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Event Preview Your essential guide to what is happening at the estate agency event of the year Friday 3rd December 2010: Lancaster London Hotel

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  • Event PreviewYour essential guide to what is happening at the estate agency event of the year

    Friday 3rd December 2010: Lancaster London Hotel

  • ContentsWelcome to Estate Agency Live 2010 3Leadership Summit 4Future Estate Agency Seminar 6Valuable Learning Points 8by RightmoveThe Million Pound Office 10Introducing the estate Agency 12of the Year Awards 2010Performance in Detail 13



    When:Friday 3rd December 2010

    Where:Lancaster London Hotel, Lancaster Terrace, London W2 2TY

    By Road:M4 and M40 within 5 miles

    By Underground:Lancaster Gate Station (Central Line)

    Parking: On site car park

    How to book:visit estateagencyevents. com

    The Leadership Summit onFriday 3rd December sets thepolitical and economiccontext for 2011 whileproviding insight into onlinebehaviour, intelligentcustomer relations and thefastest-growing estate agencybusiness in the UK. Olympicrower, James Cracknell, willalso be speaking, providinghis own motivatingperspective on success.

    The Future Estate AgencySeminar (also on 3rd) forfrontline team and smallerbusiness owners, focusing onpractical take home ideas tomaximise performance. Ben Harris has travelled theworld to bring you the best 20 innovations.

    There will be an exhibitionthroughout the day and, ofcourse, the excitement of theEstate Agency of the YearAwards in association withThe Sunday Times and TheTimes in the afternoon.

    In addition to EAE LIVE 10, is The Million Pound Officeevent taking place in Londonon Thursday 2nd December. A select number of agents will be learning the secrets of outstanding performanceat our first ever seminar andworkshop. Visitwww.estateagencyevents.comto book your place now.

    I look forward to seeing you there.

    Peter Knight.

    Join us at EAE LIVE 10 where you will experience some of the mostproactive, innovative and successfulnames in the business, where leadersgain ideas and inspiration to achievestand out amongst the competition.


  • 4James Cracknell Keynote presentationJames will deliver a motivational keynote session talking about his outstanding sportingachievements and challenge experiences, which he combines with intelligence and a greatsense of humour. Hell touch on teamwork, dedication, drive, overcoming setbacks,responding to pressure and maintaining excellence whilst sharing experiences of hisOlympic success, the Atlantic Row Race and the South Pole Race.

    Jon Cooke, Managing Director of LSLiInsights from the fastest growing estate agency business in the UKJon Cooke, the founder of Fine & Country and Intercounty and now MD of LSLi will giveinsights from the fastest growing estate agency business in the UK including theimportance of brand development and how LSL has managed to become number one inasset management and surveying as well as pulling off the incredible deal from Halifax.

    Charles Davis - cebrWhat does Coalition economics mean for the UK economy and housing market? Can the UK economy avoid a double dip recession? How will public spending cuts affectthe economy over the next few years and how will monetary policy respond? Will thehousing market ever get back to the boom years of the 2000s?

    Robin Goad - Hitwise Trends in online behaviour for the property marketThe internet is the first place many people turn when looking to move house and as aresult their online behaviour is worth understanding. Who and how do people search forproperty online and what differences exist regionally? By analysing the trends in onlinebehaviour, Robin will provide valuable insight and discuss the role of aggregators andestate agents in the market.

    David Adams - Chesterton HumbertsDeveloping and implementing innovations within the industryWhat type of leadership is required to gain the buy-in, from the team, to utilise the newcompetitive advantage in the most decisive way. Looking at the present innovations andchanges within the industry, as a response to a global downturn in the volume of sales,what is agency likely to look like in the future, and is the present model sustainable?

    For the fourth year running, we look forward to welcoming industryleaders to our flagship seminar to hear the views and insights froma selection of elite agents and experts in property. The Summit will focus on the challenges 2011 will present including theopportunities and potential pitfalls as we move out of recession.

    Introducing the


  • 0815 Registration & Exhibition

    0915 Welcome & Introduction

    0930-1000 Miles Shipside & Tim Muir -RightmoveIntelligent Customer Relationship Management

    1000-1030 Charles Davis - cebrWhat does Coalition economics mean for the UK economy and housing market?

