DTH 215b ss - Peavey Electronics 215b Low-Frequency ... 20 Hz 50 Hz 100 Hz 200 Hz 500 Hz 1kHz 2 kHz 5 kHz 10 kHz 20 kHz Frequency Response* 31.6 ohm 10 ohm 3.16 ohm Fig. 2 50 Hz 100

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Text of DTH 215b ss - Peavey Electronics 215b Low-Frequency ... 20 Hz 50 Hz 100 Hz 200 Hz 500 Hz 1kHz 2 kHz...

  • S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

    SPECIFICATIONSFrequency Response, 1 MeterOn-Axis, Swept Sine in AnechoicEnvironment:

    45 Hz to 250 Hz

    Low-Frequency Cut-Off (-3 dB point):45 Hz

    Usable Low-Frequency Limit(-10 dB point):

    35 Hz

    Power Handling:Speakers Parallel:

    700 W continuous (52.9 V RMS)1,400 W program

    Speakers Independent:350 W continuous (52.9 V RMS)700 W program

    Sound Pressure Level, 2.0 V (1 watt) 1 meter in anechoic environment:

    100 dB

    Maximum Sound Pressure Level:126 dB

    Transducer Complement:Two 1505-8DT Black Widow drivers

    Box Tuning Frequency:47 Hz

    Recommended CrossoverFrequency:

    150 Hz to 250 Hz range

    Impedance (Z):Speakers Parallel:

    4 ohms nominal3.2 ohms minimum

    Speakers Independent:8 ohms nominal6.4 ohms minimum

    Input Connections:One Neutrik four-conductor Speakon


    One Neutrik eight-conductor Speakon

    (NL8MP with four-conductor NL4MPoutput)

    Enclosure Materials and Finish:3/4" plywood with black polyurethanecoating, black powder coat metal grilleand polyester foam overlay

    Dimensions (H x W x D):39-3/4" x 18-3/4" x 30-3/4"(100.9 cm x 47.6 cm x 78.1 cm)

    Net Weight:123 lbs. (55.9 kg)

    FEATURES Dual 1505-8 DT Black Widow

    woofers Anti-axial driver arrangement 16-gauge powder coated metal grille

    with black polyester foam overlay Four- and eight-conductor input with

    four-conductor output Black polyurethane coating Rear pocket casters

    DTH 215bLow-Frequency


  • DESCRIPTIONThe DTH 215b is a perfect matchas an additional low-frequencyenclosure for any of the DTH

    enclosures. This enclosure isloaded with two 1505-8DT BlackWidow drivers. One of thesewoofers has been mounted back-wards (its electrical polarity has alsobeen reversed so that its acousticalpolarity is identical tothe other woofer). The anti-axialarrangement of the driverseliminates virtually all even-orderharmonic distortion. Maximumversatility was our main goalwhen considering the input tothis loudspeaker. Both drivers areconnected to a Neutrik four-conductor Speakon connector.The drivers are also connected toone half of a Neutrik eight-conductor Speakon connector.The other half of this connector ishooked up to a second Neutrik

    four-conductor connector. Thisconnector serves as an output toanother loudspeaker such as aDTH 215b. By using this output,you will have only one home runof a cable going to your ampsinstead of two four-conductorcables. A black polyurethanecoating covers the DTH 215b. Aheavy-duty, 16-gauge metal grillewith polyester foam overlay dressesoff the enclosure and provides

    superior protection for the drivers.All this combines to give you agreat-looking and great-soundingsubwoofer perfectly suited to anylow-frequency sound reinforcementapplication.

    FREQUENCY RESPONSEThis measurement is useful indetermining how accurately a givenenclosure reproduces an inputsignal. The frequency response ofthe DTH 215b is measured at 1meter using a 2.0-volt swept sineinput. As shown in Figure 1, thedrivers in the DTH 215b combine togive a smooth frequency responsefrom 45 Hz to 250 Hz.

    POWER HANDLINGThere are many differentapproaches to power handlingratings. Peavey rates this speakersystem's power handling using amodified form of the AES Standard2-1984. Utilizing audio band(20 Hz to 20 kHz) pink noise withpeaks over four times the RMSlevel, this strenuous test signalassures the user that every portionof this system can withstand todayshigh-technology music. The testsignal contains large amounts ofvery low frequency energy,effectively simulating the frequencycontent of live music situations. Thefull measure of high frequencies in

    the test signal allow for exposure ofthe speaker system to synthesizedtones that may extend beyondaudibility. This rating is contingenton having a minimum 3 dB ofamplifier headroom available.

    ARCHITECTURALAND ENGINEERINGSPECIFICATIONSThe loudspeaker system shall havean operating bandwidth of 45 Hz to250 Hz. The output level shall be100 dB when measured at adistance of one meter with an inputof one watt. The nominal imped-ance shall be 4-ohms with speakersparalleled, 8-ohms with speakersindependently powered. Thecontinuous power handling shallbe 700 watts, with maximumprogram power of 1400 watts andminimum amplifier headroom of3 dB with speakers paralleled. Thecontinuous power handling shallbe 350 watts x 2, with maximumprogram power of 700 watts x 2,and minimum amplifier head-room of 3 dB with speakersindependently powered. Theoutside dimensions shall be18-3/4 inches wide by 39-3/4 incheshigh by 30-3/4 inches deep. Theweight shall be 123 lbs. Theloudspeaker system shall be aPeavey model DTH 215b.

  • ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTYNOTE: For details, refer to the warranty statement.

