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Downtown Echo July 28, 2011

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News for Kamloops Downtown Front- Trigger Point Therapy Business- Kamloops Kids Map

Text of Downtown Echo July 28, 2011

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    everyone at some time or another has muscle pain. it comes in a vari-ety of forms and happens for many different reasons. whether you have been working out hard, took a tum-ble, arent sleeping right or spending long periods of time sitting at a com-puter, your muscles start to hurt and that leads to many different problems including insomnia, headaches and much more.

    There are many known ways to avoid and lessen the effects of muscle pain; massage therapy, chiropractor, stretching, long baths and meditation. what you probably havent thought of or heard of before is Trigger point Therapy. Trigger point Therapy is new to Kamloops. in a nutshell it is a more specialized and targeted mas-sage than typical massage and what it does is work to release muscle knots which are typically caused by stress, bad posture and over exertion. Trigger point therapy is used with or without massage therapy in order to eliminate the pain.

    Massage therapists do 50 hours of Trigger point Therapy at school, explains paul Laviolette who brings his Trigger point clinic to Kamloops from the Coast every few weeks. i specialized in it and have studied for over 2000 hours. with Trigger point Therapy you work on the root trigger of the pain and condition the muscle to go back to its normal state.

    by doing this you can increase your flexibility, coordination, ten-

    sion and range of motion. although Trigger point has been around since the 1940s, therapists are just start-ing to harness its power and ability. There are only three Trigger point specialists in british Columbia. Two work out of the Lower Mainland and the other works out of a nelson office. paul who is based in the Lower Mainland comes into town on an average of every three weeks.

    it all started because i had to come to town so i thought since im com-ing i might as well start a clinic, explains paul. The response has been overwhelming and each time i come my day is completely full. it is getting busier and busier because there is no one else in Kamloops.

    and with good reason, paul and his knowledge Trigger point Therapy seem to understand pain like few others. he originally started on his journey of Trigger point, learning a little to tackle his own chronic pain. it worked so well, he continued the study and now helps many others living in pain. walking up stairs, bending over, reaching for an item on the top shelfmany of us dont think twice about these small every-day tasks, but for some they are big hurdles, he continues. For people living with chronic pain, the ordinary

    can cause extraordinary suffering and daily life can become a struggle. even visiting friends or going to dinner can create anxiety, as the pros-

    Trigger Point Therapy eases chronic pain

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    Torch relay route announced page 2

    July 28, 2011Volume 10 number 3050 newsstand price

    Kamloops Kids Map full of local attractions and fun page 5

    Paul Laviolette brings Trigger Point Therapy, a more specialized and targeted massage, to Kamloops once a month.


    RENEWAL opEN housEAugust 3 5-7pm4 - 231 Victoria Street

    229 Victoria Street250-372-3565

    449 Tranquille Road250-376-0058

    Royal Inland Hospital(Front Entrance)

    C A F F E m o t i v oF i n E C o F F E E s & t E A s d E s s E r t s l i g h t l u n C h E s

    FoRmERly Cowboy CoFFEELIVE musIc - Thu

    rsday, July 28

    at the Victoria Stre

    et location


    e DoneFors | 5-7pm

    | $15

    CM - July 28 2011.indd 1 7/26/11 8:39:14 AM

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    Donovan Cavers confirmed on July 21 that he will be running for a seat on Kamloops City Council this fall. he made the run decision some time ago but due to unforeseen circumstances had to step in as a candidate in the recent federal election, which required considerable time and energy. however, his batteries are now fully re-charged for the upcoming municipal election on november 19th.

    as a councillor, donovan will focus on encouraging and sup-porting innovative, local busi-nesses, in particular, the expand-ing tourism sector.

    donovan ran in the last two federal elections as the local

    green party candidate. he ad-mits that he ran primarily to in-clude certain perspectives in the federal debate and was aware that he had little chance of win-ning a seat. however, following the upcoming municipal elec-tion he fully intends to be one of the nine voices representing the

    citizens of Kamloops.For years, donovan has advo-

    cated for the diversification of transportation options in Kam-loops. in early February he made a presentation at one of the larg-est turnouts ever to a City budget hearing. he considers his ability to attract widespread public in-

    volvement in civic matters as an important asset.

