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<ul><li><p>Douglas B. Cason D.O.B. 5/01/65 </p><p>To: Employee Services, </p><p>I am writing this cover letter seeking employment as a commercial construction </p><p>project engineer. </p><p>My occupational past has been focused on business management and construction </p><p>supervision. From high school graduation I entered into construction in the electrical trade </p><p>for 5 years, obtained an NEC residential specialist licence, and then continued for 3 more </p><p>years in commercial new construction projects. My (then) wife and I were hired by Master </p><p>Property Management in Dallas Texas as resident on site managers over the largest of eight </p><p>Stor-N-Lok self storage / office park facilities in the Dallas area. It is located at 9350 </p><p>Skillman Ave. and consists of 1,024 units of 10 sizes and includes an adjoining office park </p><p>with 24 office suites and 15 commercial warehouses. The facility was 38% occupied and in </p><p>desperate physical and financial condition when MPM took possession. I oversaw the entire </p><p>property rehabilitation including replacement of 4 roofs and repairing over 400 storage units </p><p>with water damage. Many units had been abandonded for years, and the book keeping was a </p><p>total mess. Once all eight buildings received new paint in the red and grey colors of the Stor-</p><p>N-Lok image the property took on a new life. New black top drives and striping preceded </p><p>new security systems and cameras. Renovating the leasing office and apartment followed as </p><p>well as the adjoining office park being restored. The construction renovation took 3 months </p><p>to complete. Over the next 12 months we successfully raised the occupancy to 93%. I learned </p><p>all facets of self-storage management including; leases, scheduling relief managers and </p><p>ground maintenance staff, accounting, collections, overlocks, make readies, and conducting </p><p>monthly auctions. My wife decided she would be happier living with her parents and moving </p><p>to California, so she left me. The management company would not allow me to continue on </p><p>my own since they required a married couple in the position. I moved from on site manager at </p><p>MPM into a position of physical property supervisor within the company. On behalf of the </p><p>property owners, I oversaw property rehabilitations; maintenance and tenant build outs for 20 </p><p>commercial retail strip centers and low rise office buildings. I then started DC Commercial </p><p>Finish, a commercial general contracting construction company. Over the next 5 years I </p><p>contracted to build out the interior finish work of lease spaces from MPM and The Brennan </p><p>Company Property Management on the many properties they managed. As a business owner I </p><p>performed all facets of a construction business; estimating, sub-contracts, procurement, </p><p>scheduling, obtained building permits and all city inspections. I also self-performed much of </p><p>the work, supervised progress, maintained quality control &amp; customer relations, created AIA </p><p>G702/703 payment applications and paid subcontractors all while maintaining a clean, safe </p><p>job site and adhering to OSHA safety standards. Over the next 7 years I went on to work as a </p><p>construction superintendant for 3 leading GCs in the downtown Dallas area working </p><p>primarily in the high rise buildings on high end interior finish projects including three multi-</p><p>floor penthouse build outs. During that time I increased my knowledge and use of Microsoft </p><p>Office Suite -Word, Excel and Project Scheduling. Continuing to expand my career expertise, </p><p>6003 S. 64th</p><p> West Ave. </p><p>Tulsa, OK 74107 </p><p>Cell: 918-508-1626 </p><p>Email: </p><p>Cover Letter </p></li><li><p>I moved to Tulsa where I supervised several ground up structural steel, metal building and </p><p>wood framed multi-tenant type projects, serving not only as a site superintendent but also as </p><p>project engineer and manager. I