    Copies of this statement may be obtained by contactingPeavey Electronics Corporation,

    P.O. Box 2898, Meridian, Mississippi 39302-2898.

    Fig. 1

    * With 350 Hz 4th Order Linkwitz-Riley Crossover

    112.0 dB

    106.0 dB

    100.0 dB

    94.0 dB

    88.0 dB

    82.0 dB

    76.0 dB

    70.0 dB20 Hz 50 Hz 100 Hz 200 Hz 500 Hz 1kHz 2 kHz 5 kHz 10 kHz 20 kHz

    Frequency Response*

    31.6 ohm

    10 ohm

    3.16 ohm

    Fig. 2

    50 Hz 100 Hz 200 Hz 500 Hz 1 kHz 2kHz 5 kHz 10 kHz 20 kHz


  • To Amplifiers

    1 TOP 8W -2 TOP 8W +3 BOTTOM 8W -4 BOTTOM 8W +

    5 DTH 4210 - (LOW -)6 DTH 4210 + (LOW +)7 DTH 4210 - (HIGH -)8 DTH 4210 + (HIGH +)


    DTH 215b



    DTH 215bDTH 4210 Loudspeaker

    Loudspeakers other than the DTH 4210may also be wired in this manner


    215bWiring Diagram

    8-Conductor Cable4-Conductor DTHJumper Cable

    8-Pin Speakon Number/Wire Scheme

    Peavey 8-Conductor Cable



    1+ 4- 4+ 3- 3+ 2- 2+ 1-

    8-Conductor Speakon (NL8MP)/Pin-Out Cross Reference


    pin 1+ low - whitepin 1- low - greenpin 2+ high - redpin 2- high - black


    pin 1+ low - whitepin 1- low - greenpin 2+ low - redpin 2- low - black

    *Stacked Banana Plugs

    4-Pin Speakon Number/Wire Scheme

  • DTH 215bDimensions

    78.1 cm30.75"

    47.6 cm18.75"

    101 cm39.75"



    Respuesta de frecuencia medidaa 1 m sobre el eje, barridosenoidal en ambiente anecoico: 45 a 250 Hz

    Corte de baja frecuencia (puntode 3 dB): 45 Hz

    Lmite de baja frecuencia utiliz-able (punto de 10 dB): 35 Hz

    Capacidad de potencia:Altavoces en paralelo: 700 W continuos (52,9 Vef) 1400 W de programaAltavoces independientes: 350 W continuos (52,9 Vef) 700 W de programa

    Presin acstica a 2,0 V (1 W),medida a 1 m en ambienteanecoico: 100 dB

    Presin acstica mxima: 126 dB

    Complemento del transductor: Dos altavoces Black Widow

    1505-8 DT

    Frecuencia de resonancia de cajaacstica: 47 Hz

    Frecuencia de entrecruzamientorecomendada: Gama de 150 a 250 Hz

    Impedancia (Z):Altavoces en paralelo: 4 nominales 3,2 mnimosAltavoces independientes: 8 nominales 6,4 mnimos

    Conexiones de entrada: Un conector Speakon Neutrik

    (NL4MP) de cuatro conductores Un conector Speakon Neutrik de ocho conductores (NL8MP con salida NL4MP de cuatro conductores)

    DTH 215bAltavoz para

    frecuencias bajas

    Materiales y acabado delgabinete: Madera laminada de 19 mm terminada con poliuretano negro y grilla de metal con acabado granular, acolchada con espuma de polister

    Dimensiones (alto xancho x prof.): 100,9 x 47,6 x 78,1 cm

    Peso neto:55,9 kg

    CARACTERSTICAS Dos altavoces de graves Black Widow 1505-8 DT Disposicin de altavoces antiaxial Grilla metlica calibre 16 con acabado granular y acolchado de espuma de polister negro Entrada de cuatro y ocho conductores con salida de cuatro conductores Terminacin con poliuretano negro Ruedas en receptculos posteriores

    DESCRIPCINEl altavoz DTH 215b resultaperfecto como gabinete adicionalde baja frecuencia para cualquierade los gabinetes DTH. Estegabinete est provisto de dosaltavoces de graves Black Widow

    1505-8 DT. Uno de estos altavocesde graves est montado hacia atrs(su polaridad elctrica tambin estinvertida, de manera que lapolaridad acstica es idntica a ladel otro altavoz). La disposicinantiaxial de los altavocesprcticamente elimina todadistorsin armnica de orden par.Cuando se consideraron lascaractersticas de la seal deentrada de este altavoz, el principalobjetivo fue lograr mximaversatilidad. Ambos altavoces se

    hallan conectados a un conectorNeutrik Speakon de cuatroconductores. Tambin estnconectados a la mitad de unconector Neutrik Speakon deocho conductores. La otra mitad deeste conector est unido a unsegundo conector Neutrik decuatro conductores, que se utilizacomo salida para otro altavoz,como el DTH 215b. Empleandoesta salida, se requerir un solocable de salida de amplificadoresen lugar de dos cables de cuatroconductores. El modeloDTH 215b est terminadocon poliuretano negro. Unagrilla metlica resistente de chapacalibre 16 y un acolchado deespuma de polister negrocompletan la envoltura delgabinete, y proveen una proteccinexcelente para los altavoces. Todoesto se combina para brindar unaltavoz subsnico de magnficaapariencia y gran sonido,perfecto para cualquier aplicacinde refuerzo de sonidos de bajafrecuencia.

    RESPUESTA DEFRECUENCIAEste parmetro es til paradeterminar la precisin con que u

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