychology 3 PSY204 Childhood Growth & Deve lopment


    EDU102 Introduction to Specia l Education

    3 ED 203 Introduction to Children with

    Special Needs 3

    SCllll or SCl112 4 Open Elective 4

    HIS101 or HIS102 3 World Cultures elective 3

    Humanities & Fine Arts electives (2) 6 Aesthetic Awareness elective and Open elective


    Total Credits 68/ 69 Total Credits Accepted 68/ 69

  • Endicott College,GPS: Liberal S!ugies -'Bachelor of Arts Degree - ECE Concentration .. . .

    ' '' ', Name: T = TRANSFERRED CREDITS Student ID: C =COURSE COMPLETED Date: A = APL credited Advisor: IP= IN PROGRESS Catalog: 2017-2018

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