    1030-1100 David Adams - Chesterton HumbertsDeveloping and implementing innovations within the industry

    1100-1130 Coffee break

    1130-1200 Robin Goad - HitwiseTrends in online behaviour for the property market

    1200-1230 John Cooke - LSLiInsights from the fastest growing estate agency business in the UK

    1230-1315 James CracknellKeynote presentation

    1315 Close (All timings and speakers are subject to change)


    Miles Shipside and Tim Muir - RightmoveIntelligent Customer Relationship ManagementInsights from the UKs most visited property website on the activityand actions of consumers searching for property. Does your businesshave a culture that understands the consumer and what they wantfrom you? Are you aware of their expectations and which tools you canuse to measure how effective you are at communicating with them?

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    ScheduleFriday 3rd December 2010

  • Julian O'Dell - TM Training & Development Back to the FutureThis fast-paced session focuses on building the strongest possible foundation for your businessby creating and adhering to exceptional sales and instruction processes. Through behaviouraldifferentiation, your firm will stand out from the crowd and attract extra business from newcustomers and clients. Best practice principles are the central theme of this session - there is notheory here, just proven practical techniques to help you succeed in a challenging market place.

    Adam Walker - Leading Industry Trainer Future - Proof Your BusinessMore than 3000 estate agency offices closed during the recession but other firms haveemerged from the downturn in fantastic shape. How did they do it and how can youemulate their success? This session will look at how you can use key performanceindicators to spot changes in market conditions much sooner so that you can take theaction necessary to maintain your profitability.

    Ben Harris - Director of the Estate Agency Academy & Editor of housingdabble.com Top 20 Review Top 20 ideas from around the world; having travelled the industrys top events globally this year, Ben has heard how agents in the US, Europe and Australasia are developing new ideas and polishing old ones to make themselves stand out in their market place.

    Bill Lublin - Social Media Marketing Institute, USA Lead, Follow, or Get out of the WebIf you need to embrace social media but are a bit hesitant, have a seat. Learn how toeffectively interact with those who already use social media your customers! Its okay toshy away from social media and its impact, but you cant ignore it. Youll learn simple stepsto monitor, manage, and measure your reputation and the use of social media bycolleagues, competitors and employees.

    Miles Shipside and Tim Muir - Rightmove Calling all agents...How do some branch managers and senior estate agent staff make themost of one of the oldest tools in their office by combining it withmodern technology? A session to share consumer expectations anddemonstrate what some agents do to exceed them.

    MAXIMISE INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE Now in its eighth year,this event has always received great reviews from smaller businessowners, directors and managers. Top UK industry trainers will bejoined by international experts for a high impact programme, packedwith practical take home ideas that you can implement immediately.

    Introducing the



  • 0815 Registration & Exhibition

    0915 Welcome & Introduction

    0930-1015 Julian ODell, TM Training"Back to the Future"

    1015-1100 Adam Walker, Leading Industry TrainerFuture - Proof Your Business

    1100-1130 Coffee break

    1130-1200 Miles Shipside and Tim Muir - RightmoveCalling all agents...

    1200-1245 Bill Lublin - Social Media Marketing Institute, USA"Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Web"

    1245-1315 Ben Harris, Director of the Estate Agency Academy and Editor of housingdabble.comTop 20 Review

    1315 Close (All timings and speakers are subject to change)

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    ScheduleFriday 3rd December 2010


  • Selling?We advertise on

    10 years ago, when Rightmove was in its infancy, agents who were earlyadopters of the internet could rightly feel one step ahead of their localrivals as long as they had a presence online. Whether that was their ownwebsite or membership of Rightmove or a similar portal offering, did notseem particularly crucial. The theory was that you needed an internetstrategy in order to unlock a worldwide audience of potential buyers, andfew troubled themselves with questioning how well the site functioned orhow much user-traffic it actually attracted. For most it was about ticking abox, while, in reality, the industry would carry on as normal, advertisingand selling houses through newspapers like it had been done with littlechange for the last 100 years or so. 10 years can seem like a long time,especially in the housing market, but that should not disguise the pace ofchange of this media revolution and just how dramatically the internet haschanged our everyday lives not to mention the impact on the way agentsseek to promote their properties and communicate their proposition toboth buyers and potential sellers.


