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<p>E-twinning project plan</p> <p>E-twinning project plan</p> <p>"E- twinning Project Time Table September/October Students introduce themselves writing e-mails, messages on the TwinSpace forum, blog, etc.They exchange audio introductions with www.voki.comThey write letters of introduction (basic information about their country, home town, school).They make PowerPoint/Slideshare etc. presentations.They exchange short quizzes about their country based on the information provided in the letter by the use of Hot Potatoesthe first chats are arranges between the partners</p> <p>teacher's guidestudents' groups</p> <p>November/DecemberWho is "Little Twinny"? - game: the students create their ideal Twinny character through drawingsall the drawings are uploaded in an image gallery in the TwinSpaceThe Twinny character is chosen through a pollin the forum, the students discuss what kind of personality and personal history Little Twinny could havesecond chatteacher's guide students' groups</p> <p>January/Febbruarythe students produce presentations with drawings etc., slideshows, animaticothey exchange the first chapters of the storiesthird chatteacher's guide students' groups</p> <p>March/Aprilthe students share their presentations, slideshows etc with the partnersthe stories are translated in all partners' languagesthe students illustrate chosen chapters of the storiesvideoconferenceteacher's guide students' groups</p> <p>May/JuneAll stories and drawings are collected (a book can be printed, or just a collection of digital stories can be created)An Open Day is organized in each partner school for parents and communities: students introduce their families to their partners and their workDisplays and Exhibitions in each schoolEvaluationVideoconference between all the partnersteacher's guide students' groupsfamilies</p>