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  • Conference: August 7-10, 2006 Exhibition: August 8-10, 2006 World Trade Center Boston/Seaport Hotel Boston, MA

    Keynote Speakers Providing Coverage of the Most Vital Topics in Drug Discovery and Development

    ^ (l)ott't Mj^/ The Lead Discovery and Lead Optimization Conference

    Do you have the right tools to select and progress lead compounds? From enhancing compound libraries and compound collections to new synthesis techniques, this conference will assist you in addressing the challenges in the lead identification, hit to lead and lead optimization stages of drug discovery.

    Andrew C. von Eschenbach, M.D. Acting Commissioner, FDA and Director, National Cancer Institute

    Steven M. Paul, M.D. Executive Vice President, Science and Technology, President, Lilly Research Laboratories, Eli Lilly and Company

    Peter B. Corr, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, Science & Technology Pfizer Inc

    Susan Hockfield, Ph.D. President Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    #This year s event features a 300% increase in content/speakers dedicated to lead discovery and optimization/chemistry approaches....33 sessions this year versus just 10 sessions in 2005. This must-attend conference featuring 14 case studies is designed for drug discovery chemists and others working in lead discovery and optimization.

    Conference Highlights Include:

    Over 30 sessions emphasizing chemistry approaches and lead optimization projects

    14 Case Studies highlighting decision points, challenges faced and lessons learned in lead optimization projects from Big Pharmas and from small and mid-size companies who often have to work with less resources

    Concrete examples from current discovery projects in Arthritis, Diabetes, Cancer, CNS, Inflammatory Disorders, HIV, Schizophrenia and Depression

    Hearing how Glaxo, Abbott and Roche are filling the gaps in their compound libraries and enhancing their compound collections and participate in an interactive panel discussion "Ensuring Compound Quality in Compound Collections"

    Discovering the latest in fragment-based approaches to drug discovery including a special case study on DPPIV Inhibitors from Merck

    Finding out how Bristol-Myers Squibb is applying "Lean Manufacturing Concepts" to Rapid Analog Library Synthesis for Lead Optimization

    Learning about New Chemistry Approaches like "DNA-Programmed Chemistry" from Ensemble Discovery based on the work by David Liu at Harvard

    Hearing from Chris Austin, Director of the NIH Chemical Genomics Center about the latest status of the Molecular Libraries Initiative of the NIH Roadmap


    Register Early and Save: Call (800) 390-4078 Fax: (941 ) 365-0104 Email: reg@ibcusa.com


    IBC's 11th Annual World Congress


    sf Development

    The Lead Discovery and Lead Optimization Conference