Dream. My Dream House The topic of our lesson Phonetic drills [w]-window,

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Dream Slide 2 My Dream House The topic of our lesson Slide 3 Phonetic drills [w]-window, Slide 4 [r]- room, Slide 5 Phonetic drills [t]- TV set, Slide 6 Phonetic drills [d]- bed, Slide 7 Phonetic drills []- there, Slide 8 Phonetic drills [k]- desk, Slide 9 Speaking marathon Speaking marathon How many rooms do you have in your house? What are there in your rooms? Where are you from? Do you live in a flat or in a house? What rooms do you have? What is your name? Slide 10 A letter from an American boy Andy Johnson My name is Andy Johnson. Im from the USA. Im from the USA. I like to dream. In my dream world I live on an island. I live in a big house. There is a nice orange garden around the house with a swimming-pool for children. Also there are a lot of animals in my garden. There are 10 rooms in my dream house: a living room, 2 childrens rooms for my brother and me, 4 bedrooms for parents and guests, 3 bathrooms, dining room and a kitchen. Also there is a big room like a cinema where children can watch films. I think my dreams are fantastic and nice. Slide 11 () () ( 2) ( 2) ( 3 ) ( 3 ) () () Sink vein Slide 12 My dream house Cozy and big! Plan, build and live! I will be happy I will be happy In my house of my dream! Slide 13 My Dream House The topic of our lesson