The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer

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The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer

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Preface / Introduction

The World Wide Web or http://www.domain.com is an essential component of global commerce notonly for Global Corporations and Local Businesses but also, for the home based businessowners/entrepreneurs who seeks that dream of achieving financial independence. Indeed, the webmakes business more efficient and a more intimate process, that requires constant adjustments inconnecting with the desired Target Market. In essence, the web is global business environment andhas its own rules, resources and tools which business is conducted. Allow me to offer you criticalinformation about the essential Tools, Training, Traffic and Resources, that will make your businessefforts on the World Wide Web more successful.

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Table of Contents

1. Google Confirms Using Social Signals to Rank Websites 2. Website Blogging Why Not Take A Shot At It 3. Website Marketing Strategy For Getting Targeted Traffic 4. Website Marketing Tools 5. Web Affiliate Program and How It Can Benefit You 6. Web Marketing Tool 7. Web Search Engine Ranking 8. Web Search Engine Ranking How To Get To The Top 9. Web Search PPC NYC - Blast Your Bussiness Into The Stratosphre 10. Web SEO PPC - Passive Yet Agressive 11. Web SEO PPC NYC - Can Capture You Visotors 12. Web Site Traffic Generation Techniques

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Google Confirms Using Social Signals to Rank WebsitesGoogle's recent revelation that it uses social signals to rank websites has caused drastic aftershocksin the online community. Networkers are busy changing their strategies to meet with the newestranking factor developed by the head honchos at Google.

Search engine Google recently came out into the open with the newest parameter it uses to rankwebsites. Dubbed as social signals, this new method of website ranking has added to the growingimportance of the world of social networking and marketing. This system of ranking will see Googleuse information from social networking portals such as Facebook and Twitter to assess the rank ofwebsites.

‘Social signals’ is a collective name accorded to methods used by social networking websites togauge online popularity. These include Facebook’s Likes, Twitter’s Retweets and Google’s Plus’+1s. Among these, a definite leverage is commanded by Twitter’s Retweets, which are beingconsidered as the most emphatic method right now to build links. Twitter allows its content to beretweeted a number of times, which adds up the social signals it sends. Google reveals that it usessuch social signals to rank websites on its search pages.

Google justifies its position by stating that social signals are the most accurate measure of awebsite’s popularity. Social signals originate from users who genuinely like what they see and wantto share it with their circle of people. Google uses this viral marketing strategy to constantly rankwebsites so that it can offer the most popular content to its users.

This revelation from the world’s biggest search engine has the search engine optimizers in a tizzy.Over the last year, backlinks had turned out to be the most popular modus operandi of marketers tooptimize their websites. However, with the advent of social signals, backlinking has taken abackseat. Online marketers are rapidly employing new methods to improve their websites from thesocial networking point of view.

Plugins are being developed to measure the social signals accumulated by websites. Such pluginsgather data from popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Digg,StumbleUpon and others to get a dynamic measure of the popularity of websites. Plugins such asSocial Metrics Pro are compatible with specific blog platforms such as WordPress, and use methodssuch as color coding to differentiate the more popular content from the less popular one.

However, while some online marketers are busy changing their tactics to fit into Google’s newgroove, there are a few who are unruffled. They hold the view that this is just another of Google’sever-changing policies, which will not affect the world of SEO much. At the same time, there areothers who are playing it safe and focusing on both backlinking as well as social signals to bringtheir websites to the top of the heap.

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The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer

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Website Blogging Why Not Take A Shot At ItWebsite blogging is one of the most common mediums out there today. It ranges fromprofessionally done sites which are run by many people, to personal, free journals that let peoplestay updated on how their friends or interests are going. Making one is a snap of course ? manywebsites offer free and easy to understand tutorials on how to make on and offer the webspace forfree as well. If you?re really new to the internet, you might actually disbelieve how easy it is to getinto it. Read on and discover how to get into website blogging.

First off, you probably should know what a blog or the concept of blogging really is. A blog isanything online that provides commentaries or expositions on anything under the sun. It started outas a form of online journal, and evolved into something much more powerful. If you can think aboutit, someone?s probably interested in it and thus, you have an audience, somewhere out there in theinternet and you can blog to them.

Website blogging can begin from any number of sites. You could simple enter those words into asearch engine and you?ll get results that offer free and easy ways to get started. From there, you cancreate a blog based on just about anything. Blogspot is a popular choice for the beginning blogger, asit is free and offers an interface that is smooth and easily customized. In fact, website bloggingdoesn?t get difficult until you see it as a business ? then of course, it gets complicated.

