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drammen sacred musicw134760- · PDF file2016-06-04 · Drammen Sacred Music Festival was formally established ... Seminar to celebrate the 5 year jubilee of Drammen Faith Forum In

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  • drammen sacred music festival2013report

  • drammen sacred music festival is a meeting place for sacred music from different spiritual traditions around the world. Music has the power to define the identity of a people, but also to build bridges and express universal values. It has a huge role to play in promoting peace and global solidarity. We believe that music can bring together people from across the globe because it touches the most basic core of what is human within us, transgressing lan-guage, national, cultural, ideological, racial and religious boundaries.

    This years festival had the theme Water, a symbol of life and a metaphor riddled with strife. In many places people have to struggle for access to basic drinking water. In oth-ers, floods and heavy rainfall destroy lives and development plans. Drammen Sacred Music Festival wishes to contrib-ute to an understanding of our common responsibility for our earths resources. Mans dependence on water and his vulnerability in the face of its force is exemplified through ceremonies and rit-uals in almost all cultures and religions in the world. Our city of Drammen is founded on the banks of the Drammen River, without which we would not have survived. Dram-men has undergone massive changes over the years, where the river that was polluted has been restored to a vital re-source in the city. This positive change is an inspiration to work further for a better environment and a better future.

    We wish to thank all those who have contributed to making Drammen Sacred Music Festival 2013 a huge success! We look forward already to 2014!

    visionDrammen Sacred Music Festival is a meeting place for local, national and international artists with a focus on art and music of a spiritual nature. The artists and the public share a common interest and fascination for the creative dynamic that occurs when different traditions and art forms are shared, where artistic expression is central.

    Drammen is known for its international population, and the festival emphasizes an open dialogue between all the groups represented.

    The festival envisions a platform that encourages different people to meet, be moved, and create meaning together through shared artistic expressions.

    The ambition of Drammen Sacred Music Festival is to be a central, national festival on this front.

    the boardDrammen Sacred Music Festival was formally established as a registered organisation on the 24th of May 2012. The following members are on the Board:

    Arve Vannebo, Arzanne De Vitre, Eirik Solum, Eli Borch-grevink, Ivar Flaten (head), Monica Finnerud & Tore Dver-gastein. Observer: Andr Ruud.

    working groupArve Vannebo coordinator Arzanne De Vitre text Bodil Juul childrens programme Frode Bjrnstad production and administration Ivar Flaten media and marketing Jogita Reide-Skrastina volunteer assistant Jrgen Nvik exhibitions Ricardo Sanchez booking and production Signe Myklebust coordinator for dialogue groups and volunteersErlend Askhov designTom Atle Bordevik web design and photography daily administration and executionArve Vannebo, Ricardo Sanchez & Ivar Flaten.

    productionRicardo Sanchez Producer, Fernando Sallum Co-producer (concerts in Strms Church) Frode Bjrnstad Co-producer (concerts in Bragernes Church) Jock Loveband Sound

    volunteersThe festival is supported by Drammen Faith Forum (DoTL), and several of its members have contributed as volunteers. It is because of the support from them that the logistics of the festival are possible.

    sponsorsDrammen Kommunes Inter-cultural department (Inter-kultur) has been our biggest supporter and partner. The Buskerud Municipal Council (Buskerud Fylkeskommune) and the Norwegian Cultural Board (Norsk Kulturrd) have been key sponsors. Fritt Ord, Opplysningsvesenets fond, Kulturdepartementet & DoTL have contributed signifi-cantly. We wish to thank all our supporters and sponsors, and look forward to continuing our work with them in the years to come.

    collaborating partnersEmployees at Strms, Bragernes & Fjell Church, the Church Councils of Bragernes & Fjell, the Cultural Com-mittee at Fjell Church, Drammen Faith Forum (DoTL), Production assistants at Union Scene, Andr Ruud, Bodil Juul and all employees of Drammen Inter-culture (In-terkultur), Drammen Kommune, Drammen Filmklubb, Folkeakademiet in Drammen, Tankens Kraft, Buskerud Community College department of Human Rights (HiBU), Hotel Comfort Union Brygge, Musikk in Slem-mestad Nils Arne Helgerd, Restaurant Cappadocia.

    media partnersWe received extensive coverage in the local newspaper Drammens Tidende, as well as in Dagsavisen Fremtiden, Aftenposten and Byavisa. The festival was also covered on radio and TV by NRK P1 Buskerud. Paban Das Bauls music was presented on the national radio show Jungeltelegrafen on NRK P2.

