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Dream Mine Excerpts vindicated. Salem, Utah, below the ... Dream Mine.pdf · Dream Mine Excerpts Concerning

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  • Dream Mine ExcerptsConcerning the Prophet John Koyle

    And the Relief Mine near Salem, Utah

    Excerpts of Revelations Found inThe Second Book of Commandments

    Prepared ByThe School of the Prophets

    SECTION 41 June 2, 1979 54 And ye have asked Me where ye shall gather,and behold I say unto you, that I have chosen fora place of refuge even Salem Utah, yea even thatcity which My servant John Koyle saw even shallbe built up; and all the land around about issacred unto Me.... 87 And all those that come unto Me and receiveMy word, ye shall recommend that they purchaseshares in the mine, yea, even a minimum of 100shares, for this is also My work; and theprophesies made concerning this mine shall allbe fulfilled, for they are of Me saith the LORD. 88 And all who fight against this work shall bebrought to naught. 89 And ye shall make haste in this also for thetime will come when shares will no longer beavailable, and those who seek to purchase themwill find them not.

    SECTION 43 1979 50 Endeavor to obtain the lists of those who are associated with the Dream Mine, for did they not listen to a former prophet when all others rejected him?

    SECTION 48 October 13, 1979 46 And again My son, ye have asked Meconcerning the Dream Mine which is locatednear Spanish Fork, Utah. And I say unto you atthis time, show this revelation unto none othersave that which I shall reveal unto you; for someof those who will step forward at this time willdevelop unbelief, and inasmuch as they repentnot, shall be among the wicked. 47 Behold I say unto you, that the time is nowshort, even at the doors, for this Mine to be

    vindicated. ... 49 And of the residue of the monies from thishouse, ye shall purchase what property ye can inSalem, Utah, below the Mine area as you are able. 50 And ye shall call upon My servant Wayne tobuild buildings and homes in the pattern he shallbe shown. 51 For I have called upon others to assist him inthis work so that it may go forth with speed andas fast as ye are able. 52 And at this time ye shall be in a position towork at the Mine, and become familiar with allits workings. 53 And ye shall set up the School of theProphets at this location after bringing it fromBoise, for ye shall set this up first in Boise, andbring it to Salem at the time that I shall appoint.

    SECTION 52 December 25, 1979 10 And ye shall contact My servant Quayle whohath charge of the Mine and explain unto himMy teachings and if he accepts them, ye shallform the United Order in Utah and invite all whohave shares in the Mine to participate in thisOrder.

    SECTION 54 February 6, 1980 7 For ye shall sell your house and move to Boise,and send out the pamphlets to Western Canada asI have instructed. 8 And ye shall set up the School of the Prophetsand the United Order according to My holy laws. 9 And from there ye shall go to Salem and workat the Dream Mine.

    SECTION 59 May 30, 1980 43 For the money ye received was to be used forone purpose only, and that was to send forth thepamphlets. 44 For I likened it unto the "Dream Mine", for itproduced little or nothing in all the days of Myservant John Koyle and hath yet producednothing. 45 Yet My servant did as I commanded him,having faith unto the end in spite of all thepersecution and ridicule he sustained on Mybehalf. 46 For in all, if all your efforts bringeth nothingyet I shall say, well done thou good and faithfulservants.


  • 47 Nevertheless, there shall be much gold andsilver that shall come forth because of yourefforts.

    SECTION 70 July 198119 For I did call My servant Joseph Smith, andthrough him I planted the seed of truth, and fewwere faithful in his generation. 20 And again I did call My servant John Koyleand the truth through him did cause some torepent, yet few did survive . 21 But I say unto you, I will plant again, yea evena small garden by the hand of My Servant whomI have chosen, but that which I now plant will Icarefully weed and protect. 22 For I will surely separate them by a greatsifting and setting in order, and it shall surviveuntil I come to take it to Myself.