    donovan views quality of life projects as vital components of a healthy city. he will ensure that initiatives such as Music in the park and project X The-atre receive adequate, on-going funding.

    pect of steep stairs or pain-induc-ing activities seems daunting or risky. while millions of Canadians live with chronic painwith over 18 per cent suffering from severe chronic painmost cases remain under-treated and much of society

    uneducated about the facts. if you are grappling with chronic pain or know of someone who is, there are ways to minimize its impact on both physical and emotional health.

    The next time your neck is hurt-ing or you cant move your arm all

    the way above you head consider giving Trigger point Therapy a try. you can read much more about the alternative therapy online at To experi-ence it first hand yourself call wanda herman at 250-319-7292.

    Tanya Orozco, freelance

    continued from page 1Old massage technique new to Kamloops

    after ten months of planning, the western Canada summer games (wCsg) has finally announced the route for the Torch relay. The Torch will begin its journey at the Kamloops airport on august 5, opening day, at 2:45 pm where local dignitaries Mayor peter Milobar, MLa Kevin Krueger and MLa and Minister of environment, Terry Lake will start it on its way through the city. it will be passed along to a total of 40 Torch bearers before it finally reaches its destination at interior savings Centre. here it will become part of the opening Ceremonies when it is carried into the stadium by the final Torch bearer who will light the cauldron. who that final Torch bearer is remains a mystery even to the organizing committee.

    The 40 Torch bearers were selected from over 75 applica-

    tions received. Jo berry and david dewhirst are the Co-Chairs for the Torch relay Committee, berry states, our selection committee did an outstanding job on selecting the Torch bearers . They include all the demographics of a great city and our goal was equality of all people. yes, there will be local celebrities, but equally important will be all ages, abilities and all with a very special story that led them to carry the wCsg Torch. we cant wait to support each of them in their experience. The uniforms are bright, the smiles will be abundant and we will be right alongside them making it a fun, positive and memorable experience

    berry had the privilege to carry the olympic Torch in 2010 and dewhirst the paralympics Torch. Their personal experiences with

    such an event have definitely brought an emotional element of excitement to the western Canada summer games Torch relay.

    The route was designed with the safety of the Torch bearers in mind while also hitting points of interest throughout the City which provide easy viewing for the public. places like Mcarthur island park and the Tkemlups powwow grounds where Chief shane gottfriedson will paddle

    the Torch down the river to riverside park.

    berry and dewhirst encourage the community to come out, line the streets and cheer on the Torch bearers on Friday, august 5 start-ing at the Kamloops airport at 2:45. The full route map can be found on the wCsg website at pick a spot that works for you, bring out your Kamloops pride and be part of the games!

    40 Torch Bearers on relay route to Opening Ceremonies

    Donovan Cavers running for seat on City Council

    GOne TO The BirDs!

    Lauren Hartling, Lead Educator at the BC Wildlife Park, and Rogue the Red Tailed Hawk were Downtown on July 19 at the judging of the planters in the 100 block of Victoria St. Rogue came to the BC Wildlife Park as an injured bird and will not be released, her job is to come out and educate the public about these incredible birds of prey!

    Mission Flats re-openedThe City of Kamloops re-

    opened the Mission Flats road to the general public as of Friday, July 22 and continues to operate as per regular business hours.

    repairs to the main liquid waste pumping station and clean-up efforts as a result of this incident are still ongoing. Further details regarding this incident will be provided by the City of Kamloops as they become available.

    The City would like to thank domtar for their support through-out this incident by providing the

    use of their heavy equipment and property as well as their under-standing with the disruption of the necessary road closure near the mill. additionally, the City would like to recognize the quick response of all contractors who provided assistance throughout this incident. all efforts put towards repairing and supporting this incident are much appreci-ated. For information on the City landfills, visit The City apologizes for any inconve-nience this may have caused.