    contactRicardo Sanchez producer, mobile 951 43 127, [email protected] Vannebo coordinator, mobile 918 03 492, [email protected] Flaten head of the board, mobile 415 45 849, [email protected]

    Address: Drammen Sacred Music Festival c/o Fjell kirke, Solsvingen 90, 3034 Drammen

    drammen sacred music festival2013

  • drammen sacred music festival2013day for day


    fjell church, 7pmbetween traditionsMads Granum Quartet and Laila Rong Hannah

    The Danish jazz quartet played Scandinavian jazz in-fluenced by cultural and religious traditions from several parts of the world. Mads Granum presented the concert, telling the story of Scandinavian psalm traditions. Syrian / Norwegian vocalist Laila Rong Hannah enchanted the audi-ence with her voice, and Drammens very own Lars Sberg Andersen (trumpet) added his unique touch. Listening to psalms sung in Arabic in the beautiful Fjell Church was unique! audience: 60

    fjell church, 8pmIn association with Folkeakademiet, Drammen and the Fjell Church Council:holy waterA journey through religions relationship to water

    Keeping true to the theme of the festival, Professor Terje Tvedt arrived soaking wet at Fjell Church to speak on the theme Holy Water. Tvedt is a Professor of History and Political Science. He has written a 9 volume series called A History of Water, and is known to us from a TV series and his latest book The Nile, River of History. He took the audience on a long journey through different religions and cultures and spoke about how water is central in all of them. audience: 70

    kino city, 9pmIn association with Drammen Film Club:barakaA film by Ron Fricke (1992)

    In a beautifully lyrical film without words, the director took us on a journey back to the deepest human core that binds us together. Inspired by the word baraka meaning bless-ing, the film is a dramatic composition of images from nature, religious rituals, city life and war. audience: 35


    strms church, 6:30pmpersian sufi poetry sung to norwegian jazzMahsa Vahdat, Tord Gustavsen & Erik Hillestad

    The great mystic poets Rumi, Hafiz and Omar Khayyam are recited the world over in new versions. Iranian musi-cian Mahsa Vahdat sang this beautiful poetry accompanied by dynamic jazz pianist Tord Gustavsen. Erik Hillestad, one of Norways foremost music producers recited the poetry in Norwegian. audience: 69

    union scene, 7pmfull moon ceremony with Vilde Victoria Lassem, Txana Ixa Huni Kuin and Ricardo Sanchez

    Under the light of a brilliant full moon 110 people partici-pated in a beautiful ceremony involving chanting, guided meditations and percussive sounds. Shaman Txana Ixa Huni Kuin, visiting from the deep Amazon graced the festival with blessings from nature. The organization The Power of Thought (Tankens Kraft) led the ceremony, en-couraging people to let go of old burdens and bad energy to make way for new and happy beginnings. audience: 110


    drammen library, 7pmofficial opening concertGong master Tor Arne Hve blessed the festival with the sound of gongs before Ivar Flaten introduced the theme of the festival and the mayor, Tore Opdal Hansen declared the festival officially open.

    Representatives from the faiths of Islam, Christianity, Bahai, Sikhism and the Human Ethics Forum read short texts about water from their spiritual traditions. This was followed by a beautiful concert by local musicians, Tal Zim-ra Coleman, Espen Jrgensen, Txai Fernando Sallum and Ricardo Sanchez. The library, overlooking Drammen River with its beautiful panoramic views was the perfect setting for the theme of the festival. audience: 40

    the reception at hotel comfort union brygge, entire festival periodcataleya faySinger-songwriter from Austria

    Cataleya has a great belief in the power of music to touch, move and inspire. She wishes to bring her music to a wide audience with the aim of inspiring towards greater love, hope and peace. She performed her Songs of Love at both Union Scene and in the hotel reception, connecting people and bringing harmony to the festival atmosphere. In keep-ing with the tradition from previous years, the hotel recep-tion was a meeting place for artists and audience members alike where they shared and created music together.

    union scene, multisal 2, 9pmdream time by Blfolket

    Will Rubach, Le*Na Paalviig-Johnsen, Bobby L. Kure & Anita Dreyer took the audience on a dream-like musical journey using percussive instruments, the didgeridoo, flute and voice.audience: 70

    I experienced the festival as an im-portant arena for inter-cultural dia-logue and deep cultural experiences. Important issues are integrated into a programme that communicates with a large audience, without com-promising substance or becoming popularistic. This festivals focus and profile

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