  • Rightmove

    RM 141RM 141

    Fast forward to 2010, and its not whether agentsadvertise on the internet or not, but how they look.On the internet, just as on the High Street,appearances really do matter. What all potentialsellers want to know is: How will you make myproperty look? The biggest marketplace forproperty on the internet is Rightmove andtherefore the most critical place to create the rightimpression and gain a competitive edge.

    In the busiest marketplace, two things are crucialin creating the right impression and standing out:quality of property presentation, and effectivelyand efficiently servicing enquiries. The seminarsbeing run by Rightmove at EAE will highlight someof the best practice being used by the mosteffective agents, as well as sharing some exclusiveresearch into seller behaviours. We will also bepreviewing some of the latest developments inRightmoveplus to help give those agentsattending a further competitive edge.

    In the web dominated world of 2010, Rightmoveprovides agents with a virtual shop window. Wekeep it clean and bright and work hard to ensure itis the portal of choice for the vast majority ofagents potential customers. The challengingmarket combined with home movers morediscerning expectations (partly driven by thetransparency of the internet) makes it vital thatagents are able to differentiate themselves andstand-out in this new media world of majorcompetitive importance.

    Whilst it wont replace attending the Rightmoveseminar at the EAE, heres what the attendees at previous Rightmove seminars held across the UK have said they found especially valuable learning points:

    Potential sellers and prospective landlords statethat property portals are the most useful place todo their research before inviting an agent out

    The speed of your reply to an e-mail enquiry isimportant to impressthough the content ofyour reply is critical too

    Agents who use and present facts and figuresfrom the reports in Rightmoveplus say they arecrucial to persuading sellers and landlords toinstruct them at the right price - and to helpachieve subsequent price reductions

    How an agent stands out and presents their brandand their properties on the internet is a majorinfluence in attracting not only the right buyersand tenants, but also the right potential sellers and landlords.

    The content of Rightmoves seminars includes whatwe believe is the largest piece of research carriedout with landlords and sellers, and provides avaluable insight into their likes and dislikes, as well as common mistakes and top tips. Who betterto listen to and learn from than landlords andsellers themselves?

    Miles Shipside



  • This full day seminar and workshop will be facilitated by Peter Knight, who will provide attendees with the knowledge and understanding to radically improve the performance of their offices.

    Introducing the



  • The essentialrequirements for a millionoffice.

    How toattract andkeep a millionteam

    What tomeasure andwhat not toensureyou'refocussed onmillionactivities

    How tobuild amillionbrand

    Whichthingsmillionoffices cutand how they investfor thefuture

    The systemsandprocesseswhich addto thebottom linerather thanstifle it

    Howmillionofficesgrowmarketshare inthe sternertimes

    Full day seminar and workshop

    Thursday 2ndDecember 2010

    A small number ofestate agency officesturnover 1million ayear; a tiny numberturnover 1million ayear for both sales andlettings. Are they justlucky or do they have

    a magic formula? The answer is "no" to both. The Property Academy hasanalysed million offices and hasidentified several common factorswhich combined result in outstandingperformance and is now sharing thesewith a limited number of agents whowish to join this elite group.

    Sponsored by:


  • Introducing the


    0815-0915 Registration & Exhibition

    0915-1100 Future Estate Agency Seminar & Leadership Summit

    1100-1130 Coffee

    1130-1315 Future Estate Agency Seminar & Leadership Summit continue

    1315-1415 Drinks Reception

    1415-1700 Gala Lunch and Awards Ceremony

    1700-1900 After Show Bar (All timings and speakers are subject to change)

    ScheduleFriday 3rd December 2010

    Winners and shortlisted agents will beannounced at an awards ceremony as partof EAE LIVE 10 on Friday 3rd Decemberat the Lancaster London Hotel.

    Lead sponsor:

    Also sponsored by:

    Supported by:


  • The information is relayed to the Lap Tops,iPhone and iPads, of the England staff andenables them to make more educateddecisions on the management of the team.By using this real time system effectively,they can make calls on the game, duringthe game, track dips in performance andreact accordingly.

    By using this system to its full benefit andunderstanding their teams performance indetail, they can give themselves an edge inan extremely competitive field. They useevery bit of information.

