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Dr Helen FARDY Lead Clinician Paediatric Intensive Care Unit University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Dr Helen FARDY

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Dr Helen FARDY. Lead Clinician Paediatric Intensive Care Unit University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. Regional PICU response. In preparing for a flu pandemic. Background. Service established in 99/00 Service Configuration The NHS in Wales. Perseverance and determination. Unit response. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Dr Helen FARDY

Dr Helen FARDY

Lead ClinicianPaediatric Intensive Care UnitUniversity Hospital of Wales,


Page 2: Dr Helen FARDY

Regional PICU response

In preparing for a flu pandemic

Page 3: Dr Helen FARDY


• Service established in 99/00• Service Configuration• The NHS in Wales

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Page 5: Dr Helen FARDY

Perseverance and


Page 6: Dr Helen FARDY

Unit response

• Increase capacity from 7 to 15 beds

• Beds• Equipment• Staff

Page 7: Dr Helen FARDY

“In house” challenges

• Personal protective equipment• Corporate direction and

ownership• Delayed and late authorization

Page 8: Dr Helen FARDY

Communication problems

Page 9: Dr Helen FARDY

The Network

Page 10: Dr Helen FARDY

Regional Education and Training

• Regional education and development nurse

• Paediatric life support “roadshow”• Stabilisation study days• Ad hoc sessions • Medical and nursing secondments• WEBSITE www.cardiffpicu.com

Page 11: Dr Helen FARDY

Current Situation

• DGH teams manage children well prior to retrieval

• Can be personnel dependant• Uptake of training patchy• Challenge of vast and rapidly

changing workforce

Page 12: Dr Helen FARDY

Preparing the Region

• Enhance document DOH 2006• WAG flu committee early 2007• No action• Winter 2008-raised at informal

network• Link into SEWCCN (adult


Page 13: Dr Helen FARDY

Preparing the Region

• Information directly to DGH link consultants and nursing staff, May 2009

•“Surge”•Enhance•Regional plan•Action Points

Page 14: Dr Helen FARDY



3 month delay in asking for training sessions and


Page 15: Dr Helen FARDY


• Lack of Managed Clinical Network• Staff being released for training• Limited personnel at lead centre to

provide training• NMC guidance• Clarity on legal issues

Page 16: Dr Helen FARDY

Extremely time consuming

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