The foremost way that blogs get money is by becoming an affiliate to a bigger website. Makingmoney with an affiliate program and blogging would involve recommending products for acommission of the sale price. Sounds simple? Your content, of course, has to be related in some wayto the product in question. If you?re an affiliate to a clothing store, perhaps your blog is acommentary on modern clothing styles and the like.

Affiliates pay you for actual and objective ways that you?ve helped their business. They don?t justpay you one time to have their link there for a specific amount of time ? they need concrete results tocome to them.

Money is getting scarcer, which is why many people are turning towards alternative sources of profitto be had in these tough times. The internet is a great way to make money simply by talking aboutyour interests. Of course, there are some regulations and requirements but that?s to be expected inany business that has the potential to change your life.

If you?re not sure about what they are and if this business of blogging is for you, a quick trip to asearch engine and a query on it will lead you to those regulations and requirements. Why not give ita shot? All you need is a little wit and decent writing skills to get into website blogging.

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The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer

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Website Marketing Strategy For Getting Targeted TrafficA website marketing strategy is the things you do to get targeted traffic to visit your corner of theinternet. There are many things you can do to get visitors. There is not one ?correct? procedure.Instead, you need to look at your options and develop the website marketing strategy that works bestfor you.

One website marketing strategy is to write articles and submit them to article directories. The bestthing about this approach is that you can do this with absolutely no money to start with. If you arenot good at writing, article marketing can still be cheaper than other kinds of advertising.

Write 25 articles (or have them written for you). Sign up for an account at EzineArticles.com andsubmit the 10 articles (you can only submit 10 when you have a basic account. After those 10 areapproved, you will be upgraded and can submit more). Then, go over to Squidoo.com and create alens and put 5 of your articles on the lens. Then go over to HubPages.com and create a Hub with 5articles. The final 5 articles should be submitted to multiple directories. One way to do this isthrough iSnare.com which, for $2 each, will submit your articles to hundreds of directories.

Another website marketing strategy is to use pay per click marketing to get traffic to your website.For this strategy, you will set up accounts with Google?s Adwords, Yahoo?s Search Marketing, orsome of the lesser known and cheaper options like 7Search.

The advantage of Pay Per Click marketing is that it works quickly. You should start seeing animmediate stream of visitors to your website. The disadvantage is that unless you know what youare doing, you can lose your shirt doing it. So, take the time to learn about PPC before starting, setyour initial click values low, and set a daily cap on the amount you are willing to spend before youstart.

Another website marketing strategy is called forum marketing. For some reason, many people do notlike to do forum marketing despite the fact that it is wonderfully effective. What you do is join aforum that is relevant to your website. Initially, you should respond to other people?s posts withgood information. Then, you should start your own posts offering information or asking smartquestions. After you have 25 or so posts, create a signature with a link back to your site. Don?t beblatant about it. When people consider you a valuable member of the forum, they will be curiousabout what else you have to offer and will check your website out. These people will already bepre-sold on you and will be open to whatever products or services you are selling.

There are many ways to get visitors to your website. You need to develop a website marketingstrategy to get traffic to your site.

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The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer

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Website Marketing Tools390 10,500


There are several website marketing tools that you can use to promote your website and yourbusiness. Many of these are free. You can put your website on Facebook and Twitter to gainvisibility and status. The popularity of Twitter has lead many software designers to develop ways toautomate Twitter marketing so you can find quite a few free and paid tools that have to do with that.

If you create a free blog on Wordpress or Blogger and write about topics that are relevant to yourbusiness, you can then provide a link to your website at the end of each article or in a sidebar. Sometools include software which can automate your blog postings and updates, for example.

You can also do article marketing. Again, write informative articles about your business and submitthem to the many article directories. Each article will then link back to your website or blog, creatingmore backlinks and higher rankings by the search engines. Here is where you can benefit from themany website marketing tools called article submitters. You can do this through a submission site orpay for a software that duplicates your articles, makes the necessary changes to them so that they arenot considered the same by the search engines, and so that you don't get penalized, and then submitsthem to the right article directories. You can advertise your website on the free advertising sites likeCraigslist or USFreeAds. There are certain tools that can help you do this automatically as well.

In order to do any of your website marketing, you will need to do keyword research. There areseveral tools that can assist you here as well. For example, Google, Yahoo, and Bing all have freetools that can help you find the keywords that you should be focusing on in your marketing. If youwant to get more details about these keywords, or to find them more quickly, you can then purchaseone of the many keyword research marketing tools that are on the market.

