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  • 1. Great Depression PhotosSlideshow By: Erin McHugh

2. This photograph, known as Migrant Mother, is by farLanges most famous photo. It can be found in almostany textbook or website about the Great Depression.When thinking of the Great Depression, this image isoften the first thing that comes to mind. Langecaptured the mothers emotions beautifully. I lovehow you can see the worry and anxiousness on herface, it gives you a glimpse into how difficult life ofthe time was and how she was feeling. You can seehow real the emotions are because the woman isntposing for the camera. The children resting theirheads on her give even more of a dramatic effect andexplains to us part of her worry. Not only does theimage show how tough the times really were, but itshows a strong and brave woman to give an exampleto all the other woman of the time struggling.Theres nothing I particularly dislike about thisphoto, but a better background would make thephotograph even better. Overall, it is a stunning shotand wonderfully captures the struggles of the GreatDepression. 3. All photographs found from