utilized my skills in Excel to build many complex formulated </p><p>spreadsheets to track everything from entire project budgets and GC billing to creating </p><p>subcontractor (AIA 702 &amp; 703 style) payment applications, tracking purchase orders, </p><p>submittals, RFIs, ASIs, etc. I exercised my skills not only in project scheduling and </p><p>supervision, but also in performing take-offs &amp; quantifying, obtaining bids and checking bid </p><p>scope completeness, reviewing and organizing multi-million dollar budgets, going over plans </p><p>to identify problems and build-ability, looking for ways to reduce the cost while </p><p>maintaining quality and customer satisfaction. During the past 11 years working in the Tulsa </p><p>market, I have had the opportunity to learn 3 project management software products; Master </p><p>Builder, Computer Ease and CoreCon. </p><p>Over the past 32 years, I have managed and supervised over 98 million dollars worth </p><p>of commercial construction projects. </p><p>Through all of the years, projects and broad range of experiences, I have come to </p><p>discover my strengths and weaknesses well. I am very meticulous when it comes to numbers </p><p>and the details are where I thrive. I am very comfortable either building formulated </p><p>spreadsheets in Excel, reviewing submittals or building a detailed project schedule. I have </p><p>found that my personality is easy going and comprehensive, one that gets along with </p><p>everyone. I am professional and merge well into any working environment. I am very </p><p>personable, have a quick sense of humor, and make friends easily with everyone I meet. I </p><p>have an ability to reason out situations, which works to my advantage when diffusing </p><p>conflict. I am sensitive to company inner-relations and have learned how to think before I act. </p><p>I let others lead when required while taking control when placed in authority; however Im </p><p>not afraid to make decisions when needed. I have never compromised a companys integrity </p><p>for personal gain. I am clean cut, honest, forthright, ethical, dependable, responsible and </p><p>reliable. My experiances have shown me that I am best suited to fit the duties of a </p><p>construction project engineers position, moreso than a manager or superintendant. </p><p>My wife and I have been happily married for 14 years; have 6 children and 5 </p><p>grandchildren between us. We currently have 3 children still living at home, Jessica 9, Karina </p><p>18 and Nathan 20 who is a junior in ORU this year. We have been members of Victory </p><p>Christian Church since we moved to Tulsa in 2005. I will devote myself to the company and </p><p>strive to meet the expectations of those for whom I am working for. </p><p>Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and consider me for employment. </p><p>Please review my resume attached. </p><p>Sincerely, </p><p>Douglas B. Cason </p></li><li><p>Douglas B. Cason D.O.B. 5/01/65 </p><p>Commercial Construction Project Engineer </p><p>* 32 Years Business, Management, Supervision &amp; Construction Experience </p><p>* Self Storage and Office Park Resident Manager </p><p>* Const. Project Manager * Const. Superintendent * Great Human Relations </p><p>* Professional Attitude * Detailed &amp; Organized * Ethical Standards </p><p>* Priority Conscious * Logical / Technical * Computer Literate </p><p>Construction Skills &amp; Experience: </p><p>* Read all Construction Documents Fluently: </p><p> - Civil - Structural - Architectural - MEP - Specifications </p><p>* Construction Management Software: </p><p>1. Master Builder Construction Mgmt Software </p><p>2. Computer Ease Construction Mgmt Saftware </p><p>3. CoreCon Construction Mgmt Software </p><p>3. Microsoft Project: Gant chart scheduling </p><p>4. Microsoft Word: Business letters and labels </p><p>5. Microsoft Excel: Extensive multipage formulated spreadsheets </p><p>* Communication between City Officials, Building Owners, Architects &amp; Engineers. </p><p>* Coordination of all trades for progressive commercial construction. </p><p>* Quality