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  • Dr. Paul D. Borden

  • The Need

  • Christianity The Number One Faith in the World

    Christianity The Fastest Growing Faith in the World

    The Church of Jesus Christ is Declining Continents Most Identified Historically with the Protestant Reformation:EuropeNorth AmericaAustralia and New Zealand

  • Less than 20% (17.7%) of the population attend church regularly9.2% Evangelical5.5% Catholic3.1% MainlineAverage congregational worship attendance is 124 peopleLoss3000 congregations a year die3800 new congregations a year are started10,000 new congregations a year are required to equal population growth

  • Declining as a Denomination

    Regions Dying

    Congregations Dying

    Losing Dollars

  • God is Still Performing Miracles

  • The Region Began to DeclineCongregations of 500-700 in Worship became Congregations of 100 or less in worshipThe average age of congregations increased 65-75 years of ageThe average age of pastors increased 55-70Mission dollars decreased as congregational incomes decreasedRegion was cannibalizing itself (Selling properties to pay current bills)

  • Went from 37 growing congregations to 153Went from 30,000 in worship to 42,000 in worshipWent from decreasing mission dollars to a 25% increase in mission dollars

    THE KEY STAT: Went from 800 baptisms a year to 2000 baptisms a year

  • Planted almost 80 new congregations (12 states 3 foreign countries)Many new congregations start with 200-500 in worshipNow have close to $6 million for congregational reproduction

    THE KEY STAT: Have gone from 2000 Baptisms a year to 4000 baptisms a year

  • The Reason(for dying denominations)

  • Christendom Has Influenced theWestern World for 1000 Years

  • Societys Institutions Christianized People

    Societys Language Christian Language the Same

    Societys Institutions Stigmatized Non-Christian Behaviors

    Society Took Christian Positions on Good and Evil

  • People Were Cultural Christians

    Challenge for the ChurchHelp People Become Regenerate Christians not Cultural Christians

  • Morality without Regeneration Leads to Hypocrisy and CrueltyIndividualsCommunitiesNations

  • The Church was often Silent on SinsRelated to Power and Greed

  • Cruelty and HypocrisyTwo World Wars (Cruelty in the Name of God)Racial Injustice (Often in the Name of God)Recent History Media Coverage of Sinful Church LeadersSexual Abuse (Often by Religious People)

  • Misplaced Power and GreedThe DepressionDenominational WealthReligious Leaders in Bed with Politicians

  • The Western World Has Changed Christendom is GONE

    The Western Church has NOT Changed Still Lives in a Christendom World

  • Leslie Newbigen Missionary to India from Great Britain 1950sObserved Missional Churches in a Non-Christendom WorldALL Congregational Activities Designed to Achieve the Mission(A Missional Congregation)Returned to EnglandObserved Non-Missional Churches in a Non-Christendom World

  • Preparing for the Answer

  • Three Basic Assumptions

    (These Three Assumptions Build a Theology)

  • That which is healthy growsand reproduces

  • God created the church to attack the Gates of HellMatthew 16:18

  • The Gospel never changes but the church must be constantly changing

  • If these three assumptions are true than the Church of Jesus Christ is:

    A living reproducing constantly morphing missional entity that has one goal, the continual making of new disciples.

  • The Church of Jesus Christ in the USA has become an inflexible organization catering to consumer Christians at the expense of making disciples.

  • The Answer:

    Make Two Fundamental Choices

  • Choose to be a Missional Entity or an Organization with a Mission Statement

    (This is really a choice between obedience or sin)

  • Choose to implement your decision to be missional or continue business as usual

    (This is really a choice between becoming obedient or remaining disobedient)

  • This second choice will impact your perspective on:

    HistoryOrder and InformationOrganizational Structure and Politics (Control and Recognition)AgendasSignificance and Survival

  • Success for Congregations that Make the Right Fundamental Choices(A Well Tested Strategy that Works)!!!

  • Key Assumptions Behind the Strategy

    Most Pastors Cannot Lead A Congregation to Make the Right Choices Alone

    Most Congregations Cannot Make the Right Choices without Outside Help.

    Making the Right Choices Involves Truth Telling and the offer of Hope

  • Key Assumptions Behind the Strategy (cont)

    The Right Choice will Not Occur Without Pain (Usually Significant Pain)

    Without Accountability Nothing Happens

    People Must Be Attracted to Accountability

    Learning Occurs As it Happens Repeatedly at Different Levels

  • Denominational Groups Employing the Strategy with Success (50%)

    Baptists Church of God, AndersonMethodists Open BiblePresbyteriansLutheransSalvation ArmyPentecostals and Charismatics

  • Covenant BasedPastors Covenant with Each otherDenomination Covenants with the PastorsMeet One Day a Month for a Minimum of Twelve Months Focus:LeadershipCongregational HealthSpiritual FormationLeader Must Have More Knowledge and Effective Experience Than any Pastor in the Cluster

  • The Part of the Strategy that Actually Produces Change

    Two Parts:Week End Line in the Sand EventOne Year Coaching with Someone on the Church Campus Each Month

  • Begins Two Months Before Congregational Self-StudyInterviews and Focus Groups on FridayEvaluation and Training with Leaders on SaturdayPreaching and Congregational Report on SundayDeadline Provided to Accept or Reject the Consultation Report

  • Top Five StrengthsTop Five ConcernsTop Five Prescriptions with Deadlines (Addresses Each Concern)Deadline to Accept or Reject with Consequences

  • Someone on the Congregations Campus Each MonthPurpose:Implement the Consultation ReportProvide Resources for Health and GrowthHelp Leaders/Congregation Learn New Habits and Stop Old HabitsConfront Stubborn Power BrokersProvide Accountability

  • Consultant Must Have More Knowledge and Effective Experience Than the Pastor

    Coach Should Have More Knowledge and Effective Experience Than the Pastor

  • During the 12 Month Period Two Lay Training Events for Congregations Represented in the ClusterFirst Lay Training Event Describing a Healthy Congregation and how to Become OneSecond Lay Training Event Making the Great Commission THE value that Drives all the Congregation DoesAssumes Trainers Have More Knowledge and Experience than the Pastors Leading the Congregations

  • An Overview of a Week End Consultation

  • AdulthoodBirthInfancyChildhoodAdolescenceMaturityEmpty NestRetirementOld AgeDeathVrmssvrmSvRMSVRMsVRMsVRmsvrMSvRMSVRMSVVisionWhere are we going?RRelationshipWho is going with us?MMinistryHow do we get there?SStructure..What do we control?

  • RVms

  • SMrv

  • Mission Vision

  • Legos Third Places

  • Staff Led Congregations

    8-10 Basic Ministries

  • Marry Responsibility, Authority and Accountability

    Board/Council Governs Pastor Leads Staff Manages Congregation Does Ministry

  • God is Blessing Across Four Nations and over 30 DenominationsTransformation is OccurringNew Congregations are being PlantedA New Stream of Disciples are Entering the Kingdom Every Day