    Prior to its introduction, coaches wouldhave made decisions such as substitutionsbased on perception, their gut feel. Nowthey can make the right decisions havingbeen presented with accurate data.

    The leading football teams use Prozone andOpta, to get similar insights into theperformance of their team and also theteams they are competing against.

    PROZONE TELL US:Effective post-match analysis provides theplatform for objective insight intoperformance that enables coaches tosupplement their own intuition withscientific information.

    Post-match analysis can be used to identifystrengths and weaknesses in both playerand team performance and allows you tocreate and adapt effective trainingprogrammes and manage specific areas inneed of improvement.

    Opta provide a pre-match oppositionreport which highlights previous meetingsand recent match data including penaltyanalysis.

    In Rowing, coaches and athletes alike usethe Peach system to quantifyimprovements in technique andperformance and providing valuablefeedback particularly from un-coachedoutings. In the forthcoming Olympic gamesthe Rowing team will also be using awireless system created by McLaren'sApplied Technology arm that measures therelationship between paddle, boat andathlete. Their spokesperson said:

    "It means the coach is freed up to reflect onwhat is going on and the time he wouldhave spent analysing huge amounts of datais freed up to do other things. That frees upimagination and that's really hard toquantify. Data and numbers help youchange athletes' behaviour."

    SO HOW DOES THIS TRANSLATE TOESTATE AGENCY PERFORMANCE?Simply this. That attention to detail andusing technology analysis to give you theedge can be the difference between goodperformance and exceptional performance.

    We rely on our gut feel or gut instinct anawful lot, but if there are facts and dataavailable, then surely we should trust them.Gut feel or perception is all very well, but ifyou have at your fingertips a more accuratereliable picture, you will have the edge overyour competitors.

    There is no doubt that technology can giveus the edge in sport and in business. IfRoger Federer was using the same woodentennis racket that Bjorn Borg used, I doubthe would be anywhere near his record 16grand slam titles.

    But having the technology is not enough.The best agents dont just have the bestsoftware, they use all the tools available tothem, day in day out, relentlessly, to trackperformance to the point where it becomestheir great strength. They have a watchfuleye on the business metrics and identifywhat is going well and what needs fixingbefore it becomes a serious issue.

    Can you imagine the England Rugby teamhaving all that info but not looking at theiriPads during the game? Or allowing somemembers of the team not to wear theirtracking device? Can you imagine apremiership goalkeeper who doesnt knowwhere the competitors penalty kick takernormally places them?

    There are some agents that manage tostand out head and shoulders above therest and their profits simply underline theirattention to detail and their ability to notjust have the latest technology but to use it effectively.

    In the recent England rugby teams victory over theAustralians, some of the credit for their success wasgiven to the digital monitors and GPS system used to keep tabs on the players. This impressive newtechnology tracks each player, monitoring theirwellbeing and giving the coaches and analysts a detailed breakdown of their performance.

    By Ben Harris, Estate Agency Events


  • Come and find

    at stand 2 and WIN an iPad

    AskMe is unique to Zoopla and one of the many tools we havedesigned to help connect our users to property professionals.AskMe is the only online community of its kind in the UK, whereconsumers and agents can come together to ask and answerlocal property market questions, forming relationships andbuilding trust, leading to business opportunities. This featurehas directly led to numerous instructions for our agentmembers and we're here to show you how it works.

    This year we're sponsoringthe Awards, but during the

    day well have a team onour stand who will be

    demonstrating one of ourunique tools/products

    AskMe.On the day we'll be publishing the current top 10 AskMeexperts - so get involved now zoopla.co.uk/askme to get on that list or come and visit us on stand 2 and we'll show you how AskMe can help your business.


  • With GoView see how quickand easy it is to measureproperty boundaries anddownload maps for your particulars use our tools!

    We at Property On Video believe in innovationfor online marketing of property that is bothrich in information and engaging for browsers.On the day, our stand will be showcasingexactly how we can help UK estate agentsshowcase their property portfolio online atcosts that many will not think possible. BothDirectors (Christopher and Victoria) will bepresent and with the likes of a flat screentelevision and laptops will exhibit the past and current projects they are working on toinclude multi-million pound property videotours in London to .tv websites for nationalestate agents.

