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NEW proaucts resistance, and cleanability to a wide range of metalworking appli- cations. In addition, the product's excellent emulsion stability allows for extremely clean, residue-free operation, even in difficult water conditions. Highly bio-resistant, Tech Cool" 35052 provides protection against bacteria growth without the use of biocides, DCHA, or other secondary amines, Tech Cool" 35052 is extreme- ly low foaming without the use of undesirable silicone defoamers, even in foam generating operations such as creep feed grinding. Tech Coo135052 has many success- ful applications, including roll threading, thread tapping, drilling, milling, and creep feed grinding. Tech Coola has also extended tool life during tough worm rolling and roll-tapping operations performed on cold-formed steel. According to Ron Felber, president and CEO, "Tech Cool" 35052 repre- sents a gigantic leap forward in the field of chlorine activated semi-syn- thetic metal working fluids. Because it provides enhanced bio-resistance, excellent lubricity, and corrosion resistance, Tech Cool" 35052 is spe- cially suited for even the most chal- lenging metalworking operations." For more information, call (800) 526-4473 or visit www.chemetal- lamericas.com www.metalfinishing.com/advertisers STEAM WASHERS Daimer® lndustries's, a global sup- plier and exporter of stearn pressure washers, has expanded its line of ded- icated stationary stearn cleaning sys- tems. The new fuel-heated, electric- powered Super Max™ 15500SP combines a high flow rate, low pres- sure levels and new Super High- Temperature Optimized Technology'?' (Super-HOr M). The stearn-only system is engineered to remove grease from a variety surfaces and machinery within metalworking and metal manufacturing plants. "Our new stationary Super-HO'I?" 561 metalfinishing 1March 2010 pressure washers offer dedicated wet- stearn for removing oily deposits," said Matthew Baratta, Daimer.com spokesman. "This technology also eliminates confusion for users because it offers a single, high-tem- perature cleaning option." Daimer's Super-HOTTM commer- cial pressure washer systems have been manufactured to produce only wet stearn with temperatures approaching 330°F. The 15500SP pressure washers turn cold water to stearn in as little as 30 seconds. The equipment can be heated with a vari- ety of fuels, including #1 or #2 heat- ing oils, diesel, kerosene, natural gas, or even propane. The stationary 15500SP pressure washers produce pressure levels up to 1000 psi and offer flow rates up to 4 GPM. The machines are powered by a 230V, single-phase, 60 Hz, 3 HP NEMA motor. The new power wash- ers can also be purchased with 50 Hz, single or three phase, or 440V motors. The machines include an electronic direct-spark ignition sys- tem and direct-drive pumps. For more information about Daimer® high pressure washer machines, cold and hot water pressure washer systems, stearn pressure wash- ers or other pressure washing equip- ment, please be sure to visit www.daimer.com/pressure-washers/ or callMatthewBarattaat (888)507-2220. www.metalfinishing.com/advertisers POWER SUPPLIES Dynatronix' new 1200W models are equipped with two 10-turn potentiometers for voltage current or cross-over regulation and two dig- ital meters for voltage and current read-back. A serial port is provided for external control. An optional interface allows the use of a variety of controls. Dynatronix L T Power Supplies can be operated in parallel or series mode. The company's LT Series is ideal for reel-to-reel line or any other PLC driven process. Packaged in a lf2 rack design, the LT 1200 watt models' internal electron- ics are environmentally sealed, then packaged in 316 stainless steel to fur- ther assure long service life. Universal input allows these power supplies to operate on input ranging from 85-264VAC, 47-63 Hz single phase with outputs ranging from 120W-1200W. An over-temperature indicator warns of high heat sink temperatures early, allowing for cor- rective action before interrupting production. The cooling fan features on-demand variability, automatically adjusting its speed based on the tem- perature of the heat sink. Fan is easi- ly removed for cleaning and preven- tive maintenance. Dynatronix manufactures a com- plete line of power supplies ranging from simple DC units represented by the LT Series, enhanced DC, pulse and pulse reverse models represented by the MicroStar and Pro Series. For more information, call (715) 268- 8118 or visit www.dynatronix.corn. www.metalfinishing.com/advertisers DRUM TRANSPORTER Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc., a leader in material handling technol- ogy, unveils the new Ergomatic 1000-PLEH-BC drum transporter. It has powerful electric/hydraulic lift- ing system that is activated by a sim- ple push-button; no foot pumps or www.metalfinishing.com

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resistance, and cleanability to awide range of metalworking appli­cations. In addition, the product'sexcellent emulsion stability allowsfor extremely clean, residue-freeoperation, even in difficult waterconditions.