    SECTION 71 September 22, 1981 13 Behold, I have much more to say unto thispeople by way of instruction and doctrine, untilthey have all truth and stand before Me naked, orin other words, without excuse. 14 For now is the time for some of theprophecies made through the instrumentality ofMy servant John Koyle to come to pass. 15 For it is My will that the stockholders in thisMine known as the "Relief Mine", shall gathertogether and commence to instigate a financialinstitution based upon true principles, and notupon the precepts of men. 16 For until all things are one, such aninstitution is necessary to unite My people andprepare them to live the United Order after Myholy Order, and unite themselves into one. 17 For those who are not one are not Mine. 18 And it is My will that man shall not chargefor the use of his surplus monies, for such isusury and an abomination unto Me. 19 And all who will not come under this Orderare in danger of being left in Babylon and of theburnings. 20 Behold, ye have asked Me how the bank willsurvive the coming calamities. 21 Behold I say unto you, it will survive only ifyou do what I say concerning the matter, and thatonly after a severe testing of your faith which willseparate the wheat from the chaff, shall it besaved on this wise. 22 Each one who has placed their surplus

    monies and properties in these institutions andhave entered into and taken unto them thecovenants of My most Holy Order, behold, theirmoney and values will be redeemable in gold asfollows. 23 One ounce of gold for every $100.00 or valuethereof that has been placed into the commonfund, and for every Relief Mine share 10 ouncesof gold. 24 This shall be done only as fast as the gold canbe mined and minted. 25 Those who have entered into the covenantsfirst shall be the first to be redeemed and thosewho have entered at a later date being the secondto be redeemed, all in order according to theirdate of entry into the Order-- that all may be inaccordance with My law which is just andequitable. 26 And no man shall consider their wealth theirown, but shall make their surplus propertiesavailable to others entering the Order accordingto their worthiness and faithfulness and honesty. 27 For no dishonest man shall be allowed toborrow monies from the common fund, for suchwill but squander and waste these monies and belost and bring Zion into jeopardy; and none shallprofit thereby. 28 Howbeit, they can use what they must fortheir own needs and for their family or families. 29 Nevertheless, if they begin to covet theirsurplus monies and use it for the lifting up oftheir pride and self-indulgence they shall beexpelled from the Order, for they have lost theSpirit and have become greedy and covetous. 30 And they shall be given that with which theyentered, their properties and monies in commoncurrency, but not the gold, for they entered theOrder without the gold, therefore they shall leavewithout it, for it can be used only for theupbuilding of My Kingdom. 31 Yet I will reveal more concerning this matter,but ye have sufficient for the moment.

    SECTION 72 November 14, 1981Thus saith the LORD unto His prophet. Behold, ifthey heed not My will through thee, I will releasethem and give their charge to others who willheed My voice. 2 For I say unto you, if I can release the heads ofthe Church, which I will surely do in Mine owndue time, so also can I release the Board of


  • Directors of the Relief Mine. 3 For will I not set My house in order beginningat the head? 4 For I will not release the riches of the earth toa people who are not organized according to Mywill. 5 For if I release these riches now, they will bebut laid waste and destroyed. 6 For when I have a people prepared and livingall My laws, then can I pour out My blessingsupon them and not until. 7 For I say unto you, are men wiser than God? 8 Yet when they have a project to accomplish dothey not gather together good men whom theycan trust and organize them each one in hisorder and with his responsibilities so that theproject be accomplished according to theirwishes? 9 Behold, ye must gather together as I havecommanded and set up the United Order amongyou. 10 And if ye heed not My will, I will findanother people who will, for I will not cause Mywill to be mocked. 11 For if ye are ashamed of My servants, ye areashamed of Me, and behold I will be ashamed ofthee at the day of visitation. Even so, Amen.

    SECTION 89 January 25, 1983Behold My son, I am Alpha and Omega, even theBeginning and the End, even the voice of Jehovah,for I speak unto thee with a still small voice andsay unto you, I did give unto My servant JosephSmith Jr. authority to set up the Church of JesusChrist for the latter days on April 6, 1830-- andthis by My voice and by My authority and by Myservant whom I did appoint according to Myword, and it is Mine saith the LORD. 2 And all who rebel against it and esteem it asnaught shall repent or be destroyed. 3 For they do ignore My word concerning it andif they mock it they mock Me and if they say, "Itcannot be redeemed or cleansed", they do err indoctrine and judgment and are in need ofrepentance, for they ignore the prophets I havesent. 4 For did not I speak through My servant Josephsaying that I would cleanse it and restore it to itspure state? 5 For I knew that wicked men would pollute it.

    6 But I will stretch forth Mine