    Having been formulated in early 2010, PropertyOn Video brings a wealth of social media andvideo production experience and knowledgetogether to offer UK estate agents the likes ofAudio Tours, Property Video Tours, BranchProfile Videos, Home Staging documentariesand bespoked .tv websites. "We are excited tobe attending this years Awards Ceremony andshowcasing the quality marketing solutionsthat we offer and with prices starting from aslow as under 17 for Audio Tours and PropertyVideos starting from 99, I know that 'cost' willnot be what determines a decision. Either youembrace innovation in this industry or you shyaway from it."

    Each attendee of the 'Estate Agency of the Year Awards' will have alreadyreceived a Free 6 Audio Tour voucher fromProperty On Video and during the day thestand will be collecting business cards for a draw which will take place during or aftereverybody has sat down for the lunchtimemeal with the prize being a

    Free .tv website worth 3,000 for one lucky estate agency

    To show the best use of our measuringtool, we will be asking you What is thearea (sq ft) of the Lancaster LondonHotel? Submit your entry at GoViewstand to be in with a chance to win somefantastic prizes!! The nearest estimatewill be announced after the exhibition.

    Visit us to find out how you can benefit from the use

    of high quality, costeffective mapping online from GoViewWell look forward to seeing you there!


  • Reapit will be running a user clinic demonstrating anexclusive tool, available to their impressive client list,that is being demonstrated to the wider audience forthe very first time at the EAE Live 2010 show.

    In a tougher sales market we all know that having the rightpriced instruction with highly motivated vendors is crucial.Reapit will show how sometimes its better to walk away fromoverpriced instructions, as long as a suitable plan is in place towin back the instruction at a time when the vendor is most

    susceptible and motivated to changing their agent.

    Reapit can show you not only how to target the correctinstructions but how to formulate and execute an

    effective canvassing plan that works time and time again.This plan can be developed on either an ad-hoc instruction by

    instruction basis or a more targeted approach. Say for exampletargeting a specific troublesome competitor who are a perennialover valuers.

    Reapit will be offering agents (by prior booked appointmentonly) a one-on-one session with a specific look at their ownmarketplace and how by using Reapits proven formula you maybe able to win more sensibly priced instructions in 2011. Alsobeing unveiled in the public for the first time is the new RPSMOBILE solution from Reapit. Linking the office database directlyto mobile staff using iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc. Come and seethis state of the art IT solution from the UK's most trustedsoftware supplier.

    Dove & Hawk will be hosting the most competitivegame ever at the Estate Agency of the Year Awards2010. Pit your wits against the markets very best,who will overvalue, who will undervalue and whowill be crowned The Ultimate Valuer? To stand achance of winning the only unofficial award of theevening then please come over and see a memberof the Dove & Hawk team.

    WHAT DO YOU GET FOR WINNING?A brand NEW Apple iPad not to mention all therecognition that comes with being classed as TheUltimate Valuer within the industry. Be the envy ofcompetitors and rise above the rest of the field,come and see Dove & Hawk at the Estate Agencyof the Year Awards 2010.

    For more information on The UltimateValuer game please see our website:www.doveandhawk.co.uk

    5 Properties,5 Areas,

    5 Valuations,1 Winner...Who Is The Ultimate Valuer?

    How to increase

    your stockof saleable listings in 2011

    Dont miss out on this opportunity to see how the best agents operate. To reserveyour individual one-on-one session,please email [email protected]t.comor phone 0843 2184549.


  • Weve got a Jenga Tower thatmakes the leaning tower of Pisalook like the epitome of solidfoundations! All you need to dois place a block at the top of thetower... if it stays, you can relaxand hang around to watch theanguish of others. If the towertumbles, prepare for somemocking laughter at the handsof your fellow agents. You willhave a chance to redeem

    yourself, as we ask you to digdeep, and donate to the EstateAgency Foundation. After youvehad a bit of fun on the GiantJenga, why not take a closer look at our stand, where well be happy to demo our excitingnew online conveyancingenhancement Eway, our online system for your clients toupdate, and check conveyancingdocuments online.

    myhomemove, the largestindependent provider of moverconveyancing in England & Walesare giving you the opportunity tochallenge your industry peers at your peril!

    For more Eway information before the show, give Stephen Hayter a call on 07780 662975


    Giant Jenga C A N Y O U M A S T E R T H E

    & your Estate Agency peers?!