Videos are an extremely effective way to market your website today. YouTube is the most popularbut there are hundreds of other video sites where you can upload your videos. And you can also usea free video submission tool to submit your videos to all of the sites.

Another of the solid website marketing tools to market your business is the press release. If donecorrectly, a press release can get you immediate attention, leads and sales. Many online press releasesites are free and you can upgrade to get other services like having the release written for you andkeyword optimized.

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The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer

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Web Affiliate Program and How It Can Benefit YouPerhaps you?ve spent some time on the net, enough time to run into the term ?web affiliateprogram?. You may have also seen that this could make people money, significant amounts ofmoney in fact, acting often as a passive source of income. It does of course, require maintenance, butfor the most part, it can handle itself for you.

A web affiliate program or associate programs as some people would call them, is a program thattakes full advantage of the internet to further create traffic and thus, income. It is a setup or anagreement between two people or businesses by which payment is given only for traffic that resultsin a purchase, a commission of sorts. The amount paid is usually agreed upon before hand and isusually based on the amount of traffic sent over or a similar count.

Because of cookies, the more traffic that can be sent, the more money there is to be made.Amazon?s founder, Jeff Bazos, initially created a web affiliate program to get more business into thenow world famous site. Affiliates made sure that Amazon got traffic ? for the traffic, they got paidand Amazon made business. This set up allows for maximum exposure while at the same timeallowing you to focus on the services or the products that your site may be offering.

There are a number of payment setups. While they can vary, most of them offer a pay-per setup, orpayment upon an objective change. For the aforementioned Amazon.com example, it is apay-per-sale setup. It would be unfair if Amazon had to pay everyone who went to merely look ?they only pay the affiliate once a sale has been made. Some sites may not actually be in sales andinstead, offer a pay per click setting. This is when the link to the main site from the affiliate site isclicked. What they do or how much they do on the site itself is irrelevant. The affiliate is simply paidfor getting the person there.

Other programs include an internet based network marketing model, also known as a two-tierprogram. A residual program on the other hand is a more long term setup. This means that a long asa consumer sent to a site keeps purchasing or availing of services from that site the affiliate getspaid. This is a rarely offered option, but a good one if you find it.

The internet?s a great place to make money if you know where to look. Luckily there are plenty ofpeople out there looking for more exposure, more ways to make sure that people know about theirproduct. In fact, it?s easier to get into an affiliate program rather than to get advertisers to run ontoyour site. The payment setup the biggest reason that it?s easy to get into it ? after all, they don?t haveto pay unless they actually get some business. Now you know how a web affiliate program worksand probably, how to take advantage of it for yourself as well.

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The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer

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Web Marketing Tool260 13,500

Good Examples of a

A web marketing tool (otherwise known as an internet marketing tool) is anything that you can useto enhance your internet marketing efforts and results. There are many such tools available thesedays as web marketing is becoming more and more of an essential process to all businesses.

A web marketing tool can be a website, a software program, an e-book, a course, a trainingprogram, a system, or even an expert who can guide you along the way. These tools range in pricefrom completely free to very expensive. Choosing the right one depends on your business, theamount of time you have to invest, and the amount of money you can afford to spend on the tool, inaddition to other aspects.

Web marketing can be comprised of many different marketing techniques, or it can consist of justone or two. This also depends on where you're at in your business. If you're just starting out, youshould just stick with one part of the process until you fully understand that and have it working toyour advantage. Then you can move onto the next area. Also when you are just starting out, youmight be on a budget and focus on the free or low-cost tools. Here are a few examples of a webmarketing tool that you will need, no matter what your business.

First and foremost, you'll need a website. There are certain sites that will allow you to create one forfree and teach you how to do it as well. There are some restrictions on features, but if you're juststarting out, these will work fine until you're ready to move on to more advanced options. When youare, you can get into all kinds of SEO software, systems, and consulting tools which will bring yourwebsite up in ranking.

Second, you'll also want to look into autoresponders. There are some free versions of these as well.But you can get a much more reliable service by investing 15 to 30 dollars a month on anautoresponder. This is a crucial part of your business because it allows you to build a list ofcustomers and potential customers and to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. Some of themany autoresponders are GetResponse, ResponseMagic, AWeber, Oprius, and Icontact. Theycapture the data of visitors to your website so that you can email them with news, special offers, andupdates about your business.