interior wall finishes * Cultured Stone * EFIS * Cast Stone </p><p>* 7 Years Commercial &amp; Residential Electrical trade experience. (Lic. 1988-1991) </p><p>* Hands on experience with common power tools. </p><p>* Operated Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts, LUL &amp; Sky track Extendable Fork Lifts. </p><p>1989 - 1991 National Education Center Dallas, TX </p><p>Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Engineering </p><p>- Achieved 5 out of 6 Directors Awards. </p><p>- GPA 3.96 (out of a possible 4.0) </p><p>1981 - 1983 Elsie Robertson High School Lancaster, TX </p><p>Diploma Graduate </p><p>- Algebra I, II, III, Geometry I, II </p><p>- Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) </p><p> Free enterprise work program </p><p>Occupation Desired </p><p>6003 S. 64th</p><p> West Ave. </p><p>Tulsa, OK 74107 </p><p>Cell: 918-508-1626 </p><p>Email: </p><p>Summary of qualifications </p><p>Education </p><p>Resume </p></li><li><p>June 2014 Present </p><p>West Construction 1515 west Archer St., Tulsa OK 74127 </p><p>Contact 1: Owner Dean West, Office 918-627-3326 (Please do not contact) </p><p>Title: Project Manager / Superintendant / Estimator / Engineer </p><p>- Commercial, Residential Remodel, Multifamily </p><p>- Managed, supervised and coordinated all components of projects. </p><p>- Prepared and executed project schedules. </p><p>- Coordinated all subcontractors efforts and scopes of work. </p><p>- Oversaw all installation procedures and maintained quality control. </p><p>- Worked effectively with architects, engineers, interior designers, and staff. </p><p>June 2005 Feb. 1, 2014 Lay Off due to lack of work. </p><p>Daniels &amp; Daniels Construction Inc., 3501 W. Kenosha St., Broken Arrow, OK 74012 </p><p>Contact 1: Owner Charlie Daniels, Office; 918-872-6006 </p><p>Contact 2: Office Mgr. Rodney James, Office; 918-872-6006 </p><p>Contact 3: Senior PM Darrell Devor, Office; 918-872-6006 </p><p>Title: Project Manager / Superintendant / Estimator / Engineer </p><p>- Managed, supervised and coordinated all components of projects. </p><p>- Prepared and executed project schedules. </p><p>- Coordinated all subcontractors efforts and scopes of work. </p><p>- Oversaw all installation procedures and maintained quality control. </p><p>- Worked effectively with architects, engineers, interior designers, and ministry staff. </p><p>Projects Completed for Daniels &amp; Daniels Construction Inc.: </p><p>Friendship Baptist Church Owasso </p><p>14100 E. 86th Street North, Owasso, OK 74055. </p><p>Contact 1: Pastor Linzy Slayden - Office: 918-272-2003 </p><p>Contact 2: Owner Rep., Randy Baskins - Cell: 918-960-1170 </p><p>- Project Superintendent &amp; Assistant PM </p><p>- $7M, 1 year Nov. 2012 to Dec. 2013 </p><p>- New Worship Center, gathering and classroom facility. </p><p>- Features: 1,200 seat Sanctuary / Auditorium, kids assembly room, indoor play </p><p>structure and Sunday school classrooms. Partial Wood Framing. </p><p>Work History </p></li><li><p>Owasso Assembly of God Youth Building Expansion </p><p>9341 N. 129th E. Ave., Owasso, OK 74055 </p><p>Contact 1: Pastor Bruce McCarty - Office: 918-272-5219 </p><p>- Project Superintendent &amp; Assistant PM </p><p>- $1.7M, 1 year Feb. 2011 to Feb. 2012 </p><p>- Built 2nd level on existing 1 story childrens wing, new portache and elevator lobby, </p><p>themed interior classrooms for children. Indoor Play structure with 30 radius 2 story </p><p>glass wall addition. </p><p>Assembly of God Oklahoma State Youth Camp </p><p>- Project Manager </p><p>- $13M, 2.5 years Jan. 2010 to Aug. 2012 </p><p>- 40 acre new development for the Oklahoma District Council of The Assemblies of </p><p>God. Serves over 400 churches statewide. </p><p>Ground Up Construction of; </p><p>- 16 cabins (dorms) 6,500 SF each Wood Framed </p><p>- Dining Hall 30,000 SF Wood Framed </p><p>- Worship Center 18,000 SF Metal Building </p><p>- Concession Stand 5,000 SF Metal Building </p><p>- 9 miles of 6 water line to serve camp, 3.5 acre septic lagoon with lift station. Dining </p><p>hall