Drama and terms 3 b

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<ol><li> 1. Dramatic Dialogue specific, purposeful dialogue designed toconvey critical information, highlight crucialmoments, build suspense, and move the plotforward </li><li> 2. Dramatic Dialogue1. Finding Nemo (wait for delay) </li><li> 3. Dramatic Dialogue2. Frozen </li><li> 4. Dramatic Monologue monologue technique, usuallyin verse composition, wherespeaker reveals his or hercharacter, often in relation to acritical situation or eventaddressed to reader/ presumedlistener </li><li> 5. Dramatic Monologue1. Remember the Titans </li><li> 6. 2. RatatouilleDramatic Monologue </li><li> 7. Camera Focus sharpness of an image; range of distances fromcamera - deep, shallow, in, out: devicewhereby image gradually comes into clarity orgoes out of clarity </li><li> 8. Camera Focus </li><li> 9. Camera Lighting main light on subject usually placed at a 45-degree angle to camera-subject axis; high keylighting, key light provides all or most of thelight in the scene; low key lighting, the keylight provides much less of the totalillumination </li></ol>