Another key web marketing tool is the keyword research tool. Keywords are important no matterwhat kind of marketing you do, so having a good tool will help you zone in on the best keywords foryour business. You can use any of the free keyword research tools offered by Google, Yahoo, orBing, or you can invest in some other tools that are on the market.

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The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer

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Web Search Engine RankingIncreasing Your

Are you looking for ways to boost your web search engine ranking? If so, you need to learn thebasics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or hire someone to handle this part of your business.Either way, you should be involved in this aspect since it is so important to its success.

Don't worry. When most newcomers to the net hear the term SEO (or even worse, Search EngineOptimization), they get a deer-in-the-headlights sort of look. But SEO is really not complicated atall. The concept is very simple. The methods that you can use to optimize your site can betime-consuming and mundane, but they are not really hard to understand.

And there are many, many ways that you can increase your web search engine ranking. There reallyis no "best way". They all work as long as you stick to them and do them consistently. But one of themost popular ways of increasing your site's visibility is to write and distribute articles about theproducts or services that you offer. Actually, the articles will not necessarily be directly about yourproducts or services. Rather, they will be focused on the terms that people are typing into theirsearch engine when they are looking for what you have to offer. These terms are called keywords,and your articles will be based around all of the keywords that are relevantto your niche. Find thekeywords that you want to target at the Google Adwords Free Keyword Research tool. Write a500-page article or so that includes one keyword in the title and then in 3% of the rest of the article.Submit this article to EzineArticles.com and link it back to your website. It is important to rememberhere that your link can only be included in your "bio box" or "resource box" that comes at the end ofthe article. This short paragraph must compel the reader to click on the link. If you've written a goodarticle and can follow it up with the promise of more in your resource box, then your readers willclick.

The reason that you want people to click on your website link (besides the fact that you just wantvisitors) is because you then start to establish what are called backlinks to your site. Backlinks areimportant for web search engine ranking because they tell the search engines that others find it worththeir while to link to you. They key is that the links should come from high quality sites (such asEzineArticles.com). If you get links from low-quality sites, this will not increase your rank, and itmight actually hurt it.

You can also look at your competitor sites and do some analysis to find what links they are gettingso that you can go for the same links. Backlinkwatch.com is one site that will show you the sites thatare providing backlinks to your competitors so you can then get into contact with these sites andestablish links as well.

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The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer

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Web Search Engine Ranking How To Get To The TopLet me give you a bit of an idea of how a good web search engine ranking can get you to the top ofGoogle. You see, search engine optimization done properly is the best way for you to get ahead ofthe game.

But, that?s only half the story. Bear with me because I?m going to answer a few of the mostcommons questions surrounding increasing your web search engine ranking.

Listen up?

What is the best way to handle search engine optimization?

At this point, you can do one of two things. On one hand you can hire a company to handle all ofyour search engine optimization needs. On the other hand, you can learn how to do it yourself byreading articles on the Internet.

In addition to that, you will need to learn some html, and get a decent understanding of keywordanalysis. Look, it is important that your site is associated with the right category. This is the onlyway you will be able to make sales.

What is the importance of keywords and back-links?

Here?s the real kicker: ranking high in Google has nothing to do with the style of your website.Truth be told, your web search engine ranking is based on how well you rank for your keywords andthe number of relevant links coming to your site from pages with high ranks.

Stated differently, your goal is to out score the competition for the keywords you are targeting. Inaddition to that, you need to have more links coming to your site with high page ranks.

Quite simply, search engine optimization centers around getting incoming links to your site.

More important than that, make sure your content is keyword rich before you submit it to searchengines. Oh yeah, one more thing. Paying close attention to Meta tags and adding a Google sitemapis key to your success.

What?s all this worth to you? Incoming links to your site that have a high page rank will help shootyour website to the top. Let?s take a closer look. If you are able to secure a site that has a page rankof 7 pointing back to your site ? every 24 hours, Google?s algorithm will crawl your site.

Is there anything negative that can affect my web search engine ranking?

One thing I want to stress is that black hat SEO tactics can cause you more headaches than they areworth. Make no mistake about it; some black hat techniques can get your site black listed in thesearch engines. Up until recently, SEO companies, and seasoned webmasters used techniques thatallowed them to hide text, links, and set up link malls and link farms to catapult their site to the topof the search engines. The search engines now frown on that technique and will de-index your site ifyou try the same thing.

Let?s face it. Getting a high web search engine ranking will put you in the position to receive highquality traffic to your site. Plus, optimizing your site is essential to making sales.

