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    Dynamics 365 Licensing & Pricing

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    PowerApps Sales Customer Service

    Field Service Project Service OperationsMarketing(coming soon)

    New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Dynamics AX

    What is Dynamics 365?

    Dynamics 365 (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM)combines CRM and ERP software into one unified package and is our CRM system of choice.

    Dynamics 365 is one of the most popular customer relationship management

    (CRM) systems on the market thanks to its flexibility, familiarity, integration

    possibilities and progressive roadmap. It allows businesses to benefit from

    features, such as:

    Mobile Access

    Realtime Business Intelligence

    Complex Reporting Capabilities

    Automated Processes and Process Flows

    Deployment flexibility

    .NET development and integration

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    The Benefits of Dynamics 365

    CustomisableDynamics 365 can be fully customised to fit with your business processes and continue to be tailored as your business evolves

    Full SuiteBenefit from one, all-encompassing platform but only use the modules that you need

    Great StorageEnjoy a default of 10GB data storage and cost effective storage increases

    Highly ScalableDynamics 365 receives regular updates and improvements for continual innovation and is simple to scale as your business grows

    Online or On-PremiseEnterprise edition allows online and on-premise dual rights for greater deployment flexibility

    Integration & AutomationIntegrate Dynamics 365 with other busienss systems and benefit from powerful workflows and automation possibilities

    Mobile and Offline AccessDynamics 365 is mobile friendly with mobile app access for smartphones and tablets as well as offline access

    Familiarity of MicrosoftMost workers are used to the familiar and intuitive Microsoft interface allowing reduced training and faster user adoption

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    Dynamics 365 (Enterprise) includes the following applications and functionality:

    Apps in Dynamics 365

    3 1 x non-production instance

    3 1 x web portal

    3 10GB default storage

    3 Mobile offline access

    3 Social Engagement

    3 Voice of customer survey

    3 Knowledge management

    3 PowerApps

    3 Microsoft Flow

    Whats Included?

    Sales Equip your sales team with the tools that they need to help them sell more and with greater speed while giving fantastic reporting insights for smarter

    decision making.

    Customer service Allow your customer service team to work quickly and effectively to resolve and manage cases, delivering fantastic customer

    satisfaction and building customer loyalty.

    Field service Empower your field service team, giving them the technology they need to easily book and manage field service calls - from scheduling

    assistance to inventory management.

    Project service Successfully manage your projects with Project Service, which includes features such as resource scheduling, customer billing, time and

    expense management and more.

    Marketing coming soon (2017) and built on Abode Marketing Cloud to give a comprehensive marketing solution.

    Operations - based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, this gives smarter operations capabilities from transportation to budget planning, inventory management to

    demand forecasting.

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    Business edition Enterprise edition

    Aimed at 10 - 250 employees

    300 seat maximum

    Cloud only

    Currently only includes Financials

    Sales & Marketing coming soon

    No Customer Service

    Aimed at 250+ employees

    No maximum seat count

    Online/ On premise dual rights

    Sales, Customer service, Field service, Project service apps

    Includes Operations (AX7)

    Marketing coming soon

    Licensing: Editions

    Dynamics 365 is available through two Editions: Business and Enterprise.

    Coming soon

    Currently only the Enterprise

    edition is available in the UK.

    The Business Edition will be

    released soon but will only start

    with the Financial app - Sales

    and Marketing are to be added

    at a later date.

    This guide will only focus on the

    Enterprise Edition until further

    Business Edition information is


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    Licensing: Users

    In Dynamics 365 there are two types of users: Light and Full users.

    Allows full read functionality

    across Dynamics 365 and some

    limited write access

    Access Dynamics 365 from any

    device via the web app, tablet &

    mobile app and via Outlook

    Highly cost effective

    Allows full functionality

    Choose an App or Plan licence

    dependent on the number of apps

    the user needs to access

    Access Dynamics 365 from any

    device via the web app, tablet &

    mobile app and via Outlook

    Light User

    Team Member licence

    Full User

    App licence

    Plan licence

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    Licensing Strcuture & Pricing

    PowerApps Sales Customer Service

    Field Service Project Service OperationsMarketing(coming soon)

    PLAN 1 (CRM)

    PLAN 2 (CRM & Operations)Plan Licence71.70 - 37.40

    App Licence59.20 each

    Team Member6.20 - 2.50

    Light User:

    Team Member - License users for limited functionality but access across all applications.

    Full User:

    App Licence - License users for a single application to give them full access to this one app (or module).

    Plan Licence - License users for across all applications to give them complete flexibility, choosing between Plan 1 and Plan 2.

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    Team Members

    Team Member Licences provide users light access to all the Dynamics 365 apps to gain

    organisation-wide visibility, connect employees and allows them to read data from all

    Dynamics 365 applications as well as perform light tasks. It is a highly cost effective

    licensing method.

    3 Light access required

    3 Those who need to gain visibility

    over all modules

    3 Those who need to create reports

    3 Need the ability to complete

    lightweight tasks

    Tiered pricing applies

    Who is this for?

    Key Info

    Access functionality Write functionality

    3 Full read access across

    Dynamics 365

    3 PowerApps for Team


    3 Anywhere access: web,

    mobile and Outlook

    3 Export data, Mail merge

    3 Saved views, Advanced Find

    3 Time & expense records

    3 Accounts

    3 Contacts

    3 Activities

    3 Tasks and notes

    3 User reports & dashboards

    3 Custom entities

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    If users only need to have full access to one app or module within Dynamics 365 then an

    App Licence is the most suitable and cost effective option. This gives full use of the named

    app, however, if they need to have write access for another app then a Plan can be more

    cost effective option.

    App Licences

    3 Specific job roles that only need

    to access one app

    3 Need full write access to an app

    and Team Member is not enough


    Tiered pricing does not apply

    Who is this for?

    Key Info


    Sales Lead management, opportunity management, accounts and contacts, price lists, quotes, orders, invoices, marketing lists, marketing & quick campaigns,

    goals and custom entities

    Customer service case management, accounts, contacts, SLAs, service entitlements, contracts, resources, work hours, unified service desk (USD) and

    custom entities

    Field service work order management, scheduling, resource bookings, scheduling assistant, inventory management, field service invoices, territories,

    work hours, customer agreements, field service mobile app and custom entities

    Project service project management, estimates, expenses, resource availability, schedule management, project contracts, price lists, invoice

    management, work hours and custom entities

    Marketing coming soon (2017)

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    Plan Licences

    If a user needs to have full read/write access to multiple apps then a Plan is the most cost

    effective route to take. With a Plan you gain access to the full CRM suite of apps, which is

    ideal for power users or those than need to access multiple business apps in their role.

    There are two plans available:

    Plan 1

    Provides all CRM functionality, which is: Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project

    Service & Marketing (coming soon)

    Plan 2

    Provides CRM and Operations functionality, which is all of the above plus Operations

    3 Needs flexibility to access all apps

    3 Needs to access more than one

    app (more cost effective than

    access to two plans)

    3 Super users or power users

    Tiered pricing applies

    Who is this for?

    Key Info

    PowerApps Sales Customer Service

    Field Service Project Service OperationsMarketing(coming soon)

    PLAN 1 (CRM)

    PLAN 2 (CRM & Operations)