features 4 serving lines and a full commercial kitchen, seats 1000 people. Worship </p><p>Center seats 1,200 people. Each Cabin has a commons area with sleeping areas divided </p><p>into 4 quadrants, each with 7 bunk beds, 7 restroom stalls, 7 showers and private </p><p>coachs room. </p></li><li><p>First Bank of Owasso </p><p>8601 N Garnett Rd., Owasso, OK 74055 </p><p>Contact 1: Bank President Dee Sokoloski, Main # 918-272-5301 </p><p>Contact 2: Bank Director Dan Heiling, Main # 918-272-5301 </p><p>- Project Manager </p><p>- $14.5M, 2 years Nov. 2007 to Nov. 2009 </p><p>- New Bank and Tenant Lease Building 63,000 Sf 6 story. </p><p>- Features: Ground Up Construction, 2 Five stop elevators, 2 vaults, Geothermal HVAC </p><p>System consisting of 75 400 deep wells w/routed HDPE piping, 4 story circular </p><p>glass atrium, 3 floors of high end interior finish for bank occupancy. Custom pondless </p><p>fountain. Cast Stone Exterior veneer. </p><p>Victory Christian Center - Tulsa, Oklahoma </p><p>7700 South Lewis, Tulsa, OK 74136 </p><p>Contact 1: Senior Founding Pastor Sharon Daugherty Main # 918-491-7700 </p><p>Contact 2: Associate Pastor Bruce Edwards Main # 918-491-7700 </p><p>- Project Manager, Superintendent, Estimator, Engineer &amp; Accountant </p><p>- $34M, 2.5 years June 2005 to Nov. 2007 </p><p>- New Worship Center, 120,000 Sf. 2 stories. </p><p>- Childrens Wing, 45,000 Sf. 3 stories. </p><p>- Features: 3 elevators, 2 escalators, 5,000 seat multilevel auditorium, performance class </p><p>stage with 20 x 60 projection screen, extensive AV systems and LED/Intelligent </p><p>lighting systems. Full TV recording &amp; editing studio, book store, caf, 500 seat </p><p>wedding chapel, 400 seat prayer chapel and basement. Pre-engineered structural steel </p><p>buildings, cultured stone and EFIS veneer. Themed interiors childrens building. </p></li><li><p>Work History Continued </p><p>May 2003 June 2005 </p><p>Shared Outreach Emergency Childrens Shelter; A nonprofit organization supported </p><p>by Stone Development Inc. </p><p>Title: Construction Coordinator </p><p>- Created and designed floor plans of shelter buildings for immediate use and future </p><p>expansion. </p><p>- Remodeled the interior of 1 1,800 sf brick home for the immediate use as the childrens </p><p>shelter. </p><p>- Created Excel Spreadsheets for construction materials, estimated costs and installation </p><p>times. </p><p>Left company when I discovered the owners were unethical. </p><p>Sept. 2001 May 2003 </p><p>Took time off work to assist with family matters and church related projects. </p><p> Oct. 1998 - Sept. 2001 </p><p>Precept Builders Inc. Dallas, TX 75201 </p><p>1909 Woodall Rogers Frwy. 214-953-5100 </p><p>Title: Project Superintendent </p><p>- High-end, multiple floor, commercial interior finish projects in several high-rise </p><p>buildings downtown Dallas. </p><p>- Prepared and executed critical path project schedules. </p><p>- Coordinated all subcontractors efforts and scopes of work. </p><p>- Oversaw all installation procedures and maintained quality control. </p><p>- Worked closely with architects, engineers, space designers, tenants, property managers </p><p>and project construction managers. </p><p>- Adhered to facility rules and regulations, city building codes and scheduled required </p><p>inspections. </p><p>- See attached list of completed projects. </p><p>May 1996 - Oct. 1998 </p><p>James R. Thompson Inc. Dallas, TX 75201 </p><p>Title: Project Superintendent </p><p>- Same as above with Precept Builders. </p><p>- See attached list of completed projects. </p><p>Reason for leaving: Overworked and Taken Advantage of. </p><p>Oct. 1995 - May 1996 </p><p>Pacific Builders Inc. Dallas, TX 75211 </p><p>Title: Project Superintendent </p><p>- Same as above with Precept Builders. </p><p>- See attached list of completed projects. </p><p>Reason for leaving: Unethical company. </p></li><li><p> May 1991 - Oct. 1995 </p><p>DBA: DC Commercial Finish North Richland Hills, TX 76180 </p><p>Title: Owner </p><p>- Commercial General Contracting Company, special...</p></li></ul>