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  1. 1. Dramatic Dialogue specific, purposeful dialogue designed toconvey critical information, highlight crucialmoments, build suspense, and move the plotforward
  2. 2. Dramatic Dialogue1. Finding Nemo (wait for delay)
  3. 3. Dramatic Dialogue2. Frozen
  4. 4. Dramatic Monologue monologue technique, usuallyin verse composition, wherespeaker reveals his or hercharacter, often in relation to acritical situation or eventaddressed to reader/ presumedlistener
  5. 5. Dramatic Monologue1. Remember the Titans
  6. 6. 2. RatatouilleDramatic Monologue
  7. 7. Camera Focus sharpness of an image; range of distances fromcamera - deep, shallow, in, out: devicewhereby image gradually comes into clarity orgoes out of clarity
  8. 8. Camera Focus
  9. 9. Camera Lighting main light on subject usually placed at a 45-degree angle to camera-subject axis; high keylighting, key light provides all or most of thelight in the scene; low key lighting, the keylight provides much less of the totalillumination