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The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer

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Web Search PPC NYC - Blast Your Bussiness Into TheStratosphreWeb search ppc nyc ? not many people could make heads or tails of those four words together. Afterall, at first glance, they seem to be a distorted collection of words accidentally put together. Ofcourse, that is mostly for the uninitiated. A number of people know what those words stand for andthey know how it could give your business the slight push that it needs to make it to the publicmarkets and yes, the big time.

Web search ppc nyc contains a familiar phrase in it ? web search. This is when a user takes fulladvantage of various indexes and lists on the internet in order to find sites or web pages relevant tothe interest they are looking into or researching. Obviously, it has powerful academic uses.Researchers can share data from different parts of the world, cutting down and almost removing thedelay in information transfer entirely.

Academic uses are only the tip of the iceberg. Just about any interest on the internet from mundaneto amazing now has a small following on the net. Even if there are only a few hundred people in theworld who share your interests, you can easily and with little monetary cost join together using theinternet and discuss and develop your knowledge.

PPC is another part of Web search ppc nyc that a webmaster might know of. It stands for pay perclick and is usually used in conjunction with the idea of advertising. This is basically a method ofpayment wherein the advertisers don?t have to commit a large sum of money at the very beginningof a campaign. After all, while you?re pretty much sure that someone?s tuning in at certain times inthe day on tv, you?re never really sure when someone?s looking at the website ? it?s simply not asure deal, and usually, the webmasters ask for the ads, not the other way around.

In the PPC part of web search PPC NYC or even when it?s used alone, this means that theadvertisers only pay for their exposure every time someone clicks on the ad. This is good foreveryone ? this allows even small time advertises to get their shot at the big time, as they don?timmediately need massive capital to get the word out. It wasn?t always this way of course, butchanges had to be made to make sure that this new medium gave a fair chance and profit for hardand savvy workers.

The NYC in web search PPC NYC is of course, New York City. Just about anyone who gets a lookat that acronym will think of New York City. Not surprising ? it?s well known for a large number ofthings and among them, rising businesses. Many of these businesses are now involved in internet.

There is so much to be learned and gleaned from things that sound silly. After all, if they?re outthere, someone thought it was worth the effort. Web Search PPC NYC may seem weird, but it?ssomething that you probably have to know.

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The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer

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Web SEO PPC - Passive Yet AgressiveWeb SEO PPC is a set of words that anyone wanting to advertise on the internet should know. Forthe uninformed, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and PPC stands for Pay Per Click.These are two concepts that both advertisers, providers and webmasters should be very aware of. Ifyou?re a webmaster looking to passively make some money, this is definitely something you need toknow about.

With the internet becoming more and more common day by day, it?s not surprising that it?sdeveloping its own set of rules. Knowing these rules and the ways these rules were made andconsidered can help someone new to the internet get into the groove as fast as possible.

The first concept in Web SEO PPC is Search Engine Optimization. As the name suggests, thisconcept is the idea and effort to make sure that your website comes up first or at least on the firstpage when people make a search related to your content or keywords. After all, if your websitecomes up first, you?ll probably get clicked first.

There are many methods of implementing it, from adding articles to making the right keywords andsite descriptions. Most, if not all of them, take advantage of the how search engines are built andfunction. Search engine optimizers are very familiar with the way a search engine determineswhether or not a site or relevant to a particular search string or not.

The second concept in Web SEO PPC is pay per click, which is fairly simply and innocuous in itself.This basically means that advertisers don?t pay a webmaster right off the bat ? a visitor to the siteneeds to actually click the ad for the webmaster to get paid. This is obviously very different from theway advertising interacts with other media and a change that is understandably necessary.

The reasons are many, but the heart of this is that the internet is available everywhere, but not seeneverywhere. Advertisers cannot target a specific time, the way that they could on the air. They justthrow their ads out there and hope for the best. There isn?t even a guarantee that the site would beviewed, the way that a television would be broadcasting.

Pay per click has a wide variety of versions, most of which change the qualifier. Some advertiserslook for an objectively measured change in the status and view of their product, ranging from moretraffic into another site or increased sales. Still others look into something more physical, frommoney every sales lead generated and the like.

The importance of these concepts cannot be understated for a webmaster who wants to maximizethe profitability of their site. This is a whole new frontier for advertising campaigns, one that has yetto be fully explored and exploited. Webmasters, old and new, need to pay attention and do thelegwork. It has only begun and known web seo ppc is the first step into getting ahead of the rest ofthe competition.