Highly bio-resistant, Tech Cool"35052 provides protection againstbacteria growth without the use ofbiocides, DCHA, or other secondaryamines, Tech Cool" 35052 is extreme­ly low foaming without the use ofundesirable silicone defoamers, evenin foam generating operations suchas creep feed grinding.

Tech Coo135052 has many success­ful applications, including rollthreading, thread tapping, drilling,milling, and creep feed grinding.Tech Coola has also extended toollife during tough worm rolling androll-tapping operations performedon cold-formed steel.

According to Ron Felber, presidentand CEO, "Tech Cool" 35052 repre­sents a gigantic leap forward in thefield of chlorine activated semi-syn­thetic metal working fluids. Becauseit provides enhanced bio-resistance,excellent lubricity, and corrosionresistance, Tech Cool" 35052 is spe­cially suited for even the most chal­lenging metalworking operations."

For more information, call (800)526-4473 or visit www.chemetal­lamericas.com


STEAM WASHERSDaimer® lndustries's, a global sup­plier and exporter of stearn pressurewashers, has expanded its line ofded­icated stationary stearn cleaning sys­tems. The new fuel-heated, electric­powered Super Max™ 15500SPcombines a high flow rate, low pres­sure levels and new Super High­Temperature OptimizedTechnology'?' (Super-HOrM). Thestearn-only system is engineered toremove grease from a variety surfacesand machinery within metalworkingand metal manufacturing plants.

"Our new stationary Super-HO'I?"

561 metalfinishing 1March 2010

pressure washers offer dedicated wet­stearn for removing oily deposits,"said Matthew Baratta, Daimer.comspokesman. "This technology alsoeliminates confusion for usersbecause it offers a single, high-tem­perature cleaning option."

Daimer's Super-HOTTM commer­cial pressure washer systems havebeen manufactured to produce onlywet stearn with temperaturesapproaching 330°F. The 15500SPpressure washers turn cold water tostearn in as little as 30 seconds. Theequipment can be heated with a vari­ety of fuels, including #1 or #2 heat­ing oils, diesel, kerosene, natural gas,or even propane.

The stationary 15500SP pressurewashers produce pressure levels upto 1000 psi and offer flow rates up to4 GPM. The machines are poweredby a 230V, single-phase, 60 Hz, 3 HPNEMA motor. The new power wash­ers can also be purchased with 50 Hz,single or three phase, or 440Vmotors. The machines include anelectronic direct-spark ignition sys­tem and direct-drive pumps.

For more information aboutDaimer® high pressure washermachines, cold and hot water pressurewasher systems, stearn pressure wash­ers or other pressure washing equip­ment, please be sure to visitwww.daimer.com/pressure-washers/ orcall Matthew Baratta at (888) 507-2220.


POWER SUPPLIESDynatronix' new 1200W modelsare equipped with two 10-turnpotentiometers for voltage currentor cross-over regulation and two dig­ital meters for voltage and currentread-back. A serial port is providedfor external control. An optionalinterface allows the use ofa variety of

controls. Dynatronix LT PowerSupplies can be operated in parallelor series mode. The company's LTSeries is ideal for reel-to-reel line orany other PLC driven process.Packaged in a lf2 rack design, the LT1200 watt models' internal electron­ics are environmentally sealed, thenpackaged in 316 stainless steel to fur­ther assure long service life.

Universal input allows these powersupplies to operate on input rangingfrom 85-264VAC, 47-63 Hz singlephase with outputs ranging from120W-1200W. An over-temperatureindicator warns of high heat sinktemperatures early, allowing for cor­rective action before interruptingproduction. The cooling fan featureson-demand variability, automaticallyadjusting its speed based on the tem­perature of the heat sink. Fan is easi­ly removed for cleaning and preven­tive maintenance.

Dynatronix manufactures a com­plete line of power supplies rangingfrom simple DC units represented bythe LT Series, enhanced DC, pulseand pulse reverse models representedby the MicroStar and Pro Series. Formore information, call (715) 268­8118 or visit www.dynatronix.corn.


