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    Mint14th November 2010, issue 4




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    55 kiiled as suicide bomber emerged in a shopping centre in the Brownhills area.

    32 year old Muslim woman killed 55 in a suicide bomb attack on Monday. The un-named woman was in the Brownhills area on Monday.

    The woman attacked a busy shopping area where she managed to kill 55 and injure hundreds.

    The woman was part of a Muslim party who are planning more attacks around that area. Police have been urged to take many precautions with security.

    Any one who is suspected of a bomb at-tack will be searched and questioned. Yes-terday the police went to question the wom-ans family and friends, they enforced that her name was not be revealed to the public under any circumstances.

    Her husband Ali Khan said He had no knowledge of his wives actions and never suspected that she would do such a thing.

    Me and my children have lost a wife and

    A Birmingham man was charged guilty of 43 rapes yesterday afternoon. The court heard he had being committing rapes to vulnerable women in different parts of the region.

    He was first questioned by police in 2003 when a woman brought evidence forward after she had being raped.

    A DNA test showed that the man did have intercourse with the young lady just 22.

    The man was then questioned and re-leased, the court heard there was not enough evidence to convict the Carlos Trovman.

    Trovman has being convicted for 43 rapes he had being attacking women in the early hours of the morning or late at night where he could find vulnerable young women coming home from work or after a late night out.

    Trovman was not said to have any under-lying conditions which would

    Two babies from the inner city area of Birmingham have won a competition with pampers for a years contract to be the face of pampers.

    Pampers started the competition in winter 2009, with over 15 million parents entering their babies in the competition.

    The prizes were a years contract for the two winners to be the faces of the brand and 1500, for the three runners up the prizes were a years worth of pampers nappies and wipes.

    The competition was for babies aged be-

    tween 4 months and 18 months.Over 10 million babies had being entered in

    the competition from all over the region and England.

    The two babies who are aged 5 months

    (Dakarai) and 10 months (Rahiem) won the competition this year, both babies are from the inner city area of Birmingham, Hands-worth.

    Both babies who have suffered from difficulties both in birth and after birth have proven to be two bright stars in their local community.

    The parents of the Rahiem Solomon, Amee-na Aziz and Charles Solomon have said, That it was a complete suprise to them and they are overly joyed by the news of their baby winning the competition.

    Dakari Wrights mom Charlene Wilson said She was not at all expecting for her son to be one of the winners of this massive competi-tion, it came as total suprise to me and his dad , we are now interested in trying to make a break through in modeling for him.

    The parents are very excited about their childrens success and are now interested in looking for more competitions or geting in-volved with more modeling agencies.

    The competition involved the public having their opinions on the contestants.

    Pampers had set up a facebook and twitter account which they used to upload photos of the babies which made it to the top 200 ba-bies .

    Pampers then used the comments and feed back which they had recived to help in the se-lection process to get the top 50 babies which the public liked.

    The marketing director for Pampers, Mark Doole said Its a great way to get parents in-volved in child modelling with all the neces-sary support from to get their babies talents recognised form a early age.

    The competition will be run again and next year once the current winners contract is up, the publicity created by this competition was highly amongst the local community of the Handsworth areas where both the babies are from.

    Right: Dakarai Wright, 5 months Left: Rahiem Solomon


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    a complete suprise to them and they are overly joyed by the news

    not at all expecting for her son to be one of the winners of this massive compe-

    tition, it came as total suprise

    Its a great way to get parents involved in child modelling with

    all the necessary support

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    By Leanne Bishop


    42 LCD, HD READY


    WIN!PAGE 28

    By Ryan Alwood

    By Richard Canns

    HANDSWORTH MINT P.indd 1 11/30/2010 12:59:45 PM

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    Birmingham City Council has said it will demolish all high rise flats which re-main in Brimingham

    High rise flats are still very much prominent in many areas including Newton, Aston, Lozzells, Handsworth and Northfield.

    The Council has has said that the high rise flats ruin the reputation of many areas in Birming-ham, having them labelled trampy, and vile.

    The high rise flats have been in Birmingham since the Council wanted to reduce the amount of Terrance housing they provided to families who needed it.

    Birmingham City Council has being under close scrutiny for having pregnant women and having over crowding in the flats.

    As a result to this the Council have drawn up plans to demolish the flats and build build more Terrance houses in the areas where they high rise flats were located, to provide more comfortable and less over crowding in households.

    The Council has also seen a sharp rise in the complaints about over crowding in the current Terrance houses they provide.

    Ms Tailor who is single parent has said Its wrong how I have a 18 and a 13 year old sharing a bedroom and making matters worst they are not of the same sex.

    I am ashamed that I can not give the eldest her

    own room and space.The Council has brought forward plans to have

    the demolition of the high rise flats in place by 2011.

    This will be followed by new houses being built for the current people living in high rise flats.

    The houses will be offered to those living in temporary accommodation to be the first to be offered a new property but in the same area where they were before.

    Birmigham City Council have said that this project will take approximatley 10-15 years to

    complete. The demolition of the high rise flats follow

    from the enormous amout of compliants from the councils residents.

    Many of the councils residents are furious about the lack of care and attention they get from their landowners

    Birmingham City Council has said it will spend 35 million on the demolition, customer care and rebuilding the new houses.

    The council hope for the project to be started by October 2011 and for the reconstruction to be scheduled for the following October 2012.

    Birmingham born talent, Ky-Marni has created a hype over his latest single and fashion trend.

    The 17 year old has created the most recognisable hype of this year, he is currently study-ing at a Birmingham leading sixth form college.

    Creating a reputable name for himself was a easy as, one, two, three... For him as the so-cial networking sites such as Myspace, Twitter and Face-book allowed him to have all his music to be shown to the public.

    His fan base know him as Marni Jewels which he uses as his stage name, his first single Got Me Whipped which is

    due to be available in HMV on the 4th January 2011 and other leading stores on the 7th Janu-ary 2011.

    Its not only the music which has his fan base going crazy for him, its his style which is sim-ply one of a kind has the girls going crazy.

    Kymarni started writing songs when he was just 11 years old and has come a long way since writing and per-forming songs while he was in school.

    Kymarnis mom Tanya Golding said She is proud of his success so far and hopes he continues to use his talents in a positive ways.

    Kymarni said He was not expecting this type of response for his music and will continue to cater for his fan base as