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The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer

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Web SEO PPC NYC - Can Capture You VisotorsWeb seo ppc nyc ? each term alone already carries with it a lot of meaning. Putting them togethergives it an entirely different angle, the way weaving together threads can form a shirt or a beautifultapestry. Each concept put together can lead to something profitable and a concept that webmastersor businesses looking to make some profit should know.

Web Seo PPC NYC ? the first of these four terms is the web, referring to the World Wide Web orthe Internet. There?s no term more accurate that that ? the internet is truly worldwide. Knowing thescope of a website?s existence can lead towards a proper approach towards internet marketing andadvertising. It can be easy to look at it through eyes that consider it too small to consider for realadvertising and its true ? some businesses, mostly service businesses, cannot quite take advantage ofit, especially at an early level.

The second part of the web seo ppc nyc combination is SEO or search engine optimization. Thisisn?t exactly new, but it isn?t exactly common knowledge either. These are efforts to put yourwebsite up there on the search engine results whenever someone types in something related to yourwebsite or content. It?s a matter of designing the site itself in such a way that the website knows thatit?s what people will probably be looking for.

The third part of web seo ppc nyc is pay per click. This is a lot simpler than the previous two terms,in that it is merely a form of controlling the money that advertisers pay. In most forms ofadvertising, advertisers pay for a combination of air time and timing. On radio and television, theypay before they get to go on the air. The internet handles this a little differently ? after all, it?stechnically always there and thus, there?s no real way of pricing ?air time?. Pay per click advertisinggives advertisers control as they only need to pay whenever someone actually clicks on their ads,assuring that they?re definitively getting something for their advertising efforts before they pay forit.

The last part of the web seo ppc nyc combo is of course, New York City, a melting pot of culturesand businesses. There are a number of new businesses opening there, businesses that can offer theservices to people looking to take advantage of the internet. A quick trip to a search engine can go along way towards finding the right firm and finding the right firm can lead to more business andthen, more money.

The internet?s literally wide open with opportunities for people to take advantage of. With the waythe world is going money-wise, it would be intelligent to pursue as many opportunities as possible tomake money ? after all, who knows how far the downward spiral will continue.

There?s money and opportunity to be seized for the cunning and the web seo ppc nyc combination isone that people in the United States can take advantage of.

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The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer

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Web Site Traffic Generation TechniquesWeb site traffic generation is the second major step in the whole internet marketing process. You'vecome up with a website or had one done for you, and now all you need to do is get traffic to thatwebsite. There are literally hundreds of ways to do this, and the right way for you will depend on theproduct or service you are offering, the amount of time you have, the types of traffic generation thatappeal to you, and your budget.

First of all, your site should be as "SEOed" (Search Engine Optimized) as possible. This insures thatyou will get organic traffic just from people doing normal searches on the internet. You can hiresomeone to do this for you, or you can take a training course on how this is done. There is also someSEO software that will help you on this aspect of web site traffic generation.

The process can be complicated but in extremely general terms, SEO refers to using the rightkeywords in the right places on your website in an appropriate manner, and having incoming linksinto your website from other quality websites. If these two elements are in place, you will rankhigher with the search engines, come up more in search results, and get more traffic to your site.

Some free means of bringing in traffic to your site are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or any of theother video websites, UsFreeAds, CraigsList, online forums that are related to your products, freeblogging platforms like Blogger or Wordpress, safelists (depending on the product or service youoffer), keyword-targeted press releases, traffic exchanges, article submission to EzineArticles andother article directories, and more.

If you have some money to spend, you can invest in PPC (pay-per-click) advertising on any of themajor search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN-Bing). The good thing about this kind ofadvertising is that you only spend what you want to spend. You bid on certain keywords or keywordphrases and then you get charged only when someone clicks on your ad. If you don't have a lot ofmoney to spend, make sure you choose the lower-searched keywords so that you can bid lower. Youcan find all the statistics on keywords in the search engine free research tools.

Another paid options is Ezine advertising. Ezines are online magazines. If you can find one that istargeted towards the particular market that you are trying to reach, you can place advertisements onthe newsletters that they send out to their subscribers. The most effective types of ezine ads arecalled "solo ads" which means that your ad goes out alone (with no other ads) and with your ownemail subject line, not a generic subject like "Newsletter number 20" for example. All of thesemethods are extremely effective web site traffic generation techniques that you can start applyingright away.

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The World Wide Web: Global Business at Your Computer