DRUM TRANSPORTERLiftomatic Material Handling, Inc., aleader in material handling technol­ogy, unveils the new Ergomatic1000-PLEH-BC drum transporter. Ithas powerful electric/hydraulic lift­ing system that is activated by a sim­ple push-button; no foot pumps or


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hand cranks are needed. The manu­ally propelled unit will safely trans­port steel, plastic and fiber drumsweighing up to 1,000 pounds. Thepower lift system is quiet, smooth,and available in 20" and 36" liftheights. Options include non-spark­ing packages, alternate coatings, andLiftomatic's exclusive "DoubleParrot-Beak" clamping system for anextra margin of safety. TheErgomatic 1000-PLEH-BC is one of15 Ergo-Matic® self-contained drumhandling models offered byLiftomatic.

Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc.,also offers an automatic andmechanical drum-handling attach­ment, Model 2-DCM, which fits anyforklift and uses the company'sexclusive "Parrot-Beak®JJ ClampingSystem. No hydraulic or electricalconnections are necessary. Modelscan be ordered to handle 1, 2, 3 or 4steel, plastic or fiber drums in astraight row, with a 2,000 lb (954Kg)capacity per drum.The DCM can beused for loading drums into or outof trucks and containers and for gen­eral fill line and in-plant use.

For more information, visitwww.liftomatic.com or call (800)837-6540.


COATING THICKNESSINSTRUMENTSFischer Technology's DElTAS­COPE® FMP30, ISOSCOPE® FMP30and DUALSCOPE® FMP40 coatingthickness instruments fearure strate­gies for measurement capture, morememory and extensive graphical andstatistical evaluation capabilities andare now available with an integratedBluetooth® interface for easy datatransmission to a PC or notebook.The Bluetooth® module enablesdata transmission to a distance ofmore than 30 ft for easy data docu­mentation. All FMP Series handheldcoating thickness gauges have a largeselection of interchangeable probesthat are extremely accurate and havea wide measurement range. For more


information, call (860) 298-6060 orvisit www.fischer-technology.com


TOP-LOADING BATCH OVENGrieve's No. 988 model oven is anelectrically heated, 650°F (343°C)top-loading batch oven used toprocess electronic components at thecustomer's facility. Workspacedimensions measure 12' W x l' 0 xl'H. 15KW are installed in Incoloy­sheathed rubular heating elementsto heat the unit, while a 600 CFM, 112­HP recirculating blower providesback-to-front horizontal airflow tothe workload.

This Grieve batch oven fearures 6'ft. insulated walls throughout, alu­minized steel exterior, Type 304stainless steel interior, a manual,counterweighted rear-hinged door,workspace floor reinforced for 100lb. loading, access door at each endof the oven, plus swivel casters withswivel locks and wheel brakes foreasy in-plant portability.

Controls on No. 988 include a dig­ital programming temperature con­troller, manual reset excess tempera­ture controller with separate contac­tors and recirculating blower airflow

safety switch.For more information, visit

www.grievecorp.com or call (847)546-8225.


TUMBLE BLAST SYSTEMGuyson Corporation has intro­duced a pressure-blast version of itspopular Model T-50 tumble-blastsystem that offers advantages forcertain challenging batch processingapplications. The tumble-basketmachine is designed for overall blast­ing of small components.

Direct pressure media delivery iscapable of efficiently acceleratingshot or grit to higher velocities,imparting more energy to compo­nent surfaces. Not only does pres­sure-blast speed up the cycle time per

batch, but it also enables the per­formance of some surface treatmentwork that could not be accomplishedby suction-blast equipment, such ashigh-intensity shot peening of racingvalve springs, peening other highperformance springs or small parts,stripping of tough coatings, blastcleaning heavy scale and etchinghard materials.

The T-50 tumble-blast cabinet fea­tures a 30-inch diameter basket thatis 15 inches deep and has a workingcapacity of approximately one cubicfoot or 75 pounds of componentsper batch. The rotation speed of thebasket is adjustable, so the tumblingaction of different components canbe optimized. The equipment manu­facturer claims its tilted basketdesign reduces part-on-partimpingement that could damagefragile components.

For more